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The Wuqing epee weighed at least a hundred catties, and the vast spiritual power was like a jack on the top, shaking the stone bricks at the foot of Shen Lou to pieces.

Zhu Jiangchun rescued his younger brothers, and the three separated immediately. According to the original plan, they continued to use the flat sand sword to roll up the dust to cover their eyes. Zishu was used as a bait to lure the people to the southwest, and they were like shepherd dogs driving sheep, driving people to the bamboo forest.

“Stay still.” Lin Xin threw his junior on the roof and jumped down to help.

He Liuhun had a square head, big ears, wide eyes and a high nose, and his body was bigger than ordinary people. In ancient times, there was a giant, one foot wide and three feet long, who could collapse mountains with a loud cry. This He Liuhun seemed to be the descendant of that giant, as if he had inexhaustible strength, he swung the hundred-jin[1] sword like a willow branch.

Shen Lou circulated his spiritual power, pushed away the epee, and moved three steps away in an instant.

“Hey hey!” He Liuhun gave a rough laugh, and chased after Shen Lou, and hit at him head-on again, but Shen Lou barely avoided it.

If it was Shen Lou in his heyday, let alone one He Liuhun, he would not be afraid of three. But now he was still a young man with insufficient spiritual power and impaired spirit. The strength he could use was less than 30% of what he used to be, so it was very difficult to deal with him.

“Hey, big fool!” Lin Xin’s sword light came suddenly, from bottom to top, going straight to He Liuhun’s crotch.

He Liuhun immediately let go of the sword that was slashing at Shen Lou and raised his leg to avoid the sword light.

“Tsk, so you barbarians are also afraid of being hit on the crotch.” Lin Xin tried his best to learn from Zhu Xingli’s insidious tricks.

“Shen Lou, help!” Lin Xin shouted.

Shen Lou came over with his sword and picked him up, “I’ll lead him, you start the battle formation.”

“Okay.” The two suddenly separated near the bamboo forest, Shen Lou turned around and fought with He Liuhun, hitting him from the ground.

The sword fight was extremely exhausting, Shen Lou suddenly felt a stabbing pain, so his hand holding the sword was deflected, He Liuhun’s epee rubbed against his shoulder and cut off half of Shen Lou’s sleeve. Biting the tip of his tongue to keep himself awake, Shen Lou raised his breath and swept the horizontal sword flatly.

He Liuhun didn’t take it seriously at first and didn’t stand up to resist with his sword. Unexpectedly, the sword’s aura was so strong that he felt the rush of the wind and rain when he swept to his side, but it was too late to dodge. The thick lower abdomen was cut open, and blood spurted out. Shen Lou stepped on He Liuhun’s chest and kicked him out of the air.

Lin Xin held a piece of Luli in his hand and quickly absorbed it. He was only waiting for this moment, so he formed a lotus seal with both hands, instantly entering the thirteen magic formulas into the formation.

“Boom—” The ancient killing formation was activated, and the three stacking swords and Zishu quickly fled, but Shen Lou was grabbed by the calf by He Liuhun who suddenly rebounded and he brought him down together.

“Shen Lou!” Lin Xin rushed over with his sword, the formation had already opened, and the entire bamboo forest seemed to have fallen into a stone mill hell, and all the creatures were pulled into it and smashed into pieces.

Lin Xin didn’t go to pull Shen Lou, but cut He Liuhun’s arm decisively, cutting off his whole hand.

Shen Lou escaped smoothly, turned the flying sword, pulled Lin Xin up and ran away. They rushed so hard that they fell to the ground together and rolled around in their arms.

“Are you okay?” Lin Xin sat up and helped Shen Lou to check.

Shen Lou lowered his eyes, felt a severe headache, and then raised his head calmly, “I’m fine.”

Flesh and blood poured into his eyes, as if some kind of superimposed formation had been opened, and the red light surged straight into the sky.

