TBVSR Ch. 58.2: Beicheng University

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Ren Xian had a very cheerful personality, and she didn’t have the slightest air of being a teacher. She communicated with her students very cordially.

The corner of Qiu Li’s mouth slightly curved, and said, “The teacher is very kind, I have taken notes.”

After speaking, he reservedly handed the notebook in his hand to Ren Xian to read.

“You are very serious!” Ren Xian flipped through his notes, a trace of surprise flashed across her brows, he basically understood the content of her course, it was hard to imagine that this was an understanding that a high school student could have.

She gave him the notebook, and then solemnly asked him: “Are you interested in applying for the physics major of Beicheng University?”

“I… plan to apply for psychology.”

Hearing the word “psychology”, Ren Xian suddenly lost her mind for a few seconds, and then said: “Oh, psychology, our school’s psychology major is ranked among the top in the country, very good.”

Qiu Li immediately caught the strange look in Ren Xian’s eyes. He didn’t know if she thought of that terrifying demon father of his, or some memories about himself.

Ren Xian looked at the time and said: “Then I will go first. Yes, I wish you the gold list title in advance.”

“Thank you…”

When Ren Xian was about to leave the classroom, Qiu Li suddenly stopped her: “That…”

Ren Xian turned around and asked with a smile, “Is there anything else?” “

Qiu Li’s “Mom” had already reached his throat, but seeing her amiable face, he still… flinched.

Mom didn’t remember him at all.

Mom was fine now…

But he was not that good.

“I want to say goodbye, Ms. Ren.”


Ren Xian left with a smile, leaving him alone in the empty classroom.

Thinking that meeting his mother should have been a very happy event, but for some reason, Qiu Li couldn’t be happy.

Another indescribable sense of bewilderment enveloped his mind.

After so many years, did his mother even think of him occasionally?

Even if there was a trace of concern.

But why didn’t she come to him?

There were many cherry blossom trees planted on the campus of Beicheng University. It was the time when the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, so the campus had become a sea of pink flowers.

Qiu Li returned to the Academy of Art, Jiang Yu had already finished the interview, and had even been waiting for him for a long time.

He found her under a big cherry blossom tree.

The girl squatted on the ground, picking up the cherry blossoms with her slender white fingertips and pinning them in her hair, she took a selfie with her phone held in the other hand.

The wind passed by, and another big rain of pink cherry blossoms fluttered down beside her. Her thin hair were also scattered by the gust of flower wind, and it swept across her bright face indiscriminately.

Turning around, she saw Qiu Li behind her in the selfie camera.

Jiang Yu turned around and smiled brightly at him.

A gust of warm wind suddenly blew into Qiu Li’s lonely heart.

Jiang Yu threw away the petals in her hand, ran towards Qiu Li, jumped up and threw herself into his arms, “I passed! I succeeded! The teacher said that as long as my cultural class passes the line, I will pass the line. I can go to Beicheng University!”

Qiu Li caught her steadily, and being infected by her excitement, he picked her up, “It’s amazing.”

Jiang Yu put her arms around his neck, her eyes sparkled brightly: “If we are together in college, we may always be together in the future. You will have no chance to meet other girls.”

Qiu Li looked at the girl so close, with a soft and beautiful face, she smiled and said: “I have a sister, I am happy.”

“You can talk so much, then you can talk more.”

“Sister is so heavy.”

Jiang Yu pouted, jumped off his body, and didn’t bother to pay attention to him.

Qiu Li caught up with her, took her hand silently, and walked with her along the cherry blossom trail.

Jiang Yu saw that he seemed to have something on his mind, and asked, “Where did you go just now?”

He held his hand and said, “Then you saw it? Do you really regret it?”

“It’s true that I missed a lot, but I don’t regret it.”

Qiu Li said seriously: “In my eyes, light rain is the most beautiful scenery.”

Jiang Yu paused, covered his face and laughed, and pushed him away in disgust: “What a rustic love story, thanks to your seriousness…”

Seeing her laughing at him, Qiu Li was also a little embarrassed, he then chased behind her: “Don’t laugh.”

Jiang Yu turned around, looked at him with crooked eyebrows and a smile.

Seeing that she was still laughing at him, Qiu Li was really embarrassed, his cheeks turned red, he chased after her in two or three steps, and grabbed her hand: “Don’t mention it!”

“I have to…”

Qiu Li didn’t know what to do. Yes, he hugged her hard in his arms, tightened his grip, and threatened in a deep voice, “Let’s talk.”

“Xiao Yu is…”

Before he finished speaking, he lowered his head and bit her lip.

Jiang Yu opened her eyes wide, watching the young boy’s handsome facial features sticking close to her eyes, biting her hard and a little fiercely, so that her mouth hurt.

The little girl’s ears turned hot, and she subconsciously pushed him with her hand.

However, it didn’t work at all, and instead ignited his emotions.

He opened his eyes, hunting her, forcing her to meet his gaze.

Jiang Yu saw strong emotions in his eyes.

Still shouldn’t… make fun of him casually.

Jiang Yu put her hands on his chest, finally broke free from his entanglement, and muttered in a low voice: “You hurt me.”

Qiu Li pinched her chin, and lightly brushed her moist lower lip with his fingertips, his voice was deep and low: “Will sister still laugh at me?”

Jiang Yu was also stubborn, and said in a soft voice: “Just for this…you bully me like this, so I can’t make jokes in the future?”

Qiu Li’s cold lips stuck to the corner of her mouth, and pecked lightly: “You have bullied me for so long…”

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