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Mi Wan came back to the hospital at eight o’clock in the evening, holding a thermos cup in her hand, which contained the medicine she had just made.

In the ward, Dean Liu seemed to be talking to Mi Shao. The sixteen-year-old boy’s face was pale and his eyes were full of anxiety. Butler Ye was also talking, but Mi Wan couldn’t hear him, so she opened the door and walked in.

Seeing someone coming in, all three of them turned their heads and looked over.

“Sister.” When Mi Shao saw Mi Wan, his anxiety seemed to have found a target, and he walked over a few steps, looking at his sister eagerly. He didn’t know what’s wrong, but it seemed that since his sister lost weight, she had gained a trustworthy sense of calmness.

“What’s wrong?” Mi Wan asked.

“Sister, Dean Liu said that elder brother’s situation is very strange. He called all the experts in the hospital for consultation, but they couldn’t find the reason for elder brother’s coma.” Mi Shao said in fear, “Sister, nothing really happened to elder brother, right?”

“Don’t worry about that. Although Mr. Mi is unconscious, his life is not in danger.” Seeing what Mi Shao said, Dean Liu quickly comforted him.

“But you couldn’t find out the reason why my elder brother was in a coma.” Mi Shao said.

“Well, our hospital will do our best to treat him. I have sent Mr. Mi’s medical records to major hospitals across the country. I believe there will be news soon.” Dean Liu said.

“Thanks for your hard work.” Mi Wan knew that the hospital couldn’t find out the reason for her elder brother’s coma even if experts from all over the world were invited here, so she didn’t ask any more questions, but just thanked him for his hard work.

“It should be so, I have to go to work beforehand.” Dean Liu said, nodded to several people, turned and left the ward.

“Sister, do you think we should call and tell our parents?” Mi Shao asked anxiously, if something really happened to his elder brother, he should notify his parents who were recuperating abroad as soon as possible.

Tell their parents? Mi Wan thought about her father whose heart ached because he got to know that his daughter was taking drugs, and went abroad for half a year to recuperate, so she stopped Mi Shao from making such an impulsive decision. He waited until one was cured, and then another went down again.

“No.” Mi Wan turned to Butler Ye and said, “Uncle Ye, you haven’t eaten yet. I’m here, so take Xiao Shao out for something to eat.”

“Yes, miss.” Butler Ye agreed with a sound, then he turned to Mi Shao and said, “Young master, let’s go out for dinner first.”

Mi Shao nodded and left with Butler Ye reluctantly.

As soon as the two left, Mi Wan unscrewed the thermos in her hand, and in an instant, the whole ward was filled with the fragrance of flowers. The fragrance curled up into the nasal cavity along with the breath, and after a while, the person who was still unconscious even after being tossed all afternoon slowly opened his eyes.

“Are you awake?”

Mi Yan turned his head blankly and saw that Mi Wan was standing beside his bed holding a thermos cup, and the refreshing aroma was emanating from the thermos cup.

“What’s wrong with me?” Mi Yan sat up slowly, glanced around, from the furnishings in the room, it could be seen that he was hospitalized.

“You had a headache in the afternoon and fainted.” Mi Wan said.

Passed out? Mi Yan frowned, although he had been plagued by headaches, but he had never felt so dizzy: “What time is it?”

“Ten past eight.” Mi Wan replied.

“I was in a coma for six hours?” Mi Yan remembered that he had a phone call with his assistant before he passed out, and it was just after two o’clock at that time.

“Here, drink it.” Mi Wan handed over the thermos in her hand.

“What kind of tea did you bring? It smells good.” Mi Yan took it subconsciously. He had long felt that the aroma in the cup was extremely pleasant. Now that he was holding it in his hand, he couldn’t help but inhale deeply again.

“This is not tea, this is the medicine you bought for 4.44 million.” Mi Wan said, “You suddenly fainted, so I worked overtime to help you refine the medicine, but don’t worry, I won’t ask for any expedited fee.”

Mi Yan glanced at his sister and said, “Is this medicine?”


“If I get a headache again after drinking it, you have to double the 4.44 million and return it to me.” Mi Yan glanced at the tea in the thermos cup, and there were a few pale pink petals floating on it. He couldn’t tell what kind of flower it was by the shape of it, but the thermos must be filled with scented tea.

“Why do I have to pay back double?” Mi Wan wondered.

Mi Yan raised his head and took a sip of the tea, feeling a rush of fresh air rushing straight to his forehead, which made him feel completely refreshed. He couldn’t help but bow his head and take another sip before answering: “The contract cannot be fulfilled, of course you must pay liquidated damages.”

“Are you a human being, even your own sister is cheated.” There were still liquidated damages?

“If the medicine doesn’t work, then you’re cheating me. You’re cheating your brother first, so what’s wrong with me cheating my sister?” It seemed that the tea suited his taste very much, and the expression on Mi Yan’s face was full of joy.

Mi Wan glanced at her elder brother’s temple and found that the stubborn pink demon power had gradually dissipated under the action of the medicine and disappeared after a while. Mi Yan no longer had the pale face he had when he just woke up. Under the nourishment of the camellia’s demonic power, Mi Yan gradually recovered his vitality, his face became rosy, and his eyes turned bright.

“Don’t worry, the medicine I made will definitely cure the disease.” Mi Wan said confidently, not to mention that Lin Manyu only used her mother’s power to perform this entanglement technique, despite that Lin Manyu was a half-demon, so with the blessing of her spiritual power, the disease would surely be cured.

“I think it was you who made the tea.” Seeing that after he woke up, he saw Mi Wan alone, Mi Yan couldn’t help asking, “Where is Xiao Shao? Why don’t I see him?”

