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After sending all the children home, it was completely dark. Tang Bai recalled those children’s shabby houses, food for the night, and restrained parents, and his heart felt as heavy as a stone.

The last time Xie Ruheng and Tang Bai came to the slums, his attention was more on the mysterious black market, immersed in the sense of dislocation between the real world and the world in the book, rather than the people struggling at the bottom.

Tang Bai shot a lot of material this time. The material was basically interviews with children, all of which had been approved by the children. Although the slums did not allow people to shoot red-light districts, underground arenas, and black markets, they could still not hide the food and clothing of the people at the bottom.

Tang Bai planned to cut these materials into videos and post them on the Internet after returning home.

“Here we are.” Xie Ruheng parked the car and looked at the tired Tang Bai, “Are you hungry? Eat some snacks to fill your belly, and I will make something for you later.”

Tang Bai: “!!!”

Tang Bai regained his energy all of a sudden, he had not tasted Xie Ruheng’s craft yet!

Xie Ruheng’s house was upstairs from Mr. Ling, the decoration style was very simple, it was the coldest style among all the omega rooms that Tang Bai had seen.

Marble floor tiles, white walls with no wallpaper or paint, no pillows on the sofa in the living room, and a bunch of withered flowers on the coffee table.

“Those children gave it to me.” Seeing Tang Bai looking at the dried flowers in the glass, Xie Ruheng explained.

“It’s a pity for flowers of thanks to end up like this. Next time, I can make dried flower bookmarks, so that the beauty of the flowers will not be wasted~” Tang Bai looked at this too deserted room, and said with a smile: “Brother Xie, the walls of your house are very beautiful. They are so clean, it makes my hands itchy. The walls of our house are all hand-painted gaudily by me.”

This was the first time Xie Ruheng had heard Tang Bai mention his home, a place that made people feel good with just a few words.

“Can you eat tomato and egg noodles?” There were not many things in the refrigerator, so he could only cook this dish.

“I can eat it!” Tang Bai followed Xie Ruheng into the kitchen. The kitchen was very new, and it looked like it was rarely used. The owner had carefully folded the dishcloth into a small tofu cube that looked almost brand new.

Xie Ruheng refused to let Tang Bai help, Tang Bai just stood aside and watched eagerly, thinking that the live broadcast would start soon, Tang Bai decided to take a shower first, he ran around the slums for a long time today, and he didn’t know where he was rubbed with dust.

“Brother Xie, can I borrow your bathroom and your clothes?”

Xie Ruheng, who was cutting tomatoes, almost cut his own hand, “…what?”

The words that made people think about it too much were simply the ultimate move of green tea teasers, making Xie Ruheng’s heart beat violently, and he didn’t know how to react for a while.

Tang Bai blinked his eyes, “I want to take a bath, and I want to borrow Brother Xie’s clothes to wear.” He said it confidently, after all, it was quite normal for good girlfriends to exchange clothes.

But Brother Xie might not be used to lending clothes to others? Seeing Xie Ruheng’s hesitant expression, Tang Bai quickly said: “It doesn’t matter if I continue wearing this outfit.”

“No, it is comfortable to wear clean clothes, and I will help you wash these clothes.”

Tang Bai nodded sweetly: “Thank you, bro~”

Xie Ruheng’s temples throbbed suddenly, and the knowledge points in the strategy class appeared in his mind. The enemy retreated and advanced, so you also had to advance and retreat accordingly. When he was unprepared, Tang Bai boldly attacked him and caught him by surprise. When he hesitated and was indecisive, Tang Bai made another tactical retreat that quickly shook his army’s morale.

The tricks this time were enough to load the classic tactics of green tea…

Green tea tips12: Bold attack, tactical retreat, grasp the ambiguity in the push-pull combination.

Walking to Xie Ruheng’s bedroom, Tang Bai found that there were various books related to the founding marshal on the bookshelf in the bedroom, such as “Quotations of the Marshal” and “The First Star Cluster”, the books were arranged according to the height and width, and Tang Bai surrounded the idol in a strange mood idol.

