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After finishing the filming of the second episode of “Terror City”, Jiang Zheng took a two-day break and went to a shooting base in the suburbs of Beijing to shoot the September cover of the magazine “Fashion”.

There were covers of fashion magazines every month, but only someone who had a high status in fashion and entertainment circles was eligible to be on the cover of the September issue. Top celebrities grabbed the September cover, and the next one grabbed the October cover, new year, March or anniversary cover. And the other weaker ones they would grab the ones from other months, and the bad ones won’t even be able to smell the exhaust of the issue.

When Jiang Zheng walked into the studio, Jin Sui, the editor-in-chief of “Fashion”, had already been waiting for a long time.

According to Han Yi, it was decided at the end of last year that she would shoot the September cover of “Fashion”. Other female stars were fighting for the cover of first-line fashion magazines, but Jiang Zheng didn’t need it because she was already too popular.

Last year, she posed for the cover of another first-line magazine, and the magazine was sold out in seconds. At the same time, many brand manufacturers heard that Jiang Zheng was going to be the cover girl, and they threw out advertisements without saying a word. No one had trouble with earning money. So, when Jin Sui saw the Goddess of Wealth coming, she naturally smiled like Maitreya Buddha.

Before coming there, Han Yi taught Jiang Zheng a lesson about who Jin Sui was. When she saw Jin Sui, she smiled and said, “Sui Sui, long time no see.”

She would be angry when others called Jin Sui or editor-in-chief Jin, but she was happy when she was called Sui Sui.

Jin Sui had a plump body and an average appearance, but her extraordinary way of dressing and makeup elevated her to a very beautiful state.

She opened her arms, hugged Jiang Zheng gently, and said with a smile: “Zheng Zheng, thank you for your hard work.”

The two chatted for a while, then a tall and beautiful girl came towards their side.

Jin Sui hurriedly introduced: “This is the planning director of our magazine just poached from New York. Bai Xuan.”

Jiang Zheng looked over and saw that this director Bai had a gentle and pleasant appearance, especially her soft eyes which were like water. It was akin to a pool full of moonlight, which immediately sucked people’s gaze into it. As expected of the planning director of a first-line fashion magazine, this kind of appearance could even overwhelm people from the entertainment circle.

So, she stretched out her hand, “Hello. I’m Jiang Zheng.”

Bai Xuan paused, a look of surprise flashed in her eyes, but she immediately returned to normal, and said with a smile, “I’ve admired Miss Jiang’s name for a long time.”

This time the cover shoot was catering to the recent trend of national style, so the studio was full of Chinese elements.

Overwhelming red silk, gorgeous and towering palace lanterns, and Jiangnan-style waterside pavilions, lotus ponds, pavilions, pavilions and more pavilions.

Bai Xuan was very professional. She first communicated with Jiang Zheng in terms of clothing selection, photography angle, and scene configuration. It was necessary to let each other form a tacit understanding in a short period of time so that the shooting could be carried out efficiently.

During the break in the middle of the filming, Han Yi stood beside Jiang Zheng, feeling a little uneasy. This little-known Bai Xuan was chosen by Jin Sui as the planning director of Fashion. This was the September issue, if it got messed up, no one would be able to eat it and walk around. But who was Jin Sui? She had been in the fashion industry for more than 20 years, had read countless people, and had a lot of experience. Since she was the one who had chosen, it must not be a big problem.

Jiang Zheng was also thinking about Bai Xuan. She frowned, and asked in a low voice, “Han Yi, did I know Director Bai before?”

Han Yi was taken aback, “You probably don’t know her.” People could not know that she had amnesia. So, every time she came out to work, he would introduce all the people she might deal with to her, in advance. This Bai Xuan appeared out of nowhere, and it was also his first time seeing her.

Jiang Zheng always felt that Bai Xuan looked at her a little differently. Perhaps it was because the woman who abandoned her brother was called Su Xuan, and their names overlapped with one word, so something strange was born? She shook her head, thinking that maybe she was really thinking too much.

The theme of Fashion magazine in September was “New National Style, New Cultural Creation, New Trend of Thought”. The first shooting plan selected by Bai Xuan was the extremely impactful Chinese red. Chinese red was a common theme of national style, but it still took a certain skill to capture the depth, layering and fashion sense of this color. Bai Xuan tried to make Jiang Zheng show a sassy style in the red silk blown by the strong wind, and she tried so many times that she was a little embarrassed.

