HF Ch. 22

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Shen Yiyou’s mind went blank.

He felt confused and his breathing had stopped.

Before he could react, the screen suddenly turned on again, and he saw that he was receiving a call from his father.

Shen Yiyou picked it up in despair and called out “Dad”. While saying that, his voice was still trembling.

“Yiyou,” his father said lightly, as if he didn’t notice, “How are you doing these days?”

Shen Yiyou said, “it’s okay”, and his father asked again, “Have you been in contact with your mother these days?”

“…” Shen Yiyou paused, realized his father’s intention, and replied slowly, “No.”

He did text his mother when he went to the capital last month, but she didn’t reply, so it wasn’t a connection.

“Really,” said his father, “have you been short of money lately?”

Shen Yiyou frowned, and after a while, he said, “No shortage.”

“Don’t you still have a car loan?” Father smiled and said, “I’ll have the assistant transfer the money to you later.”

Shen Yiyou insisted, “No need,” but his father didn’t respond directly. He was polite to him for a while, and then said, “If you really don’t like women, forget it. With your mother, I will persuade her a little, but before the persuasion works, please be as low-key as possible.”

“The sister you saw last time was my student. She twisted her foot while going up the stairs, so I helped her, don’t misunderstand,” then his father continued, “By the way, this year the representatives of the Chinese Calligraphy Association are pushing me for the position of the chairman, it is difficult to ignore their kindness, so I really can’t refuse.

“After becoming the chairman, I will be busier and have less time at home. If you have anything, call Dad. Don’t be impulsive – your mother is not in good health, you must keep a low profile when you do things, understand?”

Shen Yiyou told him he understood, and his father praised him in a few words.

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yiyou realized that a payment reminder had come a minute ago.

Perhaps because there was no expectation at all, Shen Yiyou didn’t feel hurt, and silently transferred the money back to his father’s account, remarking “No need, thank you”.

Shen Yiyou wanted to tell his father that he would never print the fact that he was gay on a flyer and distribute it everywhere, and he never wanted to influence his father’s career in a high-profile manner.

But one was that he didn’t know how to speak, and second was that his father was probably not interested in listening.

Shen Yiyou often suspected that some people were born with family fortune, so they could have a harmonious and happy family and grow up with love.

But many people didn’t have it so much.

Shen Yiyou had obtained life and abundant materialistic things from his parents. He was already a lucky one, and he did not need to make more demands.

Shen Yiyou’s choice of falling in love was also like a side-by-side approach, with warmth and protection at the same time, as well as twists and turns.

Li Shu’s embrace was like a love tunnel full of thorns. Shen Yiyou seemed to walk on top of it. Sometimes he walked through the mountains and clouds and rains, when he expressed his heartfelt feelings, and sometimes it was bloody and painful.

But even if Li Shu was very far from being perfect, Shen Yiyou himself was not much better.

Shen Yiyou was always worried about gains and losses, indecisive, and seemed to be short of breath and rapid heartbeat forever because of Li Shu alone.

He deleted the transfer reminder and re-read the bunch of text messages Li Shu had sent him last night.

He not only wanted to laugh because of Li Shu’s continuous, child-like petty complaints, but also wanted to cry because of the heavy, muddy, inseparable and unspeakable love words of Li Shu.

Shen Yiyou thought, if Li Shu is a love idiot, then so is he.

If Li Shu is bad when it comes to love, he is also bad.

If Li Shu hadn’t been considerate to Shen Yiyou, then he also didn’t have much patience and thought.

If you want to start dating again, Shen Yiyou thought again, you should give Li Shu more confidence first, not meet more people, say something that will make Li Shu happy, or you should ask Li Shu for more and don’t just desert him.

He no longer wanted Li Shu to wait alone by the side of the road at night, hearing bad words from self-righteous people, and be the last person to leave.

In an overly air-conditioned bedroom, the midday sun on the carpet and bedding seemed to be chilling.

The water mist in Shen Yiyou’s eyes lingered for a long time, then he wrote a message to Li Shu one letter at a time, asking Li Shu if he could answer the phone now.

Li Shu replied soon.

“You’re up,” he said, his voice a little unnatural, as if he was embarrassed.

“I arrived a few hours ago,” before waiting for Shen Yiyou to speak, Li Shu said to him, as if he was picking up the topic, “Just finished a meeting, I’m resting, but I can’t rest for a long time.”

Shen Yi said “um”.

The two were quiet for a few seconds, then Shen Yiyou called Li Shu’s name.

“Li Shu,” Shen Yiyou asked, “where are you?”

