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The agent went to discuss work with Gu Mingyu, but it didn’t take long. After he came out, everyone went to Bai family house together.

Nuan Nuan’s parents were leaving here to return to Lincheng tonight.

As soon as she arrived at Bai family house, the little girl was picked up by Father Gu who was waiting at the door and her soft little cheek was kissed.

“Baby girl, are you really not going back with Dad?”

He glanced at Gu Mingyu who was walking over from behind.

The guy even waved at him with a thick-skinned smile.

“It’s been a long time, uncle. I missed you so much. Where’s my aunt? I missed her too.”

He smiled gracefully and kindly, as if he wasn’t the one who had kidnapped Gu Linmo’s daughter.

“As long as you have a sweet mouth, I can hear your voice from a long distance.”

Mother Gu, who was wearing a blue cheongsam, came out holding her sister-in-law’s arm.

Both women were wearing cheongsams, one was elegant and dignified, the other was full of style. Anyone who looked at them would say they looked like young women in their twenties.

When Nuan Nuan saw her mother wearing a cheongsam, her black and white beautiful eyes lit up instantly.

“Mom! Beautiful!”

The little girl praised loudly and childishly, her eyes as clean and clear as glass were full of seriousness.

Mother Gu covered her lips and smiled, she looked even better like this, Father Gu was stunned, his wife looked more charming than when she was young.

Mother Gu cast a reproachful look at Father Gu, hugged Nuan Nuan and kissed her soft, smooth and fair little face. The sweet smell of milk on the body of the good daughter was very pleasant.


Nuan Nuan hugged her mother’s neck with crooked eyebrows, and leaned over to kiss her intimately.

Father Gu was very satisfied watching the mother and daughter happily and intimately.

It was a pity that there were blind people who liked to come and disturb them.

“Auntie, you two look too young. If I stood next to you and others saw us, they might think you were my sister.” Gu Mingyu leaned closer to Mother Gu, his mouth was eloquent, and in a moment Gu Mingyu coaxed the two women into beaming smiles.

Gu Linmo’s face collapsed in an instant, you brat!

“Auntie, you can rest assured to leave Nuan Nuan here for two days. I just finished filming and plan to take care of things here. I will take her to play around tomorrow. There are many things to do here. Places of interest or scenic spots can be visited, children should go out more to change their mood and experience…”

Father Gu couldn’t help interjecting, “Are you sure? You won’t be surrounded by your fans when the time comes and scare Nuan Nuan, and what if it is posted on the Internet that Nuan Nuan is your daughter, what will you do.”

Gu Mingyu blinked her beautiful peach eyes, “Then I can explain clearly.”

Mother Gu squinted at Father Gu, “Nuan Nuan just came back, let her go out to play more and be more lively, you will go to work when you go home, and I will go to work too, should my daughter go to the company with you or stay with Gu Nan at the company? Or should she just stay at home? Those who are not bored will be bored.”

Father Gu muttered, “There is still Gu An.”

“Are you relieved to let these two children go out to play?”

Father Gu turned his eyes around and his gaze landed on Gu Mingli, with a deep expression on his face.

“Mingli, when did you come here?”

Gu Mingli didn’t change his face, “It was at noon today.”

Bai Mohua: “…”

All of them were masters, and he felt that he was the only amateur!

Nuan Nuan watched the fourth brother while blinking her eyes, Gu Mingli took advantage of his uncle turning his head and made a gesture of silence to the girl who was continuing to stare at her brother.

The little girl had gentle eyebrows and curved eyes, but she nodded obediently and smiled happily with her small mouth pursed.

In the end, Father Gu still failed to take Nuan Nuan away, and he looked sad when he left.

“Baby girl, remember to miss Dad…”

Nuan Nuan nodded vigorously and earnestly, her voice soft and waxy.

“Well, Nuan Nuan has already started to miss Dad now.”

Father Gu was instantly satisfied, and he thought she was really a good girl.

“Come back early, it’s best to come back tomorrow.”

The little girl was hugged by the third brother and waved her little hand softly.

The small eyes watched the parents leave with reluctance, and Nuan Nuan had a wrinkled expression on her frowning face.

“What’s the matter?”

Gu Mingyu pinched her chubby cheeks amusedly, and found it amusing to see her frowning little expression.

Nuan Nuan hugged the phone, looked at the third brother eagerly with her beautiful big eyes, and her voice was milky. “My little brother should be angry when he knows that Nuan Nuan didn’t go back, and I misses my big brother.”

Gu Mingyu: “…he is quite busy with his business.”

While Gu An didn’t see Nuan Nuan, so he performed an in-situ explosion for his parents on the spot, shaking with anger.

He didn’t speak on the video call, but stared at her with angry and wronged eyes.

Nuan Nuan was so good…she felt guilty.

“Little brother~”

The voice of calling “little brother” was much sweeter than before, seriously exceeding the standard.

But Gu An was still angry.

“You said you would come back soon! Now that Mom and Dad are back, why didn’t you come back with them? What are you doing there? I know, you forgot your brother after having a cousin, huh! To think I care about you so much!”

If his eyes weren’t red and he looked like he was about to cry, she might have believed it.

“I’m sorry, little brother.”

Seeing him, she was about to cry. Nuan Nuan was so anxious that she suddenly became wise. “Why doesn’t the little brothers come here too, the third and fourth brother are also here, and also the second cousin.”

Gu An’s eyes lit up for a moment, and then he shouted when he realized it.

“When did Gu Mingli get there! Why didn’t he take me with him!”

There was no brotherhood!

Nuan Nuan finally managed to coax the furry Gu An, and promised to pick up the plane tomorrow such that she could barely appease the arrogant little brother. Just after hanging up the little brother’s video call, she saw that her big brother was calling.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

There were too many brothers, and she is a little too small to handle them, “Big brother~”

Seeing the stern and steady eyes of her big brother in the video, Nuan Nuan spoke softly, though she almost yