TBVSR Ch. 48: Missed Appointment

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Jiang Yu was actually a little angry when she received Qiu Li’s text message “I won’t attend”, not because he wasn’t coming, but because he agreed at first, and now he was going back on his word, and she wasted an afternoon making herself up, all in vain.

Lin Miao noticed her lost affection, glanced at the text messages on her phone, and said, “If he won’t come, he won’t come. We have been training like devils for so long, and we finally have a relaxing dance, so don’t let it affect your mood.”

“That’s right.”

Qiu Li’s temperament was changeable, and it was normal for him to change his mind in the middle.

If you don’t want come, than don’t come, the makeup can’t be removed, and the skirt can’t be worn in vain.

In the evening, she went to the dance with Lin Miao and Mu Zixian.

Esmera’s dance party had always been very atmospheric, this time because the weather was good and the sky was full of stars, the dance party was held in the open garden.

Rings of fairy lights hung from the bushes, shining brightly, and the self-service buffet was full of drinks and desserts.

The girls wore beautiful evening dresses and skirts, which looked particularly pleasing to the eyes.

In the middle of the garden was a dance floor decorated with white silk and balloons. Many girls and their dance partners followed the music and danced on it gracefully.

Although everyone’s professional choice was ballet, their dance ability was definitely not limited to ballet, so there were several different types of dances being performed on the floor such as ballroom dancing, tap dancing, tango, waltz, etc.

Lin Miao and Mu Zixian couldn’t wait any longer. They excitedly dragged Jiang Yu and ran onto the dance floor. Accompanied by the cheerful melody of the music, the three of them got together and danced a tap dance.

Jiang Yu quickly forgot about Qiu Li not coming and began to immerse herself in dancing, playing freely with the girls, and even adding a lot of her own little movements, which were very eye-catching.

Many girls entered the dance floor to dance with Jiang Yu.

The atmosphere was instantly brought to a climax.

Not far away, Bai Shuyi stood in a pale white evening dress, holding a goblet, she silently leaned against the beam pile, watching Jiang Yu’s energetic dance.

Her smile, her infectious power, and her innate sense of dance… all made Bai Shuyi think of that woman.

The woman who, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t beat.

“She looks so much like her.”

Xue Jiayi, who was wearing a small black dress, came over, looked at Jiang Yu on the dance floor, and said, “You say that she dances well, but she is also very good at attracting everyone’s attention and infecting everyone’s emotions.”

Such talent seemed to be innate, just like Bu Tanyan’s.

Bai Shuyi’s face darkened slightly.

“How about it, did the training for her during this period of time make her more restrained?”

“I treat every student equally and have strict requirements for all of them.”

Bai Shuyi said coldly: “Unlike some people, who only let the students they like open a small stove.”

“There are so many students in Esmera, but only a few of them can really jump on the international stage. I choose the top ones to focus on. Is there a problem?” Xue Jiayi lightly touched her wine glass to Bai Shuyi’s: “Even if it’s you, I’m afraid you are also ‘focusing your training’ for Jiang Yu,” she meaningfully added the words “focusing your training”.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, I have the same training standard for her and Wen Lun.”

Bai Shuyi said coldly, “If you suspect that I have a selfish motive, you can go to the classroom surveillance video to see if I’m deliberately making small moves.”

Xue Jiayi knew Bai Shuyi’s character too well, she was a typical perfectionist, and she couldn’t tolerate any damage to her reputation.

“When it comes to truly being jealous, the person who is really jealous of Bu Tanyan should be you, right?

Bai Shuyi looked at Xue Jiayi and said word by word, “It’s not me who wrote on the soles of her shoes, and before her last performance, the only person who entered her dressing room, wasn’t it also you.”

Before she finished speaking, Xue Jiayi grabbed Bai Shuyi’s hand suddenly, and said coldly, “I didn’t do anything! Her death was an accident, and the forensic test stated that her sudden death was caused by excessive fatigue. This is an irreversible fact!”

She admitted that she was in Bu Tanyan’s dressing room that night, but she just wanted to…

And this incident made her be suspected by many people, and it was not until the forensic doctor issued the autopsy report that she was proven innocent.

Bai Shuyi shook off her hand and shrugged: “I didn’t say that you did something.”

Xue Jiayi calmed down and looked at Bai Shuyi: “It’s you, haven’t you been her good best friend all the time? Your mood is not right, you didn’t even feel the slightest bit of regret for her?”

“She’s always been very irritable, I’ve long been used to it.”

The two chatted for a while about Bu Tanyan, obviously not wanting to talk about this topic.

Xue Jiayi changed the subject and said, “The last time you chose Jiang Yu, it was probably because of Xie Yuan’s phone call which forced you to be helpless.”

Bai Shuyi said without hesitation: “Last time, I was really in a hurry and was forced to be helpless. It will all depend on the result of this training report performance, many girls in class A are staring at her position. If she can still be stable, I will naturally keep her.”

She looked at Jiang Yu on the dance floor and bit her lip lightly, “If she doesn’t perform well…then no one can blame me.”

Shen Aoqing had always been the focus and center of the dance floor, until Jiang Yu appeared and blatantly grabbed her limelight.

She retreated to the edge of the dance floor and looked at the girl in the limelight, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Jiang Yu’s dance was really presumptuous. She had never seen her ballet, but it must be no different.

With such a style, she didn’t know how Teacher Bai Shuyi could like and choose her as her close disciple.

The purpose of Shen Aoqing entering Esmera was to be Bai Shuyi’s disciple, to get her guidance, and to reach the highest crown of the ballet queen.

Now she had only entered Class A, but failed to become Bai Shuyi’s private apprentice, she was really unhappy.

