TBLF Ch. 92.2

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Thank God that the classroom door was still open.

Probably the students who were reviewing inside went out temporarily.

Qi Ying’s face was flushed, her eyes were misty and wet. When panting, her chest was going slightly up and down, and her upper body clothes were messed up by him, wrinkled into a ball, and her slender waist was faintly visible.

Ji Rang felt that his whole person did not feel good.

This was meant to punish her, but it was clearly punishing himself.

The little girl glared at him with those terribly beautiful eyes.

Ji Rang felt his body heat up, his heart was about to burst out of his chest, and he almost ripped off his pants. However, trying not to let her find out what he was like, he told her fiercely: “Keep staring!”

She deflated at once, aggrievedly withdrew her gaze and snorted.

He felt both funny and angry, and stretched out his hand: “Come here.”

Qi Ying’s head tilted but she ignored him.

Ji Rang said, “Don’t you want to take me to see the night view of the library? I will run out of time if we don’t go.”

Yes, he had to rush back to school.

Qi Ying couldn’t continue being angry, she came over and put her little hand in his palm and said: “You can’t kiss in a crowded place anymore.”

Damn, there were so many conditions to kiss his girlfriend.

Could he understand what was going on?

Ji Rang pulled her up, lowered his head and pecked on her rosy lips: “Okay.”

The little girl was relieved, and while he was not paying attention, she secretly adjusted her underwear and pulled it down.

He deliberately rubbed her with his body just now, don’t think she didn’t know!

At night, University B was lit up, and it was very beautiful. Ji Rang led her around the library and then had to rush back to school.

Fortunately, the National Day was two days later, and the university would have a holiday. The seven-day holiday was very exciting to think about. Ji Rang refused to just go like that and sent her back to the dormitory downstairs: “Go back, I will pick you up the day after tomorrow.”

She raised her face and asked, “Where are we going?”

“Didn’t you say you want to see the Forbidden City and the Great Wall?”

When she first entered school, she heard Xia Xiao say that she had visited the Forbidden City with her parents a few days ago, and she was a little bit envious. She talked about it casually when she sent the message to Ji Rang in the evening.

It had been a month, but he still remembered.

With bright eyes, she nodded happily: “Okay!”

There were many girls watching them coming and going around.

Ji Rang kept his promise and didn’t kiss her in crowded places. He touched her head: “Go back.”

The little girl pursed her lower lip and said softly, “You bow your head.”

He was stunned and bowed his head.

Qi Ying stepped on tiptoe, quickly kissed him on the mouth, then smiled and waved, turned and ran back to the dormitory.

Ji Rang stood there, shaking his head and laughing silently.

Back in the dormitory, Gao Nian was playing games, Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi sat next to her like two guardians, and the people watching were more excited than the one playing.

“Ah, ah, you are going to die! You are going to die, run! You only have half a tube of blood left!”

“Left, left, the man on the left is coming! Run to your teammate!”

Gao Nian was about to be caught. The two were so annoyed that they couldn’t help themselves.

Hearing the opening of the door, all three of them turned their heads. Xia Xiao was surprised: “Why did you come back so early, Yingying?”

Qi Ying closed the door and changed her shoes: “Their school is very strict.”

When Qi Ying came back, Gao Nian was finally able to play her game quietly. Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi both ran to haunt Qi Ying and gossip about her and Ji Rang’s love history.

Xia Xiao said: “Yingying, I heard people say that your boyfriend used to be a high school bully? The kind that fights and skips classes?”

Qi Ying was surprised: “Who did you listen to?”

Xia Xiao was embarrassed: “I was wondering that your boyfriend is so handsome, previously he might also have been a celebrity, so I went to your high school forum and searched his name and there were really a lot of posts related to him.’

Basically, it was all about the glorious battle history of the big brother.

What happened in the cafeteria when he broke the two front teeth of a student? How he put a senior into the ICU, used a knife to force the school bully of another school to pay him protection fee, gathered people to fight, and skip classes.

They had also posted a photo of Ji Rang holding a broken glass bottle on someone’s head in the billiard room. The billiards room was not well lit, but the viciousness on the boy’s face was clearly visible.

It was totally different from the polite and gentle boy they saw today!

They were so curious.

Qi Ying explained: “He was not very obedient before, but he got better later.”

Xia Xiao smelled the gossip: “Is it because he met you?”

Qi Ying thought about it, “It’s right.”

Xia Xiao covered her heart and almost fainted: “My mother! What a shocking goddess love! I’m still on the Internet shipping other cps[1], from today I will ship you!”

Even Gao Nian stopped play games and came over to hear Qi Ying talk about her and Ji Rang’s past.

Qi Ying actually didn’t like showing affection, but she wanted everyone around her to know how good the young man was.

Ouyang Bi lay on the upper bunk and browsed through their school forum. When she clicked into the school forum, she found that the forum was again full of discussions about Qi Ying.

They didn’t know who secretly took pictures of her and Ji Rang and posted them on the forum.

The teenager in the photo was standing in front of the library with his arms around the girl’s waist. He had a tall body, his head was slightly lowered, and he was smiling.

The post said: Fuck! Is this the Department of Medicine’s flower and her boyfriend?! Is this figure and appearance real?

“I’m sour!”

“Fucking these two people are a perfect match!”

“As expected of a police school student, look at this figure and look at this arm! I can almost imagine his eight-pack abs!”

“He laughs so sweetly and pampers her softly, while I am whining like crazy about eating lemons.”

“Who said that the flower had bad vision? Get out and be beaten!”

“Where did you curse people to break up before? It’s just this value, and it won’t be your turn even if they break up.”

“I declare that the Department of Medicine has won.”

“I saw the flower’s three roommates carrying XXX gift bags today. I heard that they chatted and said they were sent by the flower’s boyfriend. Oh boy, I’m not greedy, I just want to be the flower’s roommate.”

“Be a roommate plus one!”

After Xia Xiao finished reading the post, she exaggerated and replied very unhappily: “You mortals, don’t be delusional! This Bengong[2] is not graduating, you will never get to live in 207!”

Gao Nian: “…I didn’t want to hack this post.” She continued expressionlessly, “but your reply has lowered the IQ of our entire dormitory.”

Then Gao Nian hacked the post.

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[1] Fans of on-screen couples.

[2] Imperial way of saying “me”.

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