TBVSR Ch. 49: Tonight I….

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Qiu Li trotted out with an umbrella and saw Jiang Yu sheltering from the rain outside the security booth in the community.

She was wearing a thin light blue dress, which was tight on her chest and waist, thus complementing her slender waist and smooth shoulder blades, making her look like a pampered concubine.

The cold wind in early spring was still biting, so Jiang Yu was so cold that she hugged her arms and shivered slightly.

Qiu Li quickened his pace and ran over, then he saw that her whole body was drenched from the rain, and her carefully groomed hair was also drooping a few strands and were hanging down beside her ears in embarrassment, she looked like a fleeing Cinderella.

He walked up to her, subconsciously taking off his coat and putting it on for her. But then he thought about it, the tide hadn’t receded yet, it would be so embarrassing for her to see it.

“What are you doing here?”

Jiang Yu felt inexplicably aggrieved when she saw his clothes zipper go down halfway and then how he pulled it back up.

Sometimes, she felt that Qiu Li liked her, but sometimes she felt that he was just using her to perceive the world.

In fact, come to think about it, how long had they been together, even if it was a relationship in name, but in fact, each had a purpose, how could there be real sincerity.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yu was very disappointed, and said in a hoarse voice: “The prom you said would be boring was really boring. I don’t want to go home, can I come to stay with you for a while?”

“It’s very late now.”

In her current state, she actually wanted to stay at his house for a while.

Qiu Li’s mind was hot, and he couldn’t think about it: “Why don’t you go back to your own house?”

Jiang Yu listened to his tone, as if he did not welcome her, and couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed: “Then I’ll go back!”

After speaking, she turned to run out into the rain.

Seeing that Jiang Yu was angry, Qiu Li felt that it was inexplicable. He was originally thinking of her “safety”, so why did she get angry.

The rain gradually picked up, and the little girl shivered and stopped a taxi on the side of the road. Qiu Li ran over with a cold face, protected her in his arms, and took her to his home.

When he got home, he turned on the heating in the whole house for the first time, then rudely grabbed Jiang Yu’s wrist and pushed her into the bathroom.

“Take a bath.”

Jiang Yu’s wrist was hurt by him, and she said unhappily: “Let me take a bath as soon as I enter the room, what do you want to do?”

“If you are really afraid of what I want to do, it should not be a big deal. You willingly came to my house in the middle of the night.” Qiu Li picked a clean bath towel from the balcony and threw it into her hand: “Turn on the hot water and rush.”

Jiang Yu closed the door embarrassingly, and locked it behind her.

Her body was as cold as ice cubes, and she didn’t care about anything at the moment, she quickly turned on the shower head and sluiced her body with very hot water.

There were still a few days to go for the end of the training camp and the report performance. At this time, it would be a bad thing to catch a cold. If the performance was delayed, it was possible to be expelled from school.

Jiang Yu let the hot water wash her and felt her body warm up a little bit.

She was diligent in exercising and had always been in good health, so she should not catch a cold after just a little rain.

In the hazy mist, Jiang Yu squeezed the shower gel on the iron frame and began to look around.

The bathroom of Qiu Li’s house was very clean. The items on the table were classified into different categories, and they were almost all neatly arranged. They were all boys’ items, toothbrushes, razors, men’s facial cleanser…

Although he was not obsessed, but he seemed to love cleanliness very much. At least, every time they met, his shoes were always spotless and clean.

The objects around her gave Jiang Yu an inexplicable sense of security. In the warm steam, she felt the infinite relaxation of her body.

She used his facial cleanser to wash off the ruined makeup on her face.

However, just as she had washed off the foam on her face and opened her eyes again, she saw a tall shadow of a man behind the frosted door.

Jiang Yu was taken aback and screamed: “Qiu Li! What are you doing!”

Qiu Li’s voice was flat: “I got you clothes.”

“You… just put them by the door, and then you go farther.”

He seemed to chuckle lazily: “As for id I really want to do something to you, do you think you can escape?”


He left after shutting the bathroom door behind him, and Jiang Yu turned off the shower head, then she listened at the door for a while, his footsteps were very loud, and he had walked to the innermost bedroom, then as if to reassure her, he deliberately closed the door heavily.

Qiu Li was a very trustworthy boy.

After reincarnation, although how profound her understanding of this world could not be mentioned, but Jiang Yu’s vision of people was very accurate.

Having been in a lover relationship with him for such a long time, she knew that although Qiu Li looked cold, his character was absolutely reliable, and Jiang Yu was not worried at all that he would behave in a rude manner towards her.

If she hadn’t experienced the hardships in the last life and met him at the best age for falling in love, Jiang Yu would have liked him very much, and might even have fallen in love with him.

Jiang Yu opened the bathroom door, picked up Qiu Li’s neatly folded clothes and trousers, dried her body and quickly put it on.

He had given her a grey sweater, whose texture was very soft, it seemed old and well-worn, and was very comfortable to wear.

The lower was a pair of black trousers, and she directly wore them into loose crotch wide-leg pants.

Jiang Yu walked out of the bathroom door, just as Qiu Li came out of the room, holding a hair dryer in his hand, as he looked at her from a distance.

After taking a bath, her skin had become fairer and clearer, and her wet hair fell on her shoulders. Against the background of his wide clothes, her body looked even more petite.

Qiu Li silently plugged in the hair dryer, let her sit on the sofa, and stood behind her to blow her hair.

Jiang Yu leaned back against his hard abdomen, feeling his hand gently stroke her hair.

This man was sometimes so rude that Jiang Yu wanted to kick him, and sometimes he was unbelievably gentle.

