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Seeing Tang Bai blushing with embarrassment, Xie Ruheng coughed and said, “Okay, it’s getting late, I’ll take you home.” The place where these children lived was not as safe as Lusha Street. Some even living in a relatively remote mountain, they usually stayed with Mr. Ling until night, and after their parents finished work, they came to pick up the children one by one.

If Xie Ruheng came back early, Xie Ruheng would send these children home.

A total of 20 children lined up to sit on Xie Ruheng’s suspension car, and the whole car was packed to the brim. When they saw the snacks in the car cabinet, they couldn’t move their eyes, but no one took it.

“They’re so obedient.” Tang Bai followed Xie Ruheng obediently, admiring softly with tears still in his voice.

“It will take some time for me to send them back. Do you want to stay with Mr. Ling?” Xie Ruheng moved his fingers, suppressing the urge to touch Tang Bai’s head with amazing self-control.

Tang Bai shook his head, he turned on the optical brain, and clicked on the reader group, “I have a reader group…”

Xie Ruheng: “!!!”

My vest has dropped?!

“Look, some readers in the group are discussing education issues. She is talking about the unequal educational resources of ordinary students and the basic education of omega…” Tang Bai dug out the long chat records in the reader group to show it to Xie Ruheng.

Xie Ruheng, who almost had a sudden cardiac arrest: “…”

“I think everyone in the group is very nice and gentle. We all hope that this society can become better.” Tang Bai took a breath, “If they know the real situation of the slums, they should also want to help the people here.”

“They, like me before, don’t know the real situation of the slums. Our understanding of the slums is based on the scattered information spread on the Internet, what kind of garbage street, garbage dump, full of drug addicts, beggars, and homeless people.”

Tang Bai bit his lip, standing in front of Xie Ruheng like a student who was admitting his mistake, as he reviewed himself, “…I used to think that these people are lazy, have poor self-control, and refuse to study hard. They didn’t work hard either, that’s why I viewed them so badly.”

“But I found out that I was wrong.”

“I was very ignorant, especially when I didn’t know the real situation.” The amber eyes were filled with water again, but this time Tang Bai tried hard to hold back his tears, “It’s because their environment didn’t give them the opportunity, nor did it give us the opportunity to understand the slums, so I want everyone in the group to let more people on the Internet understand the slums.”

“In this world, there are so many kind-hearted people, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants to help everyone, we’ll brainstorm and come up with a solution!”

Soaked in tears, those clear eyes looked like sparkling gems.

Xie Ruheng only felt that his heart was about to be filled with this damp water vapor, and it was a little sore, all of which were very soft emotions.


Ladies in the reading group.

Tea Art Class Video Blogger: “[Video]”

Tea Art Class Video Blogger: “@All Members I encountered something today, and I want to share it with you.”

Bai Zhi, who was working, frowned when he saw the prompt that popped up suddenly, he brought this video blogger into the group before, in order to facilitate the exchange of imitation makeup ideas between the other party and the group members, so he gave the other party’s administrator an identity, not for the blogger to share his daily life with the group members.

He entered the group chat, and when he saw the malnourished face of a slum child on the cover of the video, the confusion in his eyes deepened.

It was a group of children from the slums riding on a suspension vehicle, where an adult seat had squeezed in three children, two children squeezed together, and the third child sat on their lap.

Most of them were dressed in shabby, dusty clothes, which were very different from the noble omega’s clothes in the video.

“I heard from Mr. Ling that brother Xie bought you new clothes, why don’t you wear those new clothes?” the noble omega asked softly.

The child closest to the noble omega did not dare to look at the camera, nor did he dare to look directly at the noble omega. His eyes were wandering, and his fingers kept twisting the old clothes that had been washed until they turned white. “The new clothes are for my sister.”

“For your sister? Do you still have a younger sister?”

The hand that pulled the clothes touched the bulging pocket, and the child nodded slightly.

The noble omega flipped through the beautiful gift box, and showed the child a variety of colorful biscuits, “Then you can bring some more biscuits to your sister.”

The child shook his head, and he opened the pocket carefully, “There are enough.”

“How can such a small amount be enough to eat?” The noble Omega stuffed the loosely packaged biscuits into the small pocket, but the quality of the clothes was so poor that a big hole was torn in the pocket full of biscuits and everything inside fell out.

After a period of chaos, the child held a jar of biscuits and a new shirt and said thank you softly.

He looked uncontrollably happy, and the eyes of the children around him were full of envy.

There were only so many biscuits, it was impossible to give each of the twenty children a tin of biscuits. Everyone envied this lucky guy who got new clothes and a tin of biscuits as a blessing in disguise after his clothes were torn.

