TBVSR Ch. 58.1: Beicheng University

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In April, spring was warm and flowers were blooming, while the warblers were flying and grass was growing.

At the gate of Beicheng University, Qiu Li stopped his motorcycle and took off the helmet from Jiang Yu’s head.

Beicheng University was a century-old prestigious school. The school gate was relatively low-key, with a security booth and a car stall. The school gate was made of black marble.

The words “Beicheng University” was also the engraving of the words written by calligraphy masters from modern China.

After entering the campus, towering ginkgo trees were planted on both sides of the road. The branches and leaves of the ginkgo trees were densely stacked, making it difficult for sunlight to penetrate, and occasionally a few mottled light spots appear on the ground.

Today was the last day for independent art recruitment from the art department of Beicheng University. Jiang Yu stood in front of the art building with a letter of recommendation from Xue Jiayi, looking very nervous.

Qiu Li carefully stroked the bangs on her forehead, and said slowly: “Don’t argue with the teacher, just listen to the advice I give you, and don’t refute.”

“Close the door.”


“When you see the dean or the leader, don’t call them titles, they should all be called teachers.”

Jiang Yu saw that he was talking endlessly: “Oh my god, when did it become Qiu Li’s turn to tell me to be polite?”

Qiu Li pinched her little nose and pushed her into the building: “I’m roaming around, call me after you’re done.”


Jiang Yu took a deep breath to calm down her tension, feeling sad, she walked into the gate of the Art Academy.

Qiu Li squinted his eyes and looked at the time on the big clock in the library opposite. It was now 8:30 in the morning. It was estimated that it would take not more than two hours for the admissions examination to end.

He locked his motorcycle and wandered along the side of the road, passing a public map signpost.

The campus layout of North City University was square, with colleges arranged side by side, located in different districts of the school.

Qiu Li saw the School of Physics, which was located by the lake in the southwest of Beicheng University.

His heart moved, and he walked over involuntarily.

A few minutes later, he stood in front of the red wall building of the School of Physics.

In his memory, his mother, whom he hadn’t seen for more than ten years, should work in this building.

A few youthful college students came out of the building with schoolbags on their backs, holding models in their hands, and were discussing the problems of mechanical movement.

Qiu Li looked at them with some envy.

Maybe they were his mother’s students, maybe they even took her class.

Qiu Li stood in front of the door for a few minutes, then he finally made up his mind, and walked in with large strides.

In fact, at the beginning, he was just curious and wanted to see what his mother’s usual working place looked like.

But the desires seemed to never end. When he came here, he thought… maybe his mother was in this building now, if he could see her from a distance…

Qiu Li walked into the physics building with heavy steps.

Passing the mirror by the gate, Qiu Li looked at himself in the mirror.

Not messy, very clean.

Today, he was accompanying Jiang Yu to the interview. He deliberately wore a new light-coloured loose sweater and straight black trousers, which made him look like a well-behaved student.

Mom should like me like this.

Qiu Li rearranged his clothes, smoothed out the wrinkles, and went upstairs.

The building was relatively old so there was no elevator. There were potted pine plants at the corners of the steps on each floor, which gave a very bookish aura.

Qiu Li came to the office area on the second floor, and saw signs hanging on the door of each office, such as counsellor’s office, teaching and research office, classroom lounge, administrative office and so on.

He walked around the corridors of the office area, but couldn’t find the familiar figure in his memory.

Qiu Li could no longer remember his mother’s appearance clearly. When he was in junior high school, he learned that his mother was a professor in the Department of Physics of Beicheng University, so he went to the official website of Beicheng University to search for information about his mother.

Over the years, photos of his mother winning prizes, her figure in promotional posters, and even videos of online classes…he collected them all, and pieced together his mother’s appearance bit by bit in his memory.

There were several teachers having a break in the classroom lounge, and there were even several female teachers of the same age, but none of them were his mother.

Qiu Li searched around, but couldn’t find his mother. With a touch of disappointment in his heart, he returned to the hall on the first floor.

But at this moment, a woman with a neat bun entered the physics building.

The shirt and small suit on her body were tailored, and the A-line skirt outlined her soft curves. With a lesson plan in hand, she walked in with sonorous steps.

Qiu Li’s heart constricted.

It’s… Mom.

Ren Xian passed by Qiu Li and was a little surprised to see him staring at her so directly, and then said: “The classroom is here, class is about to start, where are you going?”

Qiu Li didn’t react, and was a little startled.

Ren Xian walked a few steps, saw that he hadn’t followed, and said, “Let’s go, class is about to begin.”

He immediately realized that his mother should regard him as her student.

She didn’t recognize him at all…

That’s right, how old was he when she left.

Qiu Li was disappointed, but he was relieved.

Fortunately, she didn’t recognize him, otherwise he really didn’t know how to end it.

He was not ready to see his mother at all, the reason why he came here was just to take a look from a distance, and it was enough to have a look.

With an empty mind, Qiu Li followed her like a robot to the lecture theatre at the end of the third floor.

The classroom was already full of students, after Qiu Li entered, he simply sat in the last row of the classroom, taking his seat in an empty corner.

Ren Xian taught basic physics, because Qiu Li only had high school physics knowledge, so he could understand part of the content of Ren Xian’s class, combined with the physics principles learned in high school, he took out the notebook he carried with him, and carefully made notes like a Xueba.

Ren Xian’s classroom atmosphere was very active, it could be seen that the students liked her very much.

She had a sense of humour that did not match her age, her manners were very elegant, her conversation was also elegant, and her voice was also very tasteful. Even if it was just a boring knowledge point, she would not let people feel dizzy or have a drowsy feeling.

In her classroom, the students spoke very actively, and the students who did not speak concentrated on taking notes. The atmosphere was particularly good.

The time of one class passed quickly, the bell rang for the end of class, and the students walked out of the classroom one after another.

Qiu Li didn’t leave right away. He looked at Ren Xian who was packing up notebooks and lesson plans from a distance across the huge lecture theatre, with reluctance and nostalgia in his eyes.

Before leaving, Ren Xian glanced at him and said with a smile, “Are you not here for class?”

“I… yes.”

“No wonder, you didn’t bring any books with me. I was going to criticize you.” Ren Xian laughed, her eyes were crooked, and there were sweet dimples on her cheeks.


“Which college are you from? Can you understand basic physics?”

“Not really.”

Qiu Li explained: “I… am a high school student. I’m going to take the college entrance examination this year, and I want to go to Beicheng University.”

“So that’s how it is. It seems that you came to attend the class ahead of time, and see if the teacher’s character meets your expectations?”

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