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Yan Mu noticed that someone next to him was looking at him. He turned his head to look and recognized that this person was the screenwriter who worked with Lu Chengyu, so he nodded politely at this person.

Qu Lingbei saw that the other party found that he was looking at him, and said: “Mr. Yan is here to pick up Mr. Lu?” I don’t know if it was his illusion. He always felt that the atmosphere between Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu was not right, maybe it is. As a screenwriter, he is prone to thinking too much. As a collaborator of Lu Chengyu, Qu Lingbei knew that he should not be nosy. But in his opinion, Lu Chengyu was only six or seven years older than his own child. In today’s society, at the age of twenty-two, many people were still big boys who were not very sensible. Even if Lu Chengyu was sensible, he did not lose to people who had been running outside for many years, but he still had a simpler mind. Business elites like Yan Mu who had seen many things in the world and had tried everything were still different, thus he was worried that Lu Chengyu would suffer.

“Yeah,” Yan Mu nodded and glanced towards the dressing room. He saw that Lu Chengyu hadn’t come out before concentrating on talking with Qu Lingbei, “He has a wounded arm, I don’t want him to go home alone.”

On the other side, He Long, who was rushed back by Lu Chengyu to protect Yan Mu, silently shrank to the side when he heard these words. Now in the eyes of President Yan, he was no longer human? Thanks to him being pushed back to be a nameless bodyguard again, he felt like he was hurt a little bit inside.

“Mr. Lu is young. Mr. Yan is willing to take care of him so much. You’re a good person,” Qu Lingbei said with a smile. “Fortunately, you are here. Otherwise, Mr. Lu would be injured at home alone and it is not convenient to do anything.”

Yan Mu listened. At this point, he looked at the forty-year-old man in front of him for a few more seconds, then slowly nodded his head after a few seconds: “I’m glad to be able to take care of him.”

Qu Lingbei’s expression changed when he heard Yan Mu’s words. After several changes, he finally nodded and said: “Mr. Yan is kind.” As an outsider, he couldn’t speak too much after all, let alone speak too thoroughly, otherwise it would be annoying.

Yan Mu had a better impression of Qu Lingbei because of this. After all, the other party was really worried about Lu Chengyu, so he asked so many questions regardless of his identity. If there was no such thought, why should the other party say these things with the possibility of offending him.

“Brother Qu, Brother Mu, what are you talking about?” Lu Chengyu ran to the two of them, his cheeks were still blushing abnormally, apparently because he was too anxious when removing makeup, which left traces as if he had injured his skin.

“I didn’t say anything.” Qu Lingbei said with a smile, “I originally planned to invite you to my house for a few days, and then go back when the injury is healed. However, I don’t have to worry about you, having Mr. Yan taking care of you.”

“Brother Qu don’t think too much,” Lu Chengyu smiled and walked to Yan Mu and stood beside Yan Mu, “Brother Mu is very careful and will take care of me. Don’t worry.”

Qu Lingbei smiled and nodded: “You are taken care off, what else are we worried about? It’s not too early now. Go back and rest early. If you are injured, you can’t be too tired.”

“I know Qu Ge and Zhang Dao are good people.” Lu Chengyu smiled and greeted the studio staff before he joined Yan Mu to leave the set.

Qu Lingbei sighed softly as he watched the two leaving. If he hadn’t seen what was going on before, now he could see the look between the two of them. When he was in college, there were two boys in love in school. After being discovered, they were not only expelled from school, but were also looked down upon by the world. Now, that nearly two decades had passed, he hoped these two young people could get together smoothly.

“What are you sighing about?” Zhang Shuo sighed when he saw his friend, wondering, “Could it be that Mr. Lu made something embarrassing for you?” This shouldn’t be. When did Mr. Lu do such a thing?

“No,” Qu Lingbei shook his head, knowing that his friend was more nervous, so he didn’t plan to let him know about it. “Don’t you have a few more scenes to film? Hurry up, don’t wait for too long. It’s going to be dark.”

Zhang Shuo suddenly became nervous when he mentioned the filming and turned around again to make others prepare for the next scene.

Zhong Zhenghan, who was sitting next to make-up artist, squinted in the direction Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu were leaving. He was about to frown, but the makeup artist said: “Brother Han, if you move your eyebrows again, you will make your eyebrows crooked.”

The expression on Zhong Zhenghan’s face suddenly disappeared. He didn’t allow any mistakes in his makeup, which was a kind of blasphemy against the character.

After he put on his makeup, Wang Song leaned over to him and whispered: “Zhenghan, I see that Mr. Lu and Mr. Yan seem to have a very good relationship. When will Mr. Lu help you match up with him? If you can catch up with Mr. Yan, you could walk sideways[1] in the circle in the future.”

“You want Lu Chengyu to match me up with Yan Mu?” Zhong Zhenghan looked at Wang Song with a condescending look, “Do you think that people like Yan Mu will take care of me?”

“Everything is hard in the beginning,” Wang Song dryly chuckled, “I see that he is not so difficult to get along with, are there any chances to catch him?”

“Stop dreaming during the day.” Zhong Zhenghan resolutely said, “Don’t talk about this in the future. If you find an artist who wants to take the opportunity to get close to Yan Mu, remember to tell me.”