“Whatever you want, I’ll buy it for you too.” The young master was obviously aware of this and hurried to make amends.

The children looked at him timidly, not daring to speak.

“Your schoolbags are very old, how about I buy you new schoolbags?” Most of the children in the video were not holding schoolbags at all, but cloth bags or plastic bags, and some of them simply held books in their hands.

Those exercise books were covered with handwriting on the cover, and was covered with dense water pen and pencil writing. He didn’t know how long they had been used.

Now very few students used this kind of paper exercise books, and most children were using student optical brains such as homework assistants.

“These children are short of teaching materials. They will go to school in half a year. The school is the only basic education provider in the slum. There is no basic teaching equipment in the school. The most ‘high-tech’ equipment may be a projector.”

“The textbooks they will use in the future are the paper textbooks left by the children from several years ago, and the teachers will send them to them when they go to school.”

The beautiful omega explained a few words to the camera, and when he said these, he had a small face, when he turned his head to look at the child, the face became gentle again: “I will bring you new draft pad next time, okay?”

“I have draft waste paper.”

The other children also nodded: “Yes, the wrapping paper in the dump can be used for writing.”

“Isn’t it better to use a new draft pad?” The noble omega said softly: “Don’t you like the brand new scratch book?”

The child shook his head, “I don’t like it.”

This answer made the little nobleman stuck for a moment, “Why?”

Then he heard the child’s answer as thin as a mosquito: “…the new one costs money.”

At this point in the video, a member of the group had already said: “I can’t see this kind of thing when I’m old. These children are much more obedient than my ancestors.”

“Where is this? How can it be so poor here? [email protected]

Tea Art Class Video Blogger: “Can you subsidize these children? I can subsidize these children to go to university?”

“@Tea Art Classs video blogger I am willing to build a school, do you have the contact information of their principal?”

“@Tea Art Class Video Blogger Let the video blogger start a fundraiser, and I’ll pay for it.”


Bai Zhi looked away and continued to play the video.

“Lu Xiaoshan, what do you want?” Seeing that the child didn’t speak, the noble omega coaxed: “Don’t you like mechas? Do you have any parts and paints you want? I can also send you mecha models!”

Lu Xiaoshan’s was a very handsome child, and even with a dark complexion, he couldn’t hide his heroism. Bai Zhi guessed that this child should be an alpha, because alphas and omega were born to be outstanding.

Compared with the previous timid child, this child named Lu Xiaoshan had a much calmer expression. He seemed to be a very assertive child. Bai Zhi guessed that this child should ask for some mecha parts. If this child even asked for a mecha, the young master of the landlord’s family would probably still agree.

Because this aristocratic omega had a well-protected pure temperament. To put it more plainly, the word “stupid and rich” was tailor-made for this noble young master.

“I want a rag doll.” Bai Zhi heard the child speak clearly.

Bai Zhi: “?”

“You want a rag doll? Do you like Palulu too?!” The noble omega said excitedly: “You have asked the right person, I have collected a lot of out-of-print Palulu…”

A trace of confusion flashed in Lu Xiaoshan’s eyes, and he repeated: “I want a rag doll, not Palulu.”

He said, “My mother is sick, and I want a rag doll to accompany her.”

Bai Zhi watched the video silently, watched the young master’s hand land on Lu Xiaoshan’s head, watched the young master stretch out his hand, and hug the three children in one breath.

In the video, the sun outside the car window had already set, and the magnificent sunset glowed on the body of the noble young master. The warm tones made this scene look very warm.

The video ended here, looking at the blacked-out screen, Bai Zhi lowered his eyes, picked up the cold black tea in the cup, with the cold glasses chain hanging down his face, he held the cup of black tea, and looked sideways at the thousands of lights outside the window.

The parliament building was located in the busiest area of the city. The neon lights on the ground were more dazzling than the sunset in the sky. It seemed that there was no dark side to this splendor.

After a long time, Tang Bai’s live broadcast account suddenly received a message from Bai Zhi: “I thought about it, although the red-light area topic is eye-catching, it is too extreme. Even if we have follow-up marketing in the future, this topic will have a certain negative impact on your account.”

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Tang Bai: “I just wanted to say this too!!!”

Tang Bai: [I think our topic scope can be expanded this time. Gland removal surgery is not only done by omegas in the red light district, but also many omegas who want to make money to support their families. They also perform gland removal surgery for their livelihood. If we don’t say these things, everyone won’t know, we should let more people pay attention to this point…]

Then Tang Bai saw the boss who had always been very businesslike with his trumpet…. Sent a smiling emoji package.

Bai Zhi: [Mmm [smile.jpg]]

Tang Bai’s typing hands suddenly trembled.

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