TBVSR Ch. 59

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As the college entrance examination were approaching, the entrusted tasks of the [Knowledge] app suddenly became more frequent.

Mostly, the “Nearby People” function was triggered, and the clients were all classmates around Jiang Yu, some of whom she knew, and some of whom were unknown from other classes.

The regrets of these clients were basically related to the college entrance examination, some chose the wrong major, some missed their studies because of love, etc…

So in the last two months, Jiang Yu’s grades did not improve significantly, but the friends she met became more and more, her social life was getting richer and richer, and the invitations to watch movies and go shopping were much more than before.

Jiang Yu, who used to have very little to no presence on campus, became the most popular girl in the school, and her popularity soared.

Those people who liked Jiang Yu were basically her friends who had been helped by her and were especially devoted to her.

Every day after school, Qiu Li would pull Jiang Yu out from a group of classmates who wanted to invite Jiang Yu to drink milk tea or for dinner, and take her to the library by force to read and review.

“Even if you passed the art recruitment interview, your cultural score should not be too low. If you fail the cultural class, the gods will not be able to save you.”

Qiu Li carried her to the study room in a small cubicle where there was no one, and pressed her on a chair. Then he took out a bunch of review notes and exercise books, and stared at her to study: “Tomorrow is the three-mode provincial entrance examination, focus on it, see where you rank in the province, and know it by heart.”

“I know, I know.” Jiang Yu opened the exercise book, and said with a pen in her mouth, “I find that my boyfriend is getting less and less cool.”

Qiu Li sat on the side of the table, outlined the main points of the notes for her, and said “um” casually: “How cool do you want me to be?”

“Do you remember when we first met?” Jiang Yu took out big black-rimmed glasses from her schoolbag and put them on the bridge of her nose: “My boyfriend at that time wore sunglasses, and loved no one.”


Jiang Yu nodded, her glasses fell on the tip of her nose, and she looked at him with her long and narrow peach blossom eyes: “Now, like Tang Monk, he is nagging, nagging, nagging in my ears every day like a mosquito…”

Before she finished speaking, Jiang Yu felt that her waist was covered.

She looked down and saw the boy’s restless hand land on her slender waist.

Immediately afterwards, he lifted it vigorously, and Jiang Yu was forced to straighten up to meet him, and then he sealed her lips.

Jiang Yu opened her eyes wide, and glanced around from the corner of her eye.

The partition of the study room was very narrow, so no one else saw it, and the surrounding area was extremely quiet, only the sound of the students next door rustling and writing could be heard.

Qiu Li greedily plundered her mouth, as if trying to sweep everything away from her.

The notebook was wrinkled by her, and she finally found a gap to breathe. Jiang Yu quickly moved her face away, pressed her face against his neck, and gasped…

His sexy and mellow voice rang in her ears, “Would Tang Seng do this?”


She lost.

Jiang Yu pushed Qiu Li away, and gave him a hard look: “I said before, in school, you can’t always treat me like this…”

Qiu Li licked his lips, and said, “Well, there is no college entrance examination yet.”

“As long as you know it.”

“After the college entrance examination, can it be done?”

“What can be!”

He stood beside her, spread out the sketched notes, handed them to her, and leaned close to her ear, as he said softly: “I can do whatever I like.”


Jiang Yu lay down on the table, and said sternly: “If you keep doing this, I really can’t study anymore.”

Qiu Li smiled lightly, stopped teasing her, and opened the test paper to do the questions.

When Qiu Li played tricks, he looked very frivolous, gentle and scum.

However, when he was serious, he gave out a sense of stability and security.

His pitch-black eyes were focused on the matter in hand, without distraction, as if even if a meteor hit the earth and the world was destroyed, he would not raise his eyes.

“If my sister wants to keep looking at me, let’s stop wasting time in the library.”

Qiu Li didn’t look up, and said lightly: “We can find a room where no one is there, and I’ll let you take a good ‘look’ at me.”

Jiang Yu immediately looked away, pouting: “Who is looking at you.”

At this moment, her mobile phone dinged, and the [Knowledge] app service account sent a task message.

Qiu Li glanced at Jiang Yu dissatisfied, and told her with his eyes to focus on studying.

Jiang Yu hurriedly put her hands together and apologized, saying that she had to read the message.

[Knowledge]: Trigger the “nearby people” entrustment application, the reward is 10,000, do you accept the task?

Recently, Jiang Yu had basically accepted such tasks, the reward was not much, the difficulty was not too difficult, and sometimes even just a word was needed, and the task was completed.

Jiang Yu accepted the tasks as much as possible without affecting her studies. Because in the next training stage at the Esmera Art Center, various expenses were really indispensable, and she also needed to work hard to reduce the burden on her mother.

She glanced at Qiu Li, and quietly sent the text, “Accept the mission”.

Soon, a man named [Xiao Rui] added Jiang Yu’s friend information.

