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The rain was getting heavier and heavier, and the sound of the roaring water was almost deafening, but Lin Xin could still hear it clearly.

“You…” Lin Xin stared at Shen Lou with wide eyes, and suddenly asked, “Did you see that I crushed He Liuhun’s soul just now?” Like Young Master Zhao, he would never be reborn forever.

“Well, try not to crush it next time, there is no reincarnation for people who have lost their souls.” Shen Lou picked him up and prepared to find a house that hadn’t collapsed to shelter from the rain.

At this time, a bright red streamer came from the horizon.

“What’s going on?” Zhu Xingli looked at the ruined Yanqiu and the half-disabled disciple nestled in Shen Lou’s arms, and was furious, “Lin Xin, you’re really promising!”

“Hey,” Lin Xin looked at his alive and kicking master, he couldn’t help grinning, and was immediately poured a mouthful of rainwater, and quickly jumped down from Shen Lou’s arms, “Bah bah, master, oh!”

Lin Xin didn’t care about a slap on the head, on the contrary, he laughed even more happily, hanging from one arm on Zhu Xingli’s body, “Master, I saved my junior brother and killed twenty-three barbarians. Is it possible to stand up for me? Give me a name!”

The murderous aura aroused the celestial phenomena, so it came and went quickly. When the shower had just stopped, the dark clouds cleared away in an instant, and the sun shone on Lin Xin’s face, fading away the haze.

Zhu Xingli touched the drops of water on his face, and squinted at him, “Where’s the door? Where did you go?”

Everything collapsed and the house was in a mess.

Lin Xin let go of his hand embarrassingly, retracted to Shen Lou, and looked back at him, the golden light was so dazzling that people couldn’t open their eyes, “Why is the sun so strong?”

“It’s not the sun.” As soon as Shen Lou finished speaking, the dazzling light came suddenly, and it turned out to be a row of golden guards wearing golden armor holding the imperial banner.

These people didn’t get any water on their bodies, obviously they saw the rain on the mountain and waited for the rain to stop at the foot of the mountain before they came up.

Lin Xin squinted his eyes, the Golden Guards really arrived at the right time every time, as if they made a special trip to watch the excitement.

“Golden Guards, by the emperor’s order, came to pick up the sixth prince and return to the palace.” The leader came out and saluted Zhu Xingli and Shen Lou.

“What sixth prince?” Zhu Jiangchu helped his limping younger brothers and walked over.

Only then did Zhu Xingli think of his poor second apprentice, “Where’s Zhong’er?”

Everyone turned their heads and looked at the roof not far away. His Royal Highness, the prince, was sitting on the roof with his two severed hands raised, dripping water.

Sanxian Jian Qiuluo and the emperor’s son had been lost among the people for eighteen years. After the emperor knew about it, he was very concerned and asked the Golden Guards to bring him back to the palace immediately.

This was the rhetoric given by the Golden Guards, it was impossible to know how much he was worried, but the emperor’s order was true, so he would have to leave immediately.

Jian Zhong was very unhappy about the sudden decision to enter the palace to recognize his father. “I haven’t eaten yet!” He did not want to die on the road.

There were still a few shabby rooms in the northeast corner that had not collapsed. The tired and hungry people changed into clean clothes and treated the wounds again.

Zishu, who was not injured, went to cook, but the materials were limited, so she made do with a pot of rice and stewed a large pot of mixed vegetables. This was the way people from the Northern Territory ate, but the four Zhu family members were quite disgusted when they saw that pot of stew.

The Zhu family, who never tired of eating fine food, was most displeased with the way of eating in the north. The north and Beimo were all rough people in their opinion.

Zhu Xingli filled a large bowl of rice, then took half a bowl of vegetables into it, stirred it like pig food, dug a spoonful and stuffed it into Jian Zhong’s mouth, who had no hands to eat.

The random stew mixed with meat and vegetables was surprisingly delicious, and the hungry Jian Zhong’s eyes lit up, and he almost swallowed the spoon. Swallowing it down quickly, looking at the Golden guard standing outside the door, he whispered, “Master, I don’t want to go to Yongdu.”

But his master’s words shut his mouth, “This is what your mother wanted you to do. Get out of here after eating.”

Jian Zhong was so choked that he rolled his eyes, and after eating, he followed the Golden Guards aggrievedly. His hand was broken and he couldn’t move, so the Golden Guards had to borrow Shen’s Luli carriage parked at the foot of the mountain to pull him up.

