TCYEC Ch. 90.1

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

When Hong Zhehao reached home, he got ready and disguised himself to go out with Yu Siyang, but he received a WeChat message from Yu Siyang that he couldn’t accompany him. He took off the disguise in sorrow, called for takeout, and waited for takeout while he was scanning Weibo. He happened to see that a marketing account broke the news about Yu Siyang’s family. After reading the long Weibo, he keenly felt that something was wrong. These marketing accounts clearly left out a lot of the details.

Sure enough, starting at 6 o’clock in the evening, Weibo traffic gradually increased. After the pizza called by Hong Zhehao was delivered, a marketing account on the Internet released a lot of information.

Studio: “An insider told, Yu Siyang’s family has already filed for bankruptcy, he owed more than one billion, which was paid by Xue Chengxiu, the chairman of Hengsheng Group. As for why Xue Chengxiu should help him with so much money, everyone should have various speculations in their hearts, and Laoyu will not say much. The [web link]”

The link was a long article, mainly saying that the company in Yu Siyang’s family went bankrupt because of Yu’s father’s decision-making mistakes, causing thousands of employees to lose their jobs, and Yu Siyang carried debts of more than one billion yuan repeatedly three times. Yu Siyang went to his relatives’ house and begged them to help pay off the debt, but because the company went bankrupt, his relatives had a hard time at home and there was no money at all, so Yu Siyang signed with All-Star Entertainment as an artist. The chairman of the group saw that Yu Siyang’s potential was good, so he helped to pay back the money, and Yu Siyang also lived in the other party’s house and went in and out at the same time.

The entire article made a fuss about the reasons for the bankruptcy of Yu’s father’s company and the relationship between Yu Siyang and the chairman of Hengsheng Group. It was almost trying to say that Yu’s father caused the company to go bankrupt, causing employees to become unemployed and relatives unable to keep up with the debts.

Immediately after this news came out, a large number of marketing accounts posted on Weibo and swiped a big wave of rhythm-

Leader: “The truth is that Yu Siyang was being kept! After the leader asked the insiders of Allstar Entertainment for verification, they told us that Yu Siyang signed in as soon as possible. And was even following the gold medal agent Wei Xiaofeng, the resources are so good that the contemporaries envy and hate him, and it is said that some people have seen him go shopping with Chairman Hengsheng [not easy][heartbreak] [web link] “

Entertainment detective: “The insider broke the news that Hengsheng Chairman Xue Chengxiu is not married and has never had a girlfriend. Yu Siyang’s good resources are all obtained by him [web link]”

Hong Zhehao scrolled through Weibo fiercely, and forgot to eat pizza. There were marketing accounts everywhere on the Internet trying to stir up the rhythm. People eating melons were watching the excitement. Yu Siyang’s fans and black and passers-by had been squeezed out, and the navy was stirring waves inside.

“Tut tut, I was wondering how a newcomer caught on fire so quickly, turned out to be a godfather ah [laugh without words]”

“Stupid, Yu Siyang has a new movie coming out, and this is the hype”

“Upstairs is stupid and has a pit in his head. If Yu Siyang uses this type of hype, it would show that he didn’t want to be in the circle. Whether others believe it or not, I don’t believe it anyway. People with a little bit of IQ can see that someone has hacked him.”

“The miasma in the entertainment industry is caused by people like Yu Siyang [contempt]”

“Disgusting, do you want to be such a white lotus? Get out of the entertainment circle [spit]”

“No picture, no truth, you’re just weaving a yarn[1], I also said that according to people familiar with the matter, your wife cheated on you and brought you dozens of green hats. This black marketing account that collects money to defame others is the culprit in the entertainment industry [swear]”

Hong Zhehao grabbed a piece of pizza and took a vicious bite, then called Lian Jing.

Lian Jing almost picked up in seconds. Before Hong Zhehao could speak, he said, “Did you see the black material of Yu Siyang that has exploded on the Internet?”

“…Yes,” Hong Zhehao felt that his devil agent was too amazing, he didn’t say anything yet, but he already knew, “Brother Jing, I want to post Weibo to speak up for Yu Siyang.”

Lian Jing knew that he would think so, and did not object directly, but said: “You should contact Yu Siyang first, Wei Xiaofeng must have come out with a coping strategy, you may disrupt their plans if you rush to post on Weibo.”

“Oh, okay.” Hong Zhehao also felt that his thoughts were a little ill-considered, so he immediately hung up on Lian Jing and called Yu Siyang.

Lian Jing heard the “beep” in the phone, with no sound following, and sighed. At any rate, this idiot knew that he had to contact him first, instead of rashly sending out a Weibo. He was not opposed to Hong Zhehao supporting Yu Siyang, but Hong Zhehao had a lot of black material in the past few years, and he also had the sensitive topic of “being kept”. Lian Jing worried that he would also get himself on fire. In the end, if Yu Siyang was washed white, and he wasn’t, it would be a big joke.

When Yu Siyang received a call from Hong Zhehao, he felt very relieved to be cared by friends, but he still rejected Hong Zhehao’s suggestion to post on Weibo.

This kind of topic was really too sensitive. In this situation, it was better not to speak up. One had to use marketing account against marketing account, naval army against naval army, and everything can be inverted.

Brother Xiaofeng had already organized the materials. Taking advantage of the prime time of eight and nine o’clock to fight back, Brother Luo also contacted a live talk show, and when the weather vane on the Internet turned off, he asked him to go directly to the show. The thing was that people just couldn’t die peacefully.

Anyway, things have reached this point, and Yu Siyang didn’t care about the ugliness of the family anymore.

Since these bastards of the Yu family did such a thing and poured dirty water on him and Mr. Xue, he would throw them up to the sky. When anyone had no illicit material in his hands, they would spread rumors. He actually had a real hammer.

And when they had decided to fight back, another marketing account came out and came up with a video interviewing Yu Silong. Yu Silong said in the video: “Because the company went bankrupt, the family had no money to help repay the debt, but my brother doesn’t seem to understand. He took my father to court for embezzling funds. He now has a backer. My father has been sentenced for more than ten years. We are appealing and don’t know what will happen in the future. I just want to tell my cousin, I’m sorry, there’s really no money at home, and I want to help too, but I’m not capable enough.”

Yu Siyang was disgusted enough by Yu Silong, and even the company’s fixed assets could be sold and removed privately, so he could not come up and call it wrong.

——Well, I didn’t count you Yu Silong in the first place. You have to jump out by yourself. If I don’t make you stink, I would be so sorry to myself.

Online because of Yu Silong’s video, another climax had been set off. People from all walks of life had appeared to eat melons, and it was obvious that the navy bought by the artists were stepping on Yu Siyang during the same period. There were all bad things. Even his private messages were full of abuse.

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[1] Telling stories.

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