Lin Xin raised his head and looked over, he was suddenly relieved, but at the same time he felt a little doubtful. Back then, his master desperately activated the killing array to kill all these barbarians, and he must have used thirteen magic formulas in an instant. But when he saw Master, Zhu Xingli’s arms were broken, so what happened?

At this moment, Jian Zhong sitting on the roof exclaimed: “Be careful!”

At the place where the red light gathered, He Liuhun, who had lost one hand, rushed over with his sword drenched in blood like a ghost crawling out of hell.

“Get out of the way!” Shen Lou pushed Lin Xin away, drew a perfect circle with the sword, and poured almost all the spiritual power into the spirit sword.

“Boom boom boom—” He Liuhun’s red light collided with Shen Lou, and all the surrounding stone slabs, plants and trees were turned into dust.

The light dissipated, and neither of them could do anything to the other. He Liuhun suddenly dropped the epee and grabbed a talisman that looked like jade but not gold with his remaining hand. The talisman was painted with strange blue and black patterns, and a round bead was embedded in the center, as if polished by human bones, with a ghostly aura.

When Lin Xin saw He Liuhun slapping the bead towards Shen Lou, his eyes cracked. Although it was not the same as what he sucked out from Shen Lou back then, he would never mistake it, it was a spirit devourer!

Flying forward, he clasped his hands together, trapping the Devourer tightly between his palms.


“Don’t come here!” Lin Xin gritted his teeth, reversed the spiritual vein, and drew his own soul power to wrap his hands. Devouring spirits could devour spiritual power, but not soul power. A desperate attempt turned out to be useful!

He Liuhun was also taken aback, and then became annoyed, grabbing Lin Xin’s hand.

“Kacha” Lin Xin heard a crisp sound, and the pain of broken bones came from his forearm, which made him cry out in pain, as he slapped the spirit devourer on He Liuhun’s body.

Shen Lou’s sword light also arrived at the same time, chopping off He Liuhun’s entire arm along the shoulder and neck.

“It’s you ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh——” Lin Xin threw his sword on He Liuhun’s body like crazy, and his unbroken hand clasped into a claw, holding He Liuhun’s head tightly.

The barbarian who had lost his spiritual power was powerless to resist, and Lin Xin directly grabbed his soul and crushed him to pieces.

Shen Lou stood three steps away and watched this scene, without taking any action to stop it. The events of that year were already very clear. It was these barbarians who occupied Yanqiu and devoured Zhu Xingli’s spirit. Lin Xin ended his Master’s life in desperation, and happened to be rushed to the palace by the Golden guards who had seen that scene.

All of this was the beginning of Lin Xin’s fall into the abyss.

Ka Ka Ka Bang——

The murderous aura of the big formation was too heavy, which triggered a celestial phenomenon, and it rained heavily in an instant. The rainwater mixed the flesh and blood in the bamboo grove into slurry, washing away the frightened dead body, and soaking Lin Xin who was kneeling on the ground.

Shen Lou walked over, stretched out his hand, took the man over, and held his broken arms to examine.

Lin Xin simply leaned on him, raised his head, and let the bean-sized raindrops fall into his eyes, turning into hot tears, rolling down and splashing into blood mud.

He was no longer a master-killer.

He was no longer a poor wretch who was loved and wanted by no one.

His master could survive.

Shen Lou relocated his arm and looked down at Lin Xin’s red eyes, “Is it too painful?”

“Hey…” Lin Xin sneered, squinting at him, “Yeah, it hurts badly, why don’t you blow on it for me? Hoo hoo.”

Shen Lou really held up his broken arm and blew on it solemnly.

Lin Xin couldn’t help laughing, his nose became sore with a smile, and he couldn’t help cursing: “Shen Qingque, are you fucking sick? Are you so nice to everyone?”

This accusation came without reason, Shen Lou lowered his eyes, watching the raindrops trickle down Lin Xin’s white chin to the back of his hand, with the warmth that a heavy rain shouldn’t have, slowly said: “I’m only good to you.”

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[1] Chinese unit of weight equaling approximately 500g.

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