“Oh, you suddenly fainted and scared him quite a lot, he cried all afternoon, so I just asked Butler Ye to take him out for dinner.” After Mi Wan cheated her elder brother, she continued to cheat her younger brother.

Mi Yan frowned, of course he wouldn’t believe that Mi Shao cried because he passed out, but from Mi Wan’s description, it was not difficult to see that he should have been in a very dangerous situation after passing out in the afternoon.

“And this, return it to you.” Mi Wan took out a silver men’s watch from her pocket and put it on the bedside cabinet.

Mi Yan turned his head and took a look, it was as if he was not surprised that his lost watch appeared in his younger sister’s hand, in fact he just said lightly: “I thought you had already sold it.”

Mi Wan was startled: “You knew that I took your watch?”

Mi Yan didn’t say anything, just put down the thermos in his hand, picked up the watch and put it on his wrist.

Since he didn’t answer her own question, Mi Wan didn’t continue to ask, but just muttered: “Anyway, I’ll give it back to you.” It could be regarded as returning the property to the original owner on behalf of his sister.

“You have changed a lot.” Mi Yan said suddenly.

Mi Wan’s heart skipped a beat, and she smiled awkwardly after a while: “Did I get better or worse?”

“Whether you get better or worse, you are my sister.” Mi Yan said.

Mi Wan’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and an emotion that didn’t belong to her overflowed from the bottom of her heart. The original owner’s painful experience during drug rehabilitation and Mi Yan’s cold words flashed in her mind like a slideshow: As long as people don’t die, they are not allowed to come back.

“Didn’t you dislike me back then?” Because of the original owner’s emotions, these words brought a strong resentment with them.

“That’s right, I despised you, I despised you for being stupid, I despised you for being spineless, I despised you for being inferior, I despised you for being fat…”

“It’s enough!” Mi Wan couldn’t bear it.

“But you can’t take drugs.” Mi Yan continued, “It doesn’t matter how stupid you are, but you can’t take drugs. I sent you to the Molin Villa, just to cut off all your escape routes, and to let you understand that you had committed suicide. And for that, there was a price to be paid, so that you may grow up a bit.”

“Weren’t you afraid that I would really die?” Mi Wan couldn’t help asking, for both herself and the original owner.

“If I had let it go, you would have injected yourself to death in a short time.” When Mi Yan took Butler Ye to find Mi Wan in the apartment, there were injection needles all over the floor. Mi Wan had used a very large dose. In addition, she was fat and her health was bad, so the doctor told them directly when she was sent to the hospital that if she didn’t quit drugs as soon as possible, Mi Wan won’t live long.

Mi Wan fell silent, she didn’t want to comment on Mi Yan’s actions, but the lingering resentment in her heart calmed down quietly.

“I still have something to do, so I’ll go first, remember to drink up all the medicine.” Mi Wan turned to leave.

“Congratulations, you have successfully detoxified.”

Mi Wan turned her head and saw Mi Yan leaning on the head of the bed, holding the watch on his wrist with his fingers, as he said softly, “I’m proud of you.”

Mi Wan smiled, her eyes were a little moist, the original owner waited a lifetime for these words, but in the end she still couldn’t hear them.

After leaving the hospital, Mi Wan’s cell phone rang suddenly, beeping, as if many messages were sent together.

Sparrow Spirit: Boss, I heard you killed a half-demon?

Xiang Zhen: Did you kill the half-demon?

Guan Li: Sister, did you kill a half-demon?

The news spread quite quickly, even the three of them knew?

Mi Wan didn’t hide it and answered them together: Hmm!

Sparrow: I’m sorry, boss, what are you doing, was there surveillance around? Is there any proof? If not, definitely don’t admit it.

Xiang Zhen: Aren’t you treating demons? Why did you kill a demon again? The demon tribe has already complained to the association.

Guan Li: Sister, the half-demon you killed seems to be the direct descendant of the patriarch of the Hua Clan. The patriarch of the Hua Clan is a seventh-level peak monster. She is the most protective, you have to be careful.

Was the camellia demon the only one with the background?

Mi Wan continued to bow her head and reply: Kill them all, whenever I like.

The three of them came back with a string of ellipses at the same time, and it was so uniform that Mi Wan wanted to make a group for them.

The group was speechless, and the three of them sent messages to Mi Wan respectively.

Sparrow Spirit: Boss, our hospital has only been open for five days, I don’t want to lose my job [crying emoticon package].

Xiang Zhen: The president has already sent someone to arrest you. If you can’t escape, don’t say I leaked it.

Guan Li: If you need help, I can go to our patriarch. He has some friendship with the elders of the Hua clan.

Just as Mi Wan was about to reply, three people suddenly surrounded her, two men and one woman, the men were about fifty years old, and the woman was about thirty years old, seeing Mi Wan raise her head, the woman in the middle asked: “You are Mi Wan? “

“What do you need me for?” Mi Wan asked.

“We belong to the Demon Hunters Association.” The woman showed something similar to a certificate, quickly passed it in front of Mi Wan and put it away, and then continued, “Because you violated the agreement between the monsters and killed the half-demon Lin Manyu, now, please go back to the association for investigation.”

“What if I don’t go?” Mi Wan asked.

The spiritual power of the three people in front of them surged instantly and surrounded Mi Wan in a three-sided attack situation.

Sixth-level demon hunters, all three, Bai Feng really treated her as a big deal. Mi Wan smiled, raised her phone and said, “Just kidding, I’ll send you a message and I’ll go with you.”

Mi Wan lowered her head and sent a message to Butler Ye, saying that she had something to do so she would go to live with her classmate tonight, and then put away her mobile phone and the three left.

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