Wasn’t the golden carp a thing in the pool, it would transform into a dragon after encountering a storm. After years of goodbye, he had become the king.

Zhu Xingli racked his brains and couldn’t figure out when he missed the news to the barbarians in Beimo. They couldn’t live at Yanqiu anymore, so he had to bring his disciples to continue to play the autumn wind in Yinian Palace.

Returning to Yinian Palace, the three stacking swords faced Zhu Yangai who had just left the refining room, and they all softened their knees.

“Don’t report what you know, you are really capable of messing around with the children.” Zhu Yangai endured sleeplessly for several days, without any signs of haggardness. On the contrary, Mrs. Jing was wilted by the furnace fire in the refining room, and lay limp in a puddle on the throne.

“The subordinate was confused for a while and was afraid of disturbing the master’s crafting. At that time, I only thought that Mr. Lin was also from our Zhu family, and we had to help if something happened.” The three brothers lowered their heads, each with a bruised nose and swollen face, and a broken arm and leg.

Zhu Yangai raised his eyebrows, and raised his hand to touch the cat’s ears, “You guys did the right thing, and it’s barely worth it.”

Before the three of them could become happy, he added, “Sweep the zoo for a month.”

“Isn’t merit and demerit equal?” Lin Xin lay on the wooden fence of the zoo, looking at Zhu Jiangqiu who was shoveling manure with one arm.

The black panther sent by the Western Regions lay huddled in a corner, staring at Zhu Jiangqiu’s shaking buttocks. Not far away, a big colorful tiger lay lazily in the pool, stretching out its claws to trip Zhu Jiangxia, who was sweeping the floor, as he passed by.

“Maybe it’s only half done.” Shen Lou leaned on the fence and looked at him. “Not reporting what you know is a serious crime.”

“Why are you looking at me?” Shen Lou was caught staring.

After his peeping was discovered, Shen Lou still had an upright face, “Look how different you are from before.”

“What’s the difference?” Lin Xin leaned over to show him, “Is my teeth all grown?”

Shen Lou smiled slightly but shook his head without saying a word. Watching Lin Xin climb over the fence to help Zhu Jiangqiu shovel the manure, the two one-armed heroes worked together to lift the manure into the sky, hitting Zhu Jiangxia who was being bullied by the tiger.

The former Lin Xin couldn’t speak, couldn’t open his eyes, and couldn’t call him Qingque.

“My son, Second Master Zhu told you and Mr. Lin to go to Qingliang Hall.” Zishu ran over to deliver the message.

Zhu Xingli rummaged through the Zhu family’s collection of books, only to find a tattered booklet, which recorded a few words about repairing the soul.

[Spiritual person, the cohesion of the soul, similar to porcelain.]

Turning the page, there was nothing behind, turning forward, it had nothing to do with it. “Just this one sentence?” Lin Xin asked with disgust, “What is porcelain-like!”

“Porcelain-like, it means that the soul is like porcelain. When a mortal is alive, the soul is indistinguishable, just like mud and water. Immortals refine the soul into gods, then the clay becomes porcelain.” Zhu Xingli explained.

Lin Xin understood, “So, if you want to mend his soul, you have to squeeze some mud on it?”

“Smart!” Zhu Xingli hit his apprentice’s head with an ancient scroll, and then scratched his head, “Mud is also fine, it’s just for repairing. Take it slow and paste the tiles if you want to be faster. It’s just that I haven’t figured out how to break the mud and tiles and how to stick them on.”

“It’s not difficult, I’ve tried it before!” Lin Xin couldn’t help but smile, he had tried it before, and with the evidence from the ancient remains, he could use it for Shen Lou without worry, but there was only one problem, “I still need a container for collecting remnant souls.” He had wrapped it in his own spiritual power so as not to let it drift away, but his spiritual power had been almost exhausted in half an hour, which was really difficult.

Zhu Xingli blinked and looked at his elder brother lying on the ground behind him watching the cat sleep.

Note: Golden carp is not a thing in the pool, it changes into a dragon when it encounters a storm.

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Master: Brother, give me a spirit sword

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Brother Zhu: Here

Xinxin: Master, do you sell curry?

Brother Zhu: Why?

Xinxin: Because… (singing) bouncy, curry is for gay

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