In any case, in the report performance after the training camp, she would definitely fight back, take Jiang Yu’s position, and become the best one among all.

In the second half of the party, Wen Lun found Jiang Yu and took her to the back garden, saying that there was something important to tell her.

Lin Miao and Mu Zixian laughed and followed behind them, while saying jokingly, “Student Wen Lun, this is not very good.”

“Xiao Yu is someone who is a famous flower now.”

Wen Lun just politely smiled.

Jiang Yu turned around and gestured to them with her eyes to not joke around.

Wen Lun licked his lower lip, hesitated for a while, and didn’t say his intention for finding her alone.

Jiang Yu looked at Wen Lun’s expression of embarrassment, and asked, “What’s the matter?”

Wen Lun didn’t dare to look her in the eyes, and only said: “Shen Aoqing’s parents are also here, our two families are aristocratic families, they have watched me grow up…”

“That’s good.”

“Just…they wanted me to dance with Shen Aoqing as a duo in the report performance. So…I’m sorry, Jiang Yu, you dance really well, but I can’t reject them…”

Jiang Yu didn’t have time to say anything, but Lin Miao was in a hurry, she stepped forward, and said to Wen Lun rudely, “What, are you kidding me! Jiang Yu practiced with you day and night. It’s been so long, and now when it’s time for the competition, you’re actually spoiling her performance! Are you even human?”

Wen Lun knew that he was in the wrong and whispered, “I’ve also practiced for a long time, but Shen Aoqing’s side, there’s really no way…”

Lin Miao said excitedly: “If you delay Jiang Yu’s grade, I will not let you be!”

Hearing this news, Jiang Yu’s heart was also “squeaky”, and subconsciously she thought that everything was “finished”.

During this period of time, every classmate worked hard to reach the top, and would not go back until late at night to practice dancing every day. If Wen Lun left her in water at this time, she would not have time to practice a new dance again.

If she didn’t change the dance, where would she go to find a new dance partner?

Seeing Wen Lun like this, it seemed that he has made up his mind.

Lin Miao was so angry that she was about to fight with Wen Lun, Jiang Yu quickly grabbed her and said, “Forget it.”

“There are less than three days left. Now that Wen Lun has left you, performing this dance is impossible.” Lin Miao was very excited.

“It’s useless for you to blame him, he also has to prepare again.”

“He’ll prepare a fart again! I saw Shen Aoqing practicing your black swan yesterday, and it is clear that these two are teaming up to harass you!”

“Absolutely not!” Wen Lun was afraid of Jiang Yu’s misunderstanding, and quickly explained: “Shen Aoqing came to me for cooperation at first, but I refused. But she was very determined and asked Uncle Shen to come to me… I really cannot refuse, our family’s business is also related to the Shen family.”

Although Jiang Yu was unhappy, but now that the overall situation had been decided, she blamed no one for it, she could only find a way to rehearse for a while.

Jiang Yu had met too many people like Shen Aoqing in her past life, and she would complain that people were unpredictable at that time.

But now, she was no longer surprised.

As her mother said, how many people in this world could treat you sincerely…

Jiang Yu wanted to go home for a little bit.

After her roommates all went back to rest, Jiang Yu came to the student management office, took a temporary leave of absence to go home and then walked out of the Esmera Art Center.

The Science City was very quiet. Even if it was 100 meters away, you could still hear the hustle and bustle of the carnival all night in the park.

Suddenly she felt a little noisy.

Jiang Yu looked at the beautiful evening dress on her body and the shining high heels on her feet. She felt inexplicably lost…

During her time in Esmera, she saw the lifestyle of the high-class ladies and gentlemen, as she mingled with them. Living among them, it seemed that she was gradually getting used to this kind of life.

Only when she walked out of the art center, away from the chaotic air mixed with perfume, and breathed in the fresh air of the outside world, did her mind finally clear up.

This was not her original intention to dance ballet. Whoever said that ballet must belong to the upper class, who said that only a lady like Shen Aoqing can be the swan queen.

Jiang Yu turned back and looked at the magnificent door of Esmera Art Center.

She suddenly wanted to see Qiu Li.

At night, Qiu Li was burying his head under the lamp and reading a book.

It was raining lightly outside the window.

The neighbourhood was quiet at night, but his mood was irritable.

His mind was full of Jiang Yu, thinking of her long, narrow and beautiful eyes, her smile that was not a smile; thinking of her subconsciously pursing her lips when she was angry; thinking of her pair of beautiful and delicate collarbones…

He wondered if she would complain about him missing the dance.

Maybe, maybe not, there would never be a shortage of excitement around her. And she probably didn’t have any deep feelings for him either.

Qiu Li could actually see that Jiang Yu sympathized with him more than she liked him, she was a very kind girl.

But Qiu Li was not satisfied with this little pity, maybe if he became better, she would like him like he craved for her madly…

Qiu Li turned off the light and immersed himself in complete darkness. With the infinite sense of expansion, his thoughts began to spread…

In fact, he still didn’t feel anything.

But it didn’t matter, just thinking about her was enough.

He closed his eyes and surrendered himself completely to the darkness.

Just then, the phone rang suddenly. Qiu Li frowned, not intending to answer, but when he glanced at the screen, he saw that it was Jiang Yu’s call.

This girl, why did she always… call him at this time.

Qiu Li took a deep breath, calmed the restless blood in his body, and picked up the phone, “Is something wrong?”

There was a sound of rain on the other end of the phone, and Jiang Yu’s soft voice as she said: “Qiu Li, I am at the door of your community, security won’t let me in without a card, can you come and pick me up?”

Qiu Li: …

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