“…” Li Shu was silent for a while, then said, “New York.”

“Oh,” Shen Yiyou held the phone in one hand and the quilt in the other, lowered his eyes, and said to Li Shu in a low voice, “It was good to hear your voice, I’ll meet you when your listing is over, as you’re very busy now…”

Because of some hesitation, Shen Yiyou stopped while he was talking, while Li Shu didn’t speak and waited quietly on the other end of the phone.

When Shen Yiyou gathered up his courage, he told Li Shu, “But I still really want to come to you.”

“I want to see you.” Shen Yiyou said.

Li Shu was quiet for a long time before he said to Shen Yiyou, “Okay.”

He said, “I’m not busy,” and then said, “You come.”

Li Shu didn’t want to hang up.

He wanted to talk to Shen Yiyou for some more time, so he told him that he should not disconnect the line, he thought that would bring him closer to putting Shen Yiyou in his pocket, and he would feel very at ease.

This kind of statement was almost bizarre, but Shen Yiyou didn’t have the heart to refuse.

Later, when Li Shu wanted to meet with a lawyer, he could only hang up. Shen Yiyou called Robbins, the co-curator of the exhibition, on the phone, which was neither long nor short.

Shen Yiyou told Robbins that he would go out for a few days to accompany his boyfriend and save his relationship.

Robbins wished him all the best.

That evening, just as Shen Yiyou walked into the airport lounge, the software of the financial media suddenly pushed a major news: Genesis Environmental Technology Company was sued by former employee Leighton Eddy, so the price subscription and listing procedures have been temporarily interrupted.

Eddie was claiming that during his tenure as the chief engineer of Genesis, he discussed a clean energy technology idea with the CEO of Genesis and his employer, Li Shu.

The core technology in the new clean energy products launched by Genesis this time was stolen from his ideas.

At present, Leighton Eddy had applied to the court to preserve evidence, and had been interviewed by many media, where he had accused his former employer Li Shu of being a dictator.

There were some analysts’ comments in the related links below the news. Shen Yiyou opened it and read a few, and the commentary articles all had different opinions.

Some people claimed that the board of directors of Genesis had reached an agreement with Li Shu to dismiss Li Shu as CEO and re-submit the listing application materials; some people bluntly said that this lawsuit was Eddie’s retaliation for being fired without cause, and there was no factual basis; while others said it was nothing more than a conspiracy by competing companies to prevent Genesis from going public.

Seeing that the flight had started boarding, Shen Yiyou didn’t read any further.

More than ten hours later, Shen Yiyou arrived at the airport.

When the plane taxied on the runway, Shen Yiyou was not fully awake.

He took off his blindfold and looked at the night sky outside the porthole, thinking in a daze, wouldn’t Li Shu have been tired all the time.

He always ran to S City. At first, he even came just to have a meal and watch an exhibition. He was also once persuaded by Shen Yiyou to come to accompany him, so he had to stop work immediately and set off before arriving at the door of Shen Yiyou’s room in the early morning.

Every appointment, every overnight stay, he first had to endure a distant, long wait at an altitude of 10,000 feet.

——Li Shu arrived at S City at least 30 times a year, with a total of 70 flights with a duration of about 1,000 hours.

From the few comments that Shen Yiyou just read, she could see Li Shu’s character and life. Li Shu was extremely talented, moody, impersonal, and only paid attention to efficiency and results.

But on the way to meet Shen Yiyou, Li Shu generously spent his most cherished time, and unreservedly delivered love and sincerity to him.

The plane stopped, and Shen Yiyou had only one boarding case, which he dragged out.

At the exit, Shen Yiyou saw Irene Felton wearing a professional suit, and a male assistant holding a name tag beside her.

He walked to Irene, Irene showed him a sincere and bright smile, and then motioned him to look not far behind.

Shen Yiyou followed her gaze, and Li Shu, who was wearing an old dark gray T-shirt with the company’s logo, was standing by the column at the outer edge of the pick-up crowd, looking at him.

Li Shu was tall and stood out among the people coming and going.

His hair had been trimmed again and changed to a more business-like hairstyle, but the black frames were the same as the last time they met, and the smart watch and watch strap had not changed.

When Li Shu stood empty-handed, he always had an air of waiting for Shen Yiyou to soften his heart and take the initiative to rescue him. He looked at Shen Yiyou motionlessly, as if he was a little nervous, but he didn’t know how to express it.

Just like when they first met.

As Shen Yiyou walked towards Li Shu, he thought: S city is too far away, I want to move.

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