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The chirping of harpy eagles rang out from the Yanqiu hill at dusk, and people in white clothes set up a bonfire in the yard, while taking out chickens and ducks from the kitchen to roast.

In the west wing room, Jian Zhong was tied up and thrown on the ground. A man in white was tearing at the roast chicken outside the door, talking in a babbling voice, while the other man’s tone was gentler, as if trying to persuade him.

“Wait a little longer, the man in red will come back.” Shen Lou used his spiritual power to translate to Lin Xin word by word.

Lin Xin moved closer to Shen Lou, “Do you understand barbarian language?”

Shen Lou nodded, and continued to listen to the conversation between the two, “We are not looking for him, why don’t we kill him?”

“Keep him as a hostage,” said the persuading person, “We must catch Lin Zhenghan’s son as soon as possible and hand him over to the Witch God.”

Witch God? Lin Xin was taken aback, these people actually wanted to arrest him and take him to Beimo. Could it be that the barbarians also knew that Xunlu had found a Luli vein, and wanted to ask him for clues?

Wasn’t it Zhong Changye’s subordinate who attacked Yanqiu back then?

Lin Xin suddenly looked at Shen Lou, and the past flashed in his mind with a glimpse.


“King Xuan was seriously injured on the battlefield, and I’m afraid he will die soon.”

“Nonsense, Shen Qingque was just sealed by the barbarian’s sorcery, we just need to undo it.”

“It’s not that easy, Zhu Yangai said, that thing is called ‘Spirit Devouring’, which is an ancient sorcery, and he can’t do anything about it.”

Spirit Devouring sealed Shen Lou’s spiritual veins, and he couldn’t even do basic sword control. However, the war in the Northern Territory was urgent, and he needed to provide support on the front line.

“Your Highness, you can’t go!” Huang Ge knelt at the gate to block the way.

“The sword has no eyes on the battlefield, and you have no spiritual power now, how can you fight against the barbarians!” Zishu held on to the reins of the horse.

“The two armies are fighting, and I’m not going to compete with swords.” Shen Lou swung his sword, cut off the rein in Zishu’s hand, whipped the whip hard, then the horse neighed, and jumped over Huang Ge’s head, and went straight towards the battlefield.

A stream of light came from the sky, and the sword light was like a gust of wind blowing tough grass, cutting off the two front hooves of the horse.

“Bah—” the war horse neighed and knelt down, throwing Shen Lou out viciously.

He subconsciously tried to mobilize the spirit sword, but couldn’t use any spiritual power in his body, so Yu Yuan fell to the ground with a clang, and Shen Lou had to turn over in the air, but he was caught by the person who pulled out the sword.

“His Royal Highness, where are you going?” Lin Xin, the Zhuolu marquis in brocade clothes, wrapped the demon sword that swallows the hook around Shen Lou’s neck, who instantly stopped Huang Ge and Zishu from drawing their swords.

“What does it have to do with you?” Shen Lou tried to break away from him.

“I have been obsessed with you for a long time, and now you are going to die, how do you say it has nothing to do with me?” Lin Xin pressed his ear, smiling strangely, “Since you are going to die, why don’t you die on my bed?”

After finishing saying this, in front of the entire army, he directly kidnapped the man and took him away.

“You… um…” Shen Lou was so angry that he vomited blood.

Shen Lou without spiritual power was like a tiger whose teeth had been pulled out, completely at his mercy.


His master desperately tried to control it in his body, but the thing that wandered in his master’s veins in his previous life, could it be the “spirit devouring” that Shen Lou was hit with on the battlefield many years later? In terms of cutting off the spiritual veins and damaging the foundation, it was indeed somewhat similar.

At that time Zhu Xingli said that once the thing broke out of the body, it would definitely infect all the immortals in the world. Was it contagious?

If these two were the same thing, then the one who attacked Yanqiu back then must have been a barbarian!

Lin Xin was confused for a moment.

“Hold your breath and concentrate!” Shen Lou suddenly whispered in his ear, and when Lin Xin woke up, he asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

The two men in white had finished their quarrel and opened the door to enter the house. The man who had just drawn his sword grabbed Jian Zhong who had fallen asleep, slapped him awake, and said in the Central Plains dialect: “Boy, have you thought it through?”

Jian Zhong raised his eyelids, and suddenly opened his mouth to bite the chicken leg in the hand of the man in white. Then he put the whole thing into his mouth, and sucked the meat clean with a “boo”, leaving a bare chicken bone, “Well, what do I have to think about?”

The man in white was shocked by his incoherent actions, and it took him a long time to react, then he came over and punched him in the face, “Who allowed you to eat! Hand over Lin Zhenghan’s son!”

“I told you, I am Lin Zhenghan’s son!” Jian Zhong spat out the blood from his mouth, with a calm tone, he never seemed to be angry, and even showed his little dimples happily because he ate the chicken leg, “My name is Lin Zhongzhong.”

The man in white held him patiently, kicked him hard, he kicked him until he hit a post, then he spat out the chicken leg meat he had just eaten with a “wow”, coughing non-stop. With this movement, it was revealed that his arms were not tied, they were hanging weakly on both sides, and after moving, they were folded at a strange angle, apparently broken.

He didn’t know if it was because he felt sorry for the chicken leg that he planned to save for a while to eat slowly, but the man in white didn’t mean to stop at all, he kept chasing after him to beat him up.