No, in the future, my brother Xie will also publish a book, such as the memoirs of the marshal, I will buy a basket too!

Tang Bai, who suddenly ignited a strange desire to win, thought so.

“My clothes might be too big for you.” Xie Ruheng opened the closet to pick up a piece of clothing, and suddenly heard Tang Bai’s “poof” laughter.

Xie Ruheng turned around and saw Tang Bai laughing so hard that two dimples had popped out, “I just saw the dishcloth in the kitchen and wondered, Brother Xie, did you fold everything that can be stacked into tofu cubes? Sure enough, Hahahahahaha…”

Having laughed enough, Tang Bai poked Xie Ruheng’s shoulder with his finger, his eyebrows curved: “Brother Xie, you are so cute~”

The finger moved away from his shoulder, and hooked away the shirt in Xie Ruheng’s hand, “It can be used as a sexy boyfriend’s shirt if you are older~”

At this moment, Xie Ruheng’s heart seemed to be hooked away by this slender and tender finger.

After Tang Bai took a shower, he changed into Xie Ruheng’s shirt. The shirt was large in size and the length just reached his thigh. It was loose and comfortable to wear, and he didn’t even need to wear pants.

Moreover, the shirt was soaked with undried water stains in several places, revealing some imaginative curves in the haze.

Xie Ruheng, who was thinking too much and was about to crash: “…”

Xie Ruheng pretended to be calm and said: “You, it’s not appropriate for you to not wear pants in front of me.”

Tang Bai who was wiping his wet hair with a towel: “?”

Tang Bai frankly said, “Brother Xie, what are you so shy about? Don’t I have what you have?”

It sounded right to say that, but as an alpha, Tang Bai did have everything Xie Ruheng had.

But what Tang Bai had, he didn’t have!!!!!!!

Xie Ruheng’s Adam’s apple rolled, trying not to look at the slender and clean legs: “But…”

Tang Bai put down the towel and said confidently: “And we are good friends!”

Even if two good sisters take a bath together, it’s normal!

Alas, Wuli is good at everything, but he is too shy and reserved!

In fact, this was also understandable, because Brother Xie had pretended to be A for so many years and had no experience with omega sisters. AA and AA would never go to the bathroom hand in hand, but omegas could still go to the bathroom together hand in hand!

When the time came, should he ask Brother Xie to take a bath together?

Tang Bai came up with a list of omega sisters’ activities in his mind, and he was going to arrange for Xie Ruheng every one of them when he had time!

Xie Ruheng heard the green tea standard good friend quotes: “…”

Looking at Xie Ruheng’s cooked noodles, Tang Bai took a deep breath and said, “It smells so good!”

This tomato and egg noodles was a simple home-cooked dish. Xie Ruheng’s level was also average. The scrambled eggs were a bit old. Although the noodles were not so juicy, they were not so bad.

But none of this was important, the important thing was that this bowl of noodles was made by Xie Ruheng!

My idol personally fed me to eat!!!

Tang Bai picked up the noodles and eggs and took a big mouthful with satisfaction. With the warm tomato and egg flavor, Tang Bai blew a rainbow fart: “Brother Xie, the noodles you made are really delicious! One bite will relieve the fatigue of the whole day. Lah~”

The loose neckline exposed Tang Bai’s delicate collarbone, Xie Ruheng lowered his head in pain, and saw his sweetheart’s smooth and slender legs dangling under the table, and the bud-like toes were still raised mischievously when he spoke.

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Xie Ruheng covered his eyes in pain, “I’m a little sleepy, so I’ll close my eyes first.”

Tang Bai said empathetically, “Brother Xie, can you go and lie down on the bed?”

When he came out, Tang Bai was full and lay on the sofa rubbing his belly. Seeing Xie Ruheng coming out, Tang Bai obediently showed the back of his neck, and said softly, “Brother Xie, come and take a look~”

Xie Ruheng: “…”

Stop flirting, no matter how flirtatious you really are…

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