Jiang Yu: “May I help you?”

[Xiao Rui]: “Are you my classmate? Are you also studying in Yuxi Middle School?”

Jiang Yu: “Yes.”

So, the client named Xiao Rui sent a text of the assignment, “My name is Liu Wenrui, and I am a student in Class 5 of Senior Three. After tomorrow’s provincial entrance examination, I will be expelled from school. My dad couldn’t bear this incident, and passed away not long after due to illness. This is the greatest regret in my life. I hope you can help me to change the direction of my fate.”

Jiang Yu: “Why did you get banned after the provincial entrance exam? Expelled? Did you cheat on the exam?”

[Xiao Rui] sent a voice message to Jiang Yu: “My grades have never been very good, and I am at the lower middle level. It has been like this since I was a child. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get the ideal grades. My dad always thought I was useless. After entering high school, in order to prove that I was useful and not useless, I met a group of so-called ‘buddies’.”

Jiang Yu looked at Qiu Li again. Taking a sharp look, she saw that he was concentrating on solving the problem, and he didn’t seem to have noticed her small movements.

So, she quietly put on an earphone for herself, and listened to [Xiao Rui]’s voice narration, “I hung out with these so-called ‘buddies’, and I usually helped them with errands, homework, or exams, passing notes to them… I was willing to do these things for them, because they always ordered me, which made me feel that I had a little bit of use, and I am not a complete waste.”

“Until my father got sick and died because of me. Afterwards, I realized how naive my thoughts were at the time.”

“Before the provincial entrance examination, a good ‘buddy’ of mine called me and told me that there was an important e-sports competition, and there was no way to catch up and come back for the exam.”

“But if the family members know about the zero score, they will definitely not let him go, so he hoped that I could help him write his name on my own test paper, and help him make up for the lack of exams by being the scapegoat. I did exactly that.”

“Later, the school strictly investigated the absence of exams. If they could not give a valid reason, they would even be expelled on the grounds of ‘improper study style’. At that time, I found this good ‘buddy’ and asked him what to do, but he let me take the blame, saying that I helped him this time, and he will definitely repay me in the future. We are buddies for life.”

“So I gritted my teeth and didn’t ‘sell’ him out, and then I was expelled from the school. Because of this incident, Dad was so angry that he became ill and died not long after, and I have never had any contact with this so-called ‘buddy’. It is only now that I realize what a stupid mistake I made.”

“I hope you can stop me from making such a childish and ridiculous mistake.”

Jiang Yu had received too many such commissions in the past year, most of the clients had their thoughts temporarily short-circuited. As a result, they made a mistake and had a lifelong regret.

Jiang Yu didn’t think this [Xiao Rui] classmate was ridiculous.

In her previous life, didn’t she also take a wrong step, every step taken after that first step was wrong.

Now that she had the opportunity to redeem other people’s regrets, Jiang Yu would certainly do her best.

Jiang Yu: “I will do my best.”

[Xiao Rui]: “Thank you, I know the reward is not much, but this is all the money I can give.”

Jiang Yu: “It’s okay, it’s a matter of little effort.”

With a “pop”, Qiu Li put down the pen and looked at her unbearably: “Apart from dancing, all other things don’t have any weight in your heart.”

Jiang Yu froze for a moment, she didn’t expect Qiu Li to be so angry: “No…No.”

“It doesn’t matter to you whether you can get into North City University or not. You don’t care at all. As long as you can stay in Esmera, as long as you can continue dancing, it doesn’t matter which university you go to, whether you will be separated from me… It doesn’t matter.”


“Do you really think that you can pass the exam based on your current literacy class results? Or did you hope that you would not pass the exam from the beginning, so that… you can stay away from me.”


Jiang Yu understood, this guy just wanted to fight.

She looked at Qiu Li with faint anger on his brows, and all the emotions contained in those deep black eyes.

He was much more sensitive and unstable than other normal boys.

She couldn’t treat him like a normal boyfriend, and she might need to be even more careful and considerate.

“Qiu Li, I’m sorry.” Jiang Yu touched the back of his hand, patiently, and tried to comfort and apologize: “I’m reading carefully now, and I will not look at my phone, not even a glance…”

Qiu Li shook off her hand with a cold face, he put away the book, and by the way, also took away the notebook that he had written for her.

He was very serious about their future, so it was difficult for him to accept Jiang Yu’s perfunctory attitude.

Maybe the two were not equal from the beginning, Jiang Yu might like him, but she didn’t like him like he liked her.

And Qiu Li’s heart was very small, Jiang Yu was his everything, and he still hoped that he could occupy all the territory in her world.

But her heart was too big for him to occupy.

This was Qiu Li’s greatest embarrassment.

He was such a selfish person, his love was not fulfilment or wishing her happiness.

His love was to possess…

He wanted to completely enclose her in his own territory, paint the ground as a prison, and hide her.

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