TBVSR Ch. 57: Recommendation Letter

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The school re-issued Qiu Li a scholarship of 80,000 yuan, and at the same time paid an additional 15,000 yuan for breach of contract, and announced the result on the official campus Weibo, which calmed down the anger of netizens a little.

Huo Cheng had been a professional cheater for a hundred years. But because of the negative impact of this violent incident, the stock of Huo’s real estate company had fallen by more than ten points, and the cooperation with many enterprise groups had also been forced to be shelved.

After all, the prince of Huo’s Real Estate company participated in campus violence and kept saying that killing people was not illegal. This kind of notoriety once spread, no matter how powerful and capitalized an enterprise was, it couldn’t bear it.

In a society ruled by law, capital could never be above the law.

Huo Cheng couldn’t stay in school anymore, and was forced to suspend school indefinitely, in fact he might not even be able to stay in the country, so he could only be sent abroad.

In mid-March, he went back to school for the last time to pack his things.

The students stood in the corridor and watched him curiously.

Huo Cheng was wearing black clothes and a peaked cap. His appearance had become much more dejected, and his cheeks were visibly thinner.

Obviously, during this period of time, he had experienced hellish torture and torment, and he no longer had the arrogant and domineering personality of the past.

The classmates looked at him from afar, discussing in low voices, their eyes filled with disdain.

Huo Cheng lowered the brim of his hat, went back to the classroom to clear his desk, and then went to the Academic Affairs Office to go through the formalities for suspension from school.

Tao Anxin had already been waiting for a long time by the stairs leading out of the teaching building.

Everyone thought that Tao Anxin would comfort Huo Cheng, after all… Huo Cheng was very generous to her in the past.

Ever since Huo Cheng got together with her, she wore… all of them were famous brands, even the sneakers on her feet were very expensive trendy brands.

Everyone expected to see a touching parting scene, but unexpectedly, Tao Anxin walked up to Huo Cheng, and the first thing she said was: “Huo Cheng, let’s break up.”

There was no expression on Huo Cheng’s face, but a cold grin at the corner of his mouth.

Tao Anxin said righteously: “Huo Cheng, I have been in pain these days. I cannot accept that you bullied other classmates. Each of us should treat others equally, no matter rich or poor. So, I hope you will go through this and learn this lesson, and you can repent and become a better version of yourself.”

After speaking like a moral model, Tao Anxin looked around at the other students, as if she hoped to gain appreciation and admiration from their faces.

However, she didn’t get what she wanted, and instead heard the students whisper, “It’s too pretentious.”

“Someone said she was a white lotus before, but I still didn’t believe it.”


No one was a fool, even if Huo Cheng had done so many stinky things, he had not done anything wrong to Tao Anxin, even now, so it was never Tao Anxin’s turn to teach him a lesson.

There was a sharp smile on the corner of Huo Cheng’s mouth: “Are you done?”

“Well, I want to break up with you…”

Before her words finished, there was a “slap”, and Huo Cheng gave her a crisp slap, making half of Tao Anxin’s face turn numb. She tilted her head, covered her face, looked at Huo Cheng in disbelief, and said angrily, “You… hit me?”

It didn’t matter if he exposed his nature or not now.

He looked at Tao Anxin coldly, and said: “Want to draw a clear line with me? It’s impossible in this life.”

“What are you talking about!”

“I said, you won’t be able to escape in this life.” Huo Cheng grabbed her by the clothes collar, and pulled her closer to him: “I spent so much money on you, and you just want to get rid of the relationship with a few words? Is there such a good thing? Keep on dreaming.”

There was fear in Tao Anxin’s eyes, she seemed really scared, and she stammered, “I…I can return these clothes, these bags to you…”

“What do I want these old clothes for.”

Huo Cheng looked at her fiercely: “Listen to me, in this life, you don’t ever want to leave my side…”

After finishing speaking, he unceremoniously shook off her collar and left angrily.

Jiang Yu on the second floor looked at Tao Anxin who had fallen to the ground from a distance.

This scene was so familiar, as if in reincarnation, Tao Anxin and her had exchanged scripts, and now it was Tao Anxin’s turn to experience Jiang Yu’s miserable life in her previous life.

The fulfilling life in the second semester of the third year of high school, with Huo Cheng’s suspension of school, slowly raised the curtain.

In the past six months, Esmera had arranged special courses for senior high school students. They didn’t need to train at ordinary times, and only needed to go to special training classes on weekends, leaving loose time for senior high school students to prepare for the college entrance exam.

Jiang Yu’s learning cells were not well-developed, and her grades were very average, but fortunately she had a boyfriend with a high IQ.

With such a result, he could choose any key university in China.

This made Jiang Manyi very happy. Since when could her own daughter be so successful!

Now when she called Qiu Li, she didn’t even call him by name, and she just called “my son-in-law” like this…

Jiang Yu corrected her a few times helplessly, then she simply let her be.

Although her grades were not a problem for her to be admitted to key universities in the country, in order to stay in Esmera, her options were very limited, and she could only choose universities in the city of Beicheng.

As for the best university in Beicheng City and the best university in the country, Beicheng University, her grades were still far behind. Only the top ten in her grade were eligible to be admitted to Beicheng University.

But it was not hopeless. The Art Department of Beicheng University had a ballet major, and some art students could be admitted with a reduced score.

Self-enrolment did not require an art test, but a very important letter of recommendation was required.