Lin Xin and Shen Lou looked at each other, “These barbarians have some weird things in their hands, be careful, don’t touch them with your bare hands.” After that, he was about to go down to save people.

Shen Lou’s eyes flickered slightly, and he grabbed Lin Xin who was about to rush out, “Wait a minute.”

There were two people in this room, and they were different from the patrolling gangsters in the bamboo forest, and their spiritual power should be relatively high. It was impossible to kill them with one move. If they made any noise, it would definitely attract the other barbarians.

They originally planned to wait for the two guards to leave, but if the fight continued like this, Junior Brother Jian would probably die.

“When you absorb soul power, can you pick out a specific person to suck from?” Shen Lou pointed to Jian Zhong who lay on the ground as he stared at the beaten drumstick meat with a sad face. Jian Zhong was young, and the essence of the sun and moon stored in his soul would definitely not be as high as these two barbarians. If he sucked it indiscriminately, the first one who wouldn’t be able to stand it would be Jian Zhong.

“No, master hasn’t taught me the soul control technique yet.” Lin Xin pursed his lips. He wanted to learn the soul control technique from Zhu Xingli just to solve this problem. He could only control the range of distance, but it was impossible to be precise to a human being. No matter how he ignored it, even his own soul power would be drawn.

After pondering for a moment, Shen Lou simply sent out a signal.

“What are you doing!” Lin Xin was taken aback. When the signal was sent out, Zishu and the others would become ready to attack.

Shen Lou didn’t answer, he just turned over and rushed into the house.

“Who?” The two barbarians turned their heads, and a slash of sword light dazzled their eyes.

Closing the door calmly, his Yu Yuan sword pointing at the ground, Shen Lou said in the Central plains language: “It’s a mad dog who bites the wounded and disabled, are these actions worthy of your wolf master?”

The two men in white were immediately enraged and charged towards him. These barbarians were good at using heavy swords, but their moves were very monotonous. They probably got it from hunting. The three moves of “slashing, chopping and stabbing” alternated back and forth, but the movement was heavy and fast.

Shen Lou used the “ice-breaking swordsmanship” that specialized in defeating the epee, and he couldn’t be defeated even when he was fighting one against two.

Lin Xin helped his own junior brother who was blue-faced and put his palm on his vest to give him a little spiritual power, Jian Zhong twitched a few times, sighed, and finally recovered, gasping for air.

“You can’t die?” Lin Xin cut the rope and threw the man aside, before waiting for his junior to answer, he drew his sword and went to help Shen Lou.

“…” Jian Zhong closed the mouth that had just opened and found a more comfortable position to lean on the wall.

“Hei Guoluo[1] from the Shen family!” The man in white jumped up, yelling and slashing at Shen Lou who was fighting with the other person. The epee was embedded with a Luli full of impurities, and its spiritual power was not stable, like dandelions scattered in a strong wind, for short periods of time, the criss-crossing spiritual power tore through the clothes on Shen Lou’s back.

“Shua—” The sound of a sword entering the body was like the sound of a sharp knife entering meat in a butcher’s shop, as clear as a melon being broken.

The man in white lowered his head to look at the rapier passing through his chest. Blood gushed out of his throat and fell stickily on the bluestone board. He turned his head in disbelief, but he couldn’t see Lin Xin’s appearance clearly before he swallowed his last breath.

At the same time, Shen Lou suddenly withdrew his sword, his body turned into an afterimage, and moved behind the enemy in an instant. The Yu Yuan sword light was brilliant, as he slashed it towards the enemy’s neck.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” The man tried his best to resist the epee behind him. He didn’t expect that he would have such a treacherous movement. He looked up and saw his companion who had already died in a miserable state. He shouted in barbaric language and rushed towards the door, ” He Liuhun, help!”

Before he could run out the door, he was cut off by Shen Lou with a sword.

“You are injured.” Lin Xin looked at the several sword marks on Shen Lou’s back.

“I was injured too.” Jian Zhong weakly called out to his brother who had no sense of brotherhood.

Shen Lou pressed his fist to his lips, covered the smile at the corner of his mouth, split open the wooden table, chipped a few boards and picked up a severed board, “Hold on.” Breaking hands and feet on the battlefield was commonplace, and people in the military basically knew how to set bones.

“Ah—” Before Jian Zhong was ready, he started to pick his arms up, the scream stuck in his throat, almost holding his breath. Looking suspiciously at Shen Lou who was plywooding him, he wondered if he had offended him somehow.

But Shen Lou’s actions were very open and aboveboard, and he even tore off his clothes to wrap up his wound. That was Huan Xinghai’s black silk gown, which was very expensive.

The outside was already in chaos, the barbarians had eaten half of the barbecue, but a big fire broke out in the south of the yard. Not long after, someone shouted “enemy attack”.

“These people have mediocre spiritual power, but one of them is very powerful, probably on par with Master.” Jian Zhong was being carried on Lin Xin’s back, who was running on the roof, as he told him the information he knew very quickly, “That person is tall and tall. He is probably a barbarian.”

“These are all barbarians.” Lin Xin said in a deep voice.

As soon as the words fell, a huge roar was heard. Distraught by the Pingsha sword array of the three stacked swords, a tall figure came out, grabbed Zhu Jiangqiu and broke one of his arms.

“He Liuhun! He Liuhun!” Seeing this, the others began to shout.

Shen Lou rushed down, blocking He Liuhun’s epee, “Scatter!”

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[1] Must be something the barbarians called SL among themselves.

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