IHSB Ch. 33: Bringing Dinner to Fourth Brother

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Although… the process was a bit difficult, but at last the dumplings were packaged.

Among them, Mother Gu’s and Nuan Nuan’s dumplings were the best. The dumplings with beautiful shapes were neatly placed together, which was simply the gospel for somebody suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder. However, the badly made dumplings piled together made for a particularly tragic contrast.

“Okay, keep these dumplings for your grandfather and you, let’s cook them for Mingli first.”


Nuan Nuan was very active, and followed her mother like a little tail to watch her cooking dumplings. The dumplings that were wrapped in white and fat wrappers were put into the pot, and they laughed happily while doing this.

As for the father and son looking at them, their faces all showed disgust towards them.

“Dad, why are your dumplings uglier than mine!”

Dad Gu frowned, “Nonsense, obviously yours are uglier!”

Both of them laughed at each other at a hundred paces.

After the dumplings were cooked, Nuan Nuan hugged the insulation box and got into the car with her father and brother.

“Goodbye, grandpa and mother, Nuan Nuan will be back soon.”

The little girl’s soft farewell before leaving made both of them smile happily.

“Then remember to call your mother when you come back.”


Nancheng Noble High School, after the evening self-study, many people went to the cafeteria for dinner.

Gu Mingli glanced at his mobile phone, no call had come in yet, which made him feel a little irritable, that little girl didn’t forget it, right?

Turning over to his uncle’s phone number, his thumb hung in the air but he hesitated, and didn’t press it down.

He was still a little scared of his uncle, and it would be too embarrassing if his uncle answered the phone.

“Better not have forgotten what you said!” Gu Mingli muttered.

“Brother, are you going to dinner? Let’s go together?”

Tang Le ran from behind and patted Gu Mingli on the shoulder. Gu Mingli put his hands in his pockets, his expression was a little sloppy, and his eyebrows were fierce. “You take it, I’ll go back to the dormitory first.”

After speaking, he took big strides and left. The tall and thin boy moved nimbly and slid directly across the railing of the stairwell. His eyebrows were soaring, and his red hair looked even darker in the blackness of night. It didn’t seem too loud either. Gu Mingli’s handsome face was full of wild beauty and that is why he could control the impact this red hair, making him look like a character who came out of a manga instead of overturning his image.

Tang Le looked at Gu Mingli who was walking away briskly and scratched his head blankly, “Brother Ming, what’s wrong?”

Lu Xingzhi walked over from behind, looking cold with a bookish aura, in the eyes of outsiders, he seemed to be out of tune with this small group. After all, Lu Xingzhi looked like a scholar at first glance, but only those who were familiar with him knew that this guy was completely as good as Gu Mingli when it came to fighting.

“His sister will bring him dinner in the evening, of course he would not want to go to the cafeteria.”

Lu Xingzhi’s voice was indifferent.

“What!!!” Tang Le showed a shocked look, “His sister is bringing him dinner?”

Lu Xingzhi didn’t say much, and followed him directly. The other two didn’t care whether they went to the cafeteria or not, and hurriedly rushed after Gu Mingli.

Tang Le wailed, “Brother Ming, why didn’t you tell me earlier! When will our sister come? What will she bring to eat?”

Gu Mingli kicked him, “Go away! Who is your sister?”

Going back to the dormitory, except for Lu Xingzhi’s bed and desk which was neat and tidy, everyplace else was no different from a kennel.

Gu Mingli “…”

He didn’t think much of it before, but now…

“Go and clean up your two dog kennels for Lao Tzu, don’t scare my sister!”

His sister was so soft while the dormitory was filled with the smell of feet, he didn’t want to frighten Nuan Nuan.

The two knew that it was a little girl coming so they went to clean up consciously.

When the few people were cleaning up the dormitory, a luxury car stopped at the gate of their school, and a little girl came out after the door opened.

Nuan Nuan’s little legs were covered in white pantyhose, she was wearing a pair of cute bunny shoes on her feet and a small light pink dress, her head seemed soft and fluffy, and her now whiter facial features and big eyes were full of aura, making her look cute and ignorant.

One had to say that Nuan Nuan’s foundation was really good. After coming back home for just a few days, her skin condition was getting better and better, and her spirit was completely different from before. These changes had also removed the dullness in her eyes slowly. Now she had gradually started radiating her own light.

“Dad, give it to Nuan Nuan.”

The cute little girl didn’t leave after getting out of the car, but turned around and stretched out her arms, hugging the dinner prepared for her fourth brother.

“Let’s go, Dad will lead the way.” Nuan Nuan nodded her head obediently, followed her father step by step with the insulation box in her arms, and from time to time she opened her eyes wide and looked curiously at the school where her fourth brother studied.

“It’s so big.”

The soft and glutinous little girl’s beautiful big eyes sparkled. After entering the school, she was completely shocked. It turned out that the schools in big cities were so beautiful.

Gu An walked on the other side of Nuan Nuan, and snorted coldly when he heard the words, “Our school is also very big, and it will be your school from now on.”

Nuan Nuan’s brows and eyes were curved and she did not refute, but said in a milky voice, “Then will my brother also come here to study in the future?”

Gu An “Yes…isn’t it?”

Nuan Nuan smiled and pursed her pink lips, revealing her white and beautiful teeth, “Then this is also the school for my brother and Nuan Nuan, isn’t it?”

Gu An “…”

This school’s admission scores seemed to be a bit high, but… as a brother, he could not let his sister look down on him!

“Yes! But you have to study hard!”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, “Well, Nuan Nuan has to study hard, and brother also has to study hard. Can my brother not knwo how to help Nuan Nuan?”

She blinked her eyes as she watched Gu An.

Gu An immediately arrogantly said, “I’m so smart, there’s nothing I can’t do. If you ask me, I’ll reluctantly agree to you.”

After that, he got a contemptuous look from Dad Gu, just with your broken grades. Aren’t you embarrassed while speaking nonsense!

When they came below Gu Mingli’s dormitory, many people had already seen Nuan Nuan and them. Many people’s eyes fell on the beautiful and lovely little girl, watching her walking with such a big insulation box and then seeing her climbing the stairs, one by one, they couldn’t help but want to go over to help.

Dad Gu “Nuan Nuan, let Dad take it for you.”

Nuan Nuan shook her head, “Nuan Nuan is not tired at all.”

She still had some strength, after all, she used to work often when she was in Xiaoxi Village, even if her legs were short, she really didn’t feel too tired while climbing these stairs.

But there was a kind of tiredness that Dad thinks you are tired.

Then a certain dad took up a small dumpling and hugged her.

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