“What happened?” he asked her.

Jiang Yu sat on the sofa with her knees folded, and said in a muffled voice, “It’s nothing, I originally wanted to go home. But when I left the school gate, I regretted it a little bit. I was afraid that my mother would be worried, so I came to you.”

In addition, she… missed him a little.

Qiu Li’s eyes were so sharp that he naturally didn’t believe Jiang Yu’s rhetoric, and asked directly, “Who bullied you?”

Jiang Yu knew that she couldn’t hide it from him, so she put her chin on her knees in frustration and touched her white tender skin: “Just a small matter… Wem Lun originally agreed to be my partner in the report performance. But halfway through the process, Shen Aoqing took him away.”

Qiu Li understood the importance of the report performance to Jiang Yu. For this show, she had trained until late at night every day before going back.

“Is it because of me?”

“Of course not.”

Jiang Yu explained: “It’s another girl, she found Wen Lun and said she wanted to cooperate with him.”

Qiu Li didn’t continue the topic, instead asked: “Is there any other choice?”

“The dance I prepared before can only be done by two people, because there are still lifts, and now I can’t find a suitable male dancer at short notice. I can only give up “Swan Lake” and prepare a solo performance again.”

Qiu Li gently stroked her hair without speaking, as if thinking about countermeasures.

“It’s alright.”

Jiang Yu leaned the back of her head against his chest and bumped it gently: “Fortunately, I have the foundation to prepare a dance temporarily, it shouldn’t be difficult.”

“But those who can enter Esmera must not have a very low level. Others spent more than ten days practicing a dance, but you only have three days left.”

Jiang Yu’s brows became hills, she knew the surrounding classmates, no matter what level they were at, would try their best to get ahead and strive for the rare head position.

She really had no advantage.

This time Wen Lun had really put her in a miserable position.

“Only three days are left.”

Jiang Yu said firmly: “Even if it was only one day or an hour, I can’t give up.”

Qiu Li didn’t say more.

He couldn’t help in this matter, the only thing he could do was to listen to her complain quietly and patiently.

After blowing her hair, the room fell silent, except for the sound of rain outside the window.

The little girl was sitting by the sofa, blinking her beautiful eyes while facing him, and the atmosphere suddenly became a little awkward.

Qiu Li turned on the TV, handed the remote control to her, and went back to the room by himself.

Jiang Yu thought he was going back to his room to do his homework, so she turned down the volume of the TV and browsed through various variety shows.

Unexpectedly, a few minutes later, Qiu Li came out with the exercise book and the draft book, sat cross-legged beside her, and did his homework with his head bowed on the coffee table.

She kicked him with her foot: “Why don’t you go back to your room to write?”

“I want to be with you.”

“I don’t need you.”

“I do.”


Jiang Yu turned the volume to the lowest level, and then comfortably sat on the sofa watching TV.

In fact, there were very few such breaks in her life. Ordinary students were struggling to cope with just the college entrance examination. It was not an easy task for her to juggle her studies and dancing.

Soon, Jiang Yu felt sleepy and yawned a few times.

The boy in front of her was still doing his homework, with a very focused expression, leaving her to stare at his extremely handsome profile with dense and long eyelashes.

Jiang Yu moved over, leaned on his shoulder, and watched him calculate the formula.

Qiu Li’s body froze obviously, the tip of his pen paused, and then he continued to calculate casually.

“You will definitely become a great person in the future.”

Jiang Yu put her chin on his shoulder and said in his ear: “You will be admitted to the best university, study the psychology major you are most interested in, and after graduation or postgraduate entrance examination, you would go to study abroad, or start working directly… Anyway, no matter which path you take, you will live the best life.”

She used a soft and delicate voice to outline a hopeful and bright future for him: “You’ll make a lot of money, buy a house in a high-quality residential area in the city, and then marry the girl you love, have a child together, and experience the joy of being a parent…”

Qiu Li’s breathing became very slow.

“You must live such a life, okay?”

Qiu Li’s eyes sank, and his voice became very soft, “I can’t promise you.”


Qiu Li put down his pen and said, word by word, “If that person isn’t you, then everything you describe means nothing to me.”

Jiang Yu paused for a few seconds, looked at Qiu Li, and said blankly: “I thought… you didn’t like me that much.”

At least, not enough to want to marry her, have children, and spend the rest of their life together.

Qiu Li turned his head to look at her: “Every time you call me at that time, if I didn’t like you, I would have killed you long ago.”

“Which… when?”

Qiu Li didn’t answer, and continued to do his homework, Jiang Yu stopped asking questions, and continued to watch the variety show.

The rain seemed to be getting heavier and heavier, and the sound of raindrops… were getting more and more intense.

“Tonight I…”

“Tonight I…”

The two opened their mouths almost at the same time, startled, and then shut up at the same time. Qiu Li asked Jiang Yu to speak first.

“I couldn’t go home tonight, or my mother would definitely think that I have been wronged in Esmera.”

This was the path she chose for herself, and even if she encountered setbacks, she must never let her mother know.

“So…, you want to stay?”

“Do you have any extra room here?”

Qiu Li put down his pen and said, “Yes, but that man’s room has not been lived in for many years, and I have kept it locked.”


Jiang Yu, of course, couldn’t go to sleep in Qiu Li’s perverted father’s room.

“Then there is no other room.” She asked knowingly, her face stained with a touch of red.

“Well, no, sleep with me or sleep…”

Before he finished speaking, Jiang Yu immediately said, “Then I’ll choose the sofa!”

But then she saw Qiu Li smiling, and he said in a very magnetic voice, “Either sleep with me, or leave.”


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