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Content warning; violence

In the private room on the top floor of the Haitian Hotel, Qiu Li met Huo Shanglin.

Huo Shanglin was about 30 years old. He was wearing a white suit and a fancy tie. He looked very strong, and there should be thick muscles under the suit.

He held three steel rings on the tip of his right finger, one of which seemed to be stained with blood.

There was a deep hostility between his eyebrows, and Qiu Li thought he was a bit like a person, but he was not sure.

As soon as Qiu Li entered, Huo Shanglin looked at him, his face was not good, and his fists were also clenched.

Li Yanghui was the middleman who introduced them. In the past, Qiu Li used hypnotism to help Li Yanghui complete many transactions. Therefore, he trusted Qiu Li very much.

“Mr. Huo, this is the capable person I have always recommended to you.” Li Yanghui hurriedly introduced: “Qiu Li, don’t think he is just a college student. He has the ability to do this, that’s incredible. I will give him to you. There is no one in this world he can’t handle.”

Huo Shanglin played with the steel ring on his hand and looked at Qiu Li coldly: “It was you kid at the beginning, who made my cousin’s reputation bad. He dropped out of school before graduating from high school.”

Qiu Li reacted, no wonder he felt that this person was a bit familiar, and this annoying feeling was exactly the same as Huo Cheng back then.

Li Yanghui was a little surprised to see that the two of them actually knew each other, and asked, “Mr. Huo, you know him.”

“He and my cousin are classmates, so they are acquaintances.” Huo Shanglin leaned against the sofa and lit a cigarette.

“That’s easy to say!” Li Yanghui’s face was full of smiles: “It really is the ends of the world where you do not meet, it turns out that you two are so fated to meet, it seems that we are cooperating…”

“He robbed my brother’s woman.” Huo Shanglin said coldly: “He made my brother drop out of school.”

“Ah this…”

“No robbing.” Qiu Li fiddled with the teacup and bowl with his fingertips, and said coldly: “She was originally mine.”

Huo Shanglin calmly grabbed the tea bowl on the table and threw it at Qiu Li.

Qiu Li easily turned his head away and sneered: “You have a temperament similar to him.”

Huo Shanglin originally had a violent temper. Compared to Huo Cheng, he was even better than Huo Cheng. Following his father’s business in Southeast Asia, he was stained with a lot of blood and human lives. He could be said to be a desperate person.

He subconsciously reached out and touched his lower back, and threw the gun directly on the table.

Li Yanghui was shocked, and quickly got up and said: “President Huo, please calm down. Everyone is coming out of the house to make money with harmony. We all have the same goal. Why should we be so arrogant. Besides, they are all young people who are ignorant, in the capacity of Mr. Huo, how can you be the same as this kid.”

After finishing speaking, he pulled Qiu Li: “Come on, let’s toast a glass together to Mr. Huo.”

Qiu Li fiddled with the teacup and bowl, did not move, and did not seem to be planning to move.

Li Yanghui had no choice but to punish himself with three more cups. On behalf of Qiu Li, he respected Huo Shanglin and introduced him to Huo Shanglin: “This kid indeed has a bad temper, but his ability should not be underestimated. I introduced him to Mr. Zhou last time. Tens of millions of orders were taken down for me in minutes.”

Although Huo Shanglin felt unfair for his cousin, he was by no means an arrogant master. Right now, this business was very important. It was directly related to his stable position in the family and must be taken down.

If Qiu Li was really as godlike as Li Yanghui said, then he really couldn’t offend him easily.

“I heard that you can hypnotize.” Huo Shanglin calmed down his tone and asked him with squinting eyes: “Can make the dead alive.”

Qiu Li said coldly: “The dead can’t be made alive, but I can kill the living. Does Mr. Huo want to try?”


Blue veins appeared on the back of Huo Shanglin’s hand, and Li Yanghui beside him couldn’t help persuading: “Mr. Huo, please calm your anger. You slap me and calm down.”

People died for money, as birds died for food. If you see a great business, it would be a shame if you fail because of private grievances.

Huo Shanglin endured his anger and said to Qiu Li: “Okay, I’m going to see what you can do to make it so careful that Mr. Li can make compensation to Lao Tzu.”

After speaking, he stubbed out the cigarette in his hand and said to Qiu Li: “Come on, hypnotize me, if you can’t do it within ten seconds…”

Huo Shanglin decisively picked up the gun, pulled the trigger, and pointed it at him.

Qiu Li continued to fiddle with the teacup and bowl, without moving or speaking.

“One, two, three, four…” Huo Shanglin began the countdown to death: “Seven, eight, nine…”

When he counted to “ten”, he pulled the trigger without hesitation and fired.

Hearing a “bang” sound, the bullet pierced the fierce chest in front of him, and blood spewed out.

However, a shocking scene appeared.

The shot Qiu Li still kept the action of fiddle with the tea bowl, and sneered at him with a chilling smile on his face.

Huo Shanglin was suddenly stunned silly, and a black mist of fear filled his heart.

He fired several shots in a panic, but the boy on the opposite side still didn’t fall down and still smiled at him.

“You you…”

The surrounding world suddenly faded, and the dark red blood covered his retina, and boundless strands of fear struck him, pulling him into the abyss of the whirlpool.

“Ah! Ah!”

Huo Shanglin screamed, fell from the sofa and sat on the ground, waving his hands in panic: “No, don’t come over! Don’t come over!”

But at this moment, only hearing a “bang”, the tea bowl in Qiu Li’s hand fell to the ground and broke.