Only instructors and artists like Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi of Esmera Art Center were qualified to write this letter of recommendation.

In Esmera’s office, Bai Shuyi stood in front of the transparent trophy glass cabinet, with her back to her, and she said indifferently: “It’s not that I can’t write a letter of recommendation, but there are conditions.”

Jiang Yu knew that she had given Shen Aoqing a letter of recommendation and to Wen Lun as well, but for herself, she didn’t have much hope for it.

The blatant confrontation last time offended Bai Shuyi enough. In this case, she was afraid that only a living Bodhisattva would write a letter of recommendation to Jiang Yu.

Bai Shuyi was not a living Bodhisattva.

Jiang Yu asked, “What’s the condition?”

Bai Shuyi turned her head, lifted her chin, and glanced at her, “It’s the same as I asked you before, you apologize for what you insisted on, and promise that in the future, you will listen to the teacher’s words and treat me well, and don’t take that path anymore.”

Don’t take Bu Tanyan’s path anymore.

Jiang Yu really didn’t expect that Bai Shuyi would be so persistent in this kind of thing.

Weren’t she and Bu Tanyan good friends before when Bu Tanyan was alive? Why did she have to force her to admit that Bu Tanyan’s dance path was wrong?

“Teacher Bai, I’m afraid I can’t do it.”

The last time she faced the threat of being expelled from school on stage, she couldn’t do it; she couldn’t do it all the more now.

She didn’t know Bu Tanyan, but she was the only reason why she fell in love with ballet. Jiang Yu couldn’t betray her original intention.

Bai Shuyi thought that she was determined to fight her to the end, and said coldly: “Jiang Yu, should I say you are smart or stupid? For a dead person, you can even give up your own future.”

“Then Ms. Bai, why did you force me to bow my head for a dead person?”

“I’m not forcing you to bow your head. I’m just teaching you how to be a good ballet dancer. This is my responsibility, as a teacher.”

Jiang Yu narrowed her eyes and did not answer, she didn’t know what kind of feud Bai Shuyi and Bu Tanyan had, so that after so many years, she still held such a grudge.

Or maybe, Bai Shuyi was right, she was just doing her duty as a teacher.

Jiang Yu was not an obedient and good student.

The moment Jiang Yu turned to go out, Bai Shuyi said: “When you figure it out, then come to ask me for a recommendation letter. You only have less than half a month.”

Jiang Yu walked out of the office and stood by the French window, looking at the towering camphor trees and green lawns.

Beicheng University, a top-ranking prestigious school in the country, it was not that she hadn’t been shaken by such a temptation…

But she just couldn’t open her mouth.

Forget it, she will take the exam according to her ability, there were still two months at best, she would work hard, get admitted to other universities in Beicheng, give Jiang Manyi an explanation for so many years of hard parenting, and give herself a good starting point.

Jiang Yu walked out of the hall of the Academic Affairs Building of the Art Center, there she saw Xue Jiayi standing on the edge of the stairs basking in the sun, while glancing at her lazily, “You didn’t get the recommendation letter?”

Jiang Yu nodded.

It was expected for her not to get a recommendation letter, but it was an accident if she actually git it.

Xue Jiayi wore a black close-fitting lace wrap dress, which outlined her graceful figure. She walked slowly to Jiang Yu’s side, and Jiang Yu smelled the faint scent of perfume on her body.

“I can write you a letter of recommendation.”

Jiang Yu suddenly looked up at her, never expecting that Xue Jiayi would be willing to help her.

For Esmera’s Beicheng division, only the recommendation letters of two teachers, Xue Jiayi and Bai Shuyi, were eligible.

But what Jiang Yu thought was that even if she had offended Bai Shuyi before, the chances of Bai Shuyi writing her a recommendation letter might be much higher than Xue Jiayi’s.

At least, Bai Shuyi had a decent style and a good reputation.

But Xue Jiayi’s evaluation in Esmera was very bad.

First of all, she was jealous and liked to sneer at students; secondly, she had a very bad temper, and girls were often scolded by her so that they ran out of the classroom crying; finally, when she was young, she wrote curse words on the bottom of the shoes of her idol Bu Tanyan, this made Jiang Yu have always had a bad impression of Xue Jiayi… With such a teacher, Jiang Yu didn’t even need to ask, how could she be merciful and write her a letter of recommendation?

“Teacher Xue, are there any conditions?”

“Of course there are conditions. I am not a living Bodhisattva who takes pleasure in helping others.”

“Then…please tell me.”

Xue Jiayi looked at Jiang Yu, her bright red lips twitching: “This year’s Midsummer Night Ball is also the “Chief Tutor Re-evaluation Competition” which is held every three years. Although it is said that this is a competition for the chief tutor, the ones performing on stage are not the tutors, but the students.”

Jiang Yu calmly listened to Xue Jiayi’s words, and did not interrupt her.

“Your Teacher Bai, Bai Shuyi, the reason why she has been able to occupy the position of Esmera’s chief tutor for so many years is because every class of students she leads can help her win this competition.”

She said: “And this year, her students Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun are also very strong.”

“So Teacher Xue wants to…”

Xue Jiayi looked at Jiang Yu with a burning light in her eyes, “Jiang Yu, I want you to be my apprentice. At the Midsummer Night’s Ball, defeat Shen Aoqing and Wen Lun and win this match!”

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