IHSB Ch. 32: Making Dumplings

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Being friends with Gu Mingli, Lu Xingzhi knew that his uncle’s family also did not have a daughter, but there was a girl from the side branch of the Gu family who wanted to become the daughter of the uncle of the Gu family, but unfortunately she never got her wish.

He had seen the little girl call Gu Mingli brother under the guidance of her family, but Gu Mingli’s expression was very impatient at that time, and he did not admit to it, so where did this ‘sister’ come from?

When no one was around, he asked the question.

Gu Mingli had buried his head in the sink and was washing his face, the red hair on his forehead was wet and stuck to his face softly.

“You don’t know about this, there was a girl in my uncle’s family before, who was kidnapped by the family’s nanny and outsiders when she was almost two years old. After that, there was no news. At that time, my uncle’s family was in deep pain, so our family was very secretive about it, thus very few people know about it.”

Lu Xingzhi looked at him in surprise, “So you people found her?”

Gu Mingli smiled and nodded, and casually pulled back his hair, revealing a smooth and beautiful forehead, which made him look sharper and wilder.

“We found her, she has only been back for two or three days. The day before yesterday, my parents took me back to the old house to take a look. She looks very similar to my grandmother, and she is very good. She remembered me after meeting me for one day, and used my uncle’s mobile phone to call me to say that she missed me, and she also said that she would bring me dinner at night, the little girl has a conscience…”

He said a great deal, with a hint of bragging in his tone, Lu Xingzhi looked at him and twitched the corners of his mouth, wondering if he had been possessed.

He’d been talking less and harshly these days, and the most he said was “go away”, “seeking death” and other harsh words. When did he see him say so much? And it was still bragging.

Lu Xingzhi pushed up his glasses, thinking it was… quite incredible, but he was a little curious about the little sister that his good buddy spoke of.


Nuan Nuan sneezed in a milky voice and warmed her nose.

“Is someone talking about our little Nuan Nuan?”

Mother Gu’s gentle voice came from behind, which was different from her Dad and Grandpa’s reaction. Mother Gu joked with Nuan Nuan.

The soft fluffy little girl tilted her head and thought for two seconds, “It must be the fourth brother, the fourth brother is thinking about Nuan Nuan.”

After speaking, she nodded her head and felt that her guess was completely correct.

Dad Gu walked in and looked at Nuan Nuan’s cute little appearance and couldn’t help laughing. As expected of his daughter, she was so cute!

Mother Gu smiled too, she kept the basin with flour on the kitchen counter, and pulled the edge of the kitchen counter on Nuan Nuan’s side, as she tiptoed to look inside.

“I’ll knead the dough, your mother will roll the dough, and Nuan Nuan and her brother will make dumplings, okay?”

That’s right, they planned to make dumplings by themselves tonight as a family.

Gu An at the door was disgusted to death, “Who said I want to make dumplings?”

Dad Gu squinted and looked over, “What? Are worried that you can’t make them well, that’s fine, I’m also worried that you will waste the dumpling skins that your mother will finally roll out.

Gu An was not convinced, “Who said I can’t make dumplings well? Can this little thing be hard for me? Besides, isn’t there someone younger than me?”

Dad Gu said very seriously, “Nuan Nuan can learn.”

Gu An “…just like her who doesn’t know and has to learn, I can also do it!”

After speaking, he walked to Nuan Nuan aggressively, all the while looking at the little girl who was much shorter than him with ruthless ridicule.

“How can you make dumplings when the kitchen table is so high?”

While he laughed, he even poked Nuan Nuan’s forehead with his fingers, almost pushing Nuan Nuan who was standing on tiptoe, off-balance.

Then he snapped and was slapped on the back of the head by his father.

Gu An “…”

Nuan Nuan covered her poked forehead, staring at her brother with watery eyes.

Dad Gu, “Go and bring a small stool for your sister!”

Gu An snorted, and did the most cowardly thing with the most ferocious expression, and obediently went and brought a low stool in.

Nuan Nuan’s little face turned to a smile, and she didn’t care at all about her brother poking her on the forehead just now.

“Thank you, brother.”

Gu An’s expression was fierce, “Little short legs.”

Seeing that his father’s slap was about to hit again, he quickly ran to hide behind his sister.

“Dad, you should take care, I might become stupid after being hit again!”

Dad Gu glared at his son, “It’s useless!”

Gu An pouted, don’t think he didn’t know that his sister was a treasure at home, so they were cruel to him and tender to his sister. He was like a different person to them, so of course it was the safest to hide behind his sister.

“Can you get up by yourself or will you beg me to help you?” That squeaky look was calling for a beating.

Gu Linmo was almost driven mad by his stupid son. “Who are you talking about, young master?”

Gu An “…it’s just a slip of tongue.”

Outside, when he called himself so, it sounded domineering!

Nuan Nuan wasn’t so short that she couldn’t get up, but before she could lift her feet, she was lifted by Dad Gu and was placed on the stool.

Nuan Nuan “…”

Did she really look so short?

The kitchen was very lively. Grandpa Gu was teasing the dog in the guest room, and listening to the voices in the kitchen, he was in a good mood.

Such a big villa seemed much busier now than before.

Dad Gu was very strong. When he was kneading the dough, Mom Gu was next to him mixing the meat filling. The two children watched them with wide eyes.

Mother Gu smiled and talked to them, “Don’t look at how I don’t usually cook much. I used to learn how to cook. I can cook some simple dishes and desserts, and I was the first in class.”

“Mom is awesome.”

Nuan Nuan’s eyes widened, and her tone of praise was particularly sincere.

When she praised people, her eyes were full of admiration. The soft and glutinous tone made the praised person feel satisfied.

The smile on Mother Gu’s face deepened, and she thought sure enough, a daughter was really like a sweet little padded jacket.

When making dumplings, Mother Gu stood in the middle of the siblings and started to teach them how to fold the dumplings, since the other three people didn’t know how to do it.

With the same teaching method, Mother Gu finally realized the helplessness of being a teacher, and the three students’ learning was uneven.

Nuan Nuan maybe because she had seen other people make dumplings while cooking at home before, and her fingers are nimble, so she learnt very quickly.

As for the other two, Mother Gu could only use one idiom to describe it, ‘Dead wood cannot be carved’!

Gu An wrapped the first dumpling into a big ball, the second into a dumpling with only three ugly big pleats, the third into a square shape that even he didn’t know what it was, and the fourth…

Dad Gu was holding the small dumpling wrapper in his big palm, his brows furrowed and serious, but he clumsily filled it with too much stuffing, so that the opening couldn’t be closed at all.

The second’s opening was closed, but the buttocks split open, and the meat filling came out again. The third… In short, none of the shapes were good and complete.

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