“Don’t get to know him. Why don’t you let others get acquainted, what’s wrong! I told you to find ways to be friends with other people. Didn’t I let you follow the unspoken rules? Is it such an issue?” Wang Song said helplessly, “OK, you are the ancestor, just be yourself. What I said just now is nonsense.” He understood Zhong Zhenghan’s temper. Although he was usually arrogant, as long as he decided the matter, even nine cows couldn’t drag him away from it[2]. He also didn’t want to get frozen with Zhong Zhenghan for this kind of thing, after all, it would be good to be able to catch Lu Chengyu. It was true that Yan Mu’s appearance did not seem to be of a person who easily made friends with others.

What Zhong Zhenghan thought in his heart was that if his buddy’s man was used by others, it would be too disgusting. And since Yan Mu liked men, of course he must pay attention to distance and measure. No matter whether Lu Chengyu thought too much or not, he couldn’t do things that made the other person become disgusted. It’s not that he was hypocritical, but that he valued Lu Chengyu’s friendship. It was not easy to meet one or two friends who were pleasing to the eye when you are alive. Friendship is a rare species, and not replaceable.


In the speeding car, Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu were sitting in the back seat of the car. Yan Mu wiped Lu Chengyu’s face with the wet kerchief and said: “What were you in a hurry for just now, you didn’t even remove your makeup, and the skin on your face was torn.”

“I was worried about you waiting for a long time.” Lu Chengyu smiled and put his face in front of Yan Mu, allowed him to gently wipe his face, “And the makeup remover in the dressing room is very uncomfortable.”

“Since you don’t like makeup remover, so don’t promise them to film in future.” Yan Mu changed his handkerchief and continued to wipe his face gently, “You are an investor, do you still need to listen to them?”

“It’s not boring, anyway, nothing happened in the past two days.” Lu Chengyu felt a little uncomfortable to stretch his neck like this, so he simply lay on his back on Yan Mu’s knees and let Yan Mu play freely.

Yan Mu was slightly stiff at first, but then relaxed his body to make Lu Chengyu lie more comfortably. He held Lu Chengyu’s head with one hand, and continued to wipe his face with the other. “You like filming?” After he said this, he raised his head to He Long who was driving, “The speed can be not so fast, try to be a little more stable.”

He Long nodded and said, “Yes.” He was bleeding in his heart, Mr. Yan, have you seen the contemptuous eyes of the overtaking car owners next to them. A well-known branded car, but even the speed of other people’s Alto can’t compare to them, it is very embarrassing, you know?

“It’s just a little hobby,” Lu Chengyu yawned. “I’m not going to be an authentic entertainer, just like those who love to grow flowers but are not going to be gardeners.”

Yan Mu cleaned his face with his right hand. After hesitating several times, he finally made a decision to wrap his hand around Lu Chengyu’s waist, “It’s fine if you like it, I have no other opinion. I heard that somebody is going to make a large-scale patriotic education film, and there will be many stars in it. If you like it, I’ll let the director arrange a role for you.” In Yan Mu’s mind, Lu Chengyu could do anything. It was appropriate for him to star in such a movie that non-big names couldn’t participate in.

When Lu Chengyu heard these words, he felt a little bit apprehensive in his heart. The movie Yan Mu mentioned was probably the big production he had imagined. “Mu Ge, are you talking about “The Universe”?” This was indeed a big production, and the background of this movie was the country. The agency that he worked in back then took a lot of effort to get one or two places for their artists to participate in the movie, begging everybody from their grandpa to their grandma, and in the end only got two roles that showed only their faces for a few minutes.

“It seems to be called this name.” Yan Mu frowned and said indifferently, “As long as you are interested, I will let the crew arrange a good role for you tomorrow. If you are not tempted, then let it be.” Lu Chengyu admitted that he was a layman. Of course, he was full of longing for such a big movie. Who would not think that he had achieved too much?

“Brother Mu, if I go to participate, do you count as a related party?” Lu Chengyu rubbed his head on Yan Mu’s abdomen, and found that the belt buckle was a little bit awkward, so he stopped this action and changed to a more serious adjustment in order to lie comfortably, “This kind of feeling like someone is above me is really different.”

Lu Chengyu wouldn’t find it embarrassing to think that Yan Mu had helped him to enter the crew. He didn’t have the inexplicable attitude of nobility. Anyway, there was nothing wrong going on inside, he would feel sure that it was a very straightforward thing, “That, should we try it tomorrow?”

“Well,” Yan Mu’s mouth hooked up, and he looked at Lu Chengyu very calmly and said, “The average person can’t get into the crew, but the relationship is normal, don’t think too much. If someone troubles you, you come back and tell me, I will let the director take care of it.” Anyway, he thought that his own Xiao Yu was no worse than anyone else, Xiao Yu being interested in shooting a character is more important than anything else.

“There aren’t so many people in this circle who don’t have long eyes[3].” Lu Chengyu smiled, “Hey, but being a good youth, how could I do something like bullying people.” However, if someone bullied him, he would close the door and let the situation be strict. Thinking about it, it really felt good.

He Long, who accidentally heard the conversation between the two in front of him, said: “…” Mr. Yan’s Three Views seemed to be crooked. In addition, he almost didn’t recognize the words Good Youth coming out of Mr. Lu’s mouth.

Editor: I also can’t believe the words “Good Youth” came out of Lu Fox Chengyu’s mouth!!!

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[1] Do anything.

[2] Change his mind.

[3] Big expectations.

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