The instant the tea bowl shattered, Huo Shanglin woke up from the illusory world.

Everything in the surroundings returned to normal, no one was shot and no one was injured.

Huo Shanglin struggled to stand up from the ground, gasping for breath, looking at Qiu Li in disbelief.

Qiu Li sat on the chair calmly, never moving from beginning to end.

Except for his hand that fiddled with the tea bowl.

Huo Shanglin instinctively reached out to touch the gun, but suddenly realized that after returning to China, he didn’t have a gun at all! It was impossible for him to be equipped with a gun in this country.

From the moment he just took out the gun, he had fallen into an illusory trap. And the boy in front of him hypnotized him quietly, but he didn’t even notice it.

Huo Shanglin swallowed hard, a grinning smile appeared on his face.

Qiu Li smiled too, his smile was colder than him.

Huo Shanglin asked someone to bring a black canvas bag over, which seemed to contain heavy things and lay it heavily on the table.

“With a little heart, just treat me as a scumbag for being insensible, and take this as my apology.”

Huo Shanglin threw the canvas bag in front of Qiu Li.

Qiu Li calmly opened the bag, only one slit was opened, and he saw the red banknotes full of it.

For most people, it was an abyss of endless temptation, but for Qiu Li, he didn’t even look at it a second time, just as a pile of waste paper.

In his ears, he remembered Song Yuhe’s words: “If I give you a chance, would you like to look back.”

Would you like to look back.

If Jiang Yu didn’t come back to find him, maybe Qiu Li would really go to death with his head covered, and would not look back even if he was asked to.

But now, the most precious beauty in his heart was behind him, how indifferent could he be while holding her.

Qiu Li smiled and said, “Thanks.”

Li Yanghui hurriedly added: “It’s the happiest to do business with Mr. Huo. Who doesn’t know Mr. Huo, he always only gives cash, hehehe, it’s the word of mouth in the industry, no one can compare to Mr. Huo.”

Huo Shanglin lit a cigarette and walked to Qiu Li. Just as Qiu Li was about to take the canvas bag, the cigarette suddenly fell on the back of his hand.

With a sound of “Zila”, the burning smell of skin tissues came.

The corner of Qiu Li’s eyes trembled, without saying a word.

“If you dare to play with me, I will make you worse than death…”

The low threat was very powerful.

Qiu Li looked at him blankly: “If people die for money, who will have trouble with more money?”

Seeing this, Li Yanghui hurriedly said: “Mr. Huo, you can rest assured, this kid…this kid is so greedy for money, he will never betray you.”

“After all, I have to raise a woman.” Qiu Li’s mouth raised sarcastically: “My girl is very delicate, how can I afford it without making money.”

Huo Shanglin remembered the crazy appearance of his cousin all these years, and there were many women around him, who basically looked like a replica of the girl in school uniform and ponytail hidden in the phone album.

Seeing Huo Shanglin’s face darken, Li Yanghui hurriedly said, “Hey, Qiu Li, don’t say such words. Mr. Huo, you are a person with a pattern. Don’t be familiar with him.”

Huo Shanglin’s expression was cold.

After so many years of turmoil, it was impossible for him to really break his own big business for a relative.

He learned from Huo Cheng that Qiu Li was too poor, and in the past, in order to earn a trivial scholarship, he could go all out to frame him.

It was the right thing to be poor. You can’t rely on anything these days, but you can rely on money.

He loosened Qiu Li’s collar and no longer doubted him.

This meal was fairly harmonious.

It was already night after the banquet finished, when Huo Shanglin drove Qiu Li to Fengjia Road in person.

However, after getting off the carm Qiu Li did not immediately return to the consultation room. Instead, carrying a black canvas bag, he took a taxi to the city center, and went to school until most of the stores were closed.

The spies who monitored Qiu Li called Huo Shanglin to report his whereabouts: “He bought himself a body suit, a Cartier watch, and then bought a set of valuable skin care products.”

Huo Shanglin laughed mockingly: “Poor.”

He hung up the phone, and then asked his subordinates to arrange the customs clearance itinerary in half a month: “Add another person and let him follow the ship.”

Fortunately, in the School of Psychology, Song Yuhe’s office was still lit.

He was still waiting for him.

Song Yuhe was not sure that Qiu Li would really come, and was always very anxious.

At nine o’clock exactly, Song Yuhe was obviously relieved to see him appear.

Qiu Li noticed that several cigarette butts had been stubbed out in the ashtray on his table.

“How about it?”

Qiu Li pushed the bag of money in front of Song Yuhe, then neatly took off his suit, took off the Cartier watch, and put them together: “I see, he has no doubts about me.”

Song Yuhe opened the canvas bag, glanced at the cash and suit inside, and said, “You’ve thought about it, handing in everything?”


He also wanted to be upright, frankly…he wanted to return to her.

Song Yuhe locked the black canvas bag and put it in the safe: “The police in the bureau will come to pick up the stolen money tomorrow, but you still have to wear the clothes and watch to prevent the other party from getting suspicious.”

When Qiu Li left, Song Yuhe noticed the LA prairie box in Qiu Li’s hand: “You…”

Qiu Li explained: “I bought this with my own money, not with that money.”

Song Yuhe smiled: “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you embezzled the money, but this brand… is quite expensive.”

“The money I saved myself is clean.”

“I didn’t mean that, it’s just that you are falling in love now, you don’t have to…”

Qiu Li grabbed his eyes and said seriously: “I want to give her the best.”

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