However, Jiang Zheng remained calm from beginning to end, without showing any impatience on her face. She often saw gossip about Jiang Zheng being picky and difficult to serve in New York, but what she saw today was someone full of professionalism.

Moreover, Jiang Zheng was not just a vase, she could quickly understand her shooting intentions, and cooperate as much as possible to make the most beautiful poses.

So the first half of the filming was slow, but fortunately, both parties were very satisfied.

The theme of the second set was Chinese ink painting style, misty water smoke, alternate colors of light and dark, and classical architecture with great aesthetic sense, all in order to set off the unique face of Jiang Zheng and strive to bring out the most beautiful moments.

Filming continued into the evening. Jin Sui had been with them all the time, reminding people around her to do a good job from time to time. This treatment was something no one else could get.

The shooting finally ended when the lights came on.

Jiang Zheng told everyone that they had worked hard and followed Jin Sui to her office.

The coffee table was full of food, Jiang Zheng swallowed, put on her usual indifference, and slowly sat down on the sofa.

Jin Sui: “I know you can’t eat it, so you watch me eat it for you.”

Jiang Zheng couldn’t laugh or cry, this sister really treated her like a best friend.

She calmly said, “Of course.”

Jin Sui scolded while eating. Their last year’s October cover was originally finalized to be Yuan Mingshu. That person had a deep background and a good relationship with the manufacturer. Although her film and television works were not particularly famous, they were numerous. At that time, the October issue had already been printed at the end of August and was going to be sold out in October, but this person snatched away the September cover of another first-line fashion magazine. So, she didn’t like the October cover of Fashion anymore and forced Jin Sui to cancel the contract.

Jin Sui was half-dead with anger, but the other party had too much capital behind them, and compensated enough liquidated damages, so there was no fault in the legal sense. However, at that time, all the famous actresses had already been divided up by other magazines’ gold, nine, silver and ten covers, so they couldn’t find a suitable candidate to be the cover girl. Jin Sui however looked down on lesser female artists.

She just tried to talk to Jiang Zheng a little bit, but Jiang Zheng agreed, and immediately took the time to cooperate with the filming, which did not let the famous “Fashion” show a bad side.

As a result, last year’s October cover of “Fashion” sold better than Yuan Mingshu’s September cover, and the advertisers spent a lot of money. Yuan Mingshu’s fans were unhappy, spreading rumors everywhere that Jiang Zheng stole the cover of their wall, she was indeed the devil Jiang. And there was one more crime added to Jiang Zheng’s crimes.

After Jin Sui found out, she immediately tagged Yuan Mingshu on Weibo: Some people are not strong enough, but they are superior in instigating rumors.

Yuan Mingshu’s fans wore thick fan filters, so how could they think that there was something wrong with their goddess, and they immediately huddled together and shouted that Jiang Zheng and Jin Sui, the two female devils, had teamed up to bully people.

Jin Sui’s heart ached when she thought about what happened last year.

Jiang Zheng couldn’t remember what happened last year, but she had heard from Han Yi. She said in relief: “I heard that Yuan Mingshu didn’t get a single cover this year.” She didn’t know if the capital behind her had divested of her or she had followed the Buddhist route by fasting and praying to Buddha.

Jin Sui gritted her back molars, “She really deserves it. Last year, she performed the worst in September. Who would dare to invite her this year.”

When she said this, she changed the subject, and suddenly smiled strangely, “Zhengzheng, Sister Zheng…”

Jiang Zheng had an ominous premonition, “If you have something to say, just say it. Don’t laugh, I think of the mountain god in the first episode of “Terror City” when you smile.”

Jin Sui: “…”

She changed to the kind smiling face of Maitreya Buddha.

“I have a dream.”

Jiang Zheng: “…what?”

“I want you and Ji Muye to be on the cover of the 20th anniversary issue of “Fashion”…”

Next year would be the 20th anniversary of the first publication of “Fashion”. Jin Sui, as the founder of the publication, was going bald because of the cover at this super important key point. The planning department thought about several candidates, but she was not satisfied. Until one day when she saw the promotional poster of “Dongnu Country” and her heart beat suddenly. The sense of CP of these two people in the same frame reached people’s hearts and souls.

Her intuition told her that if these two bigwigs could be invited at the same time, the 20th anniversary cover would definitely become the most classic cover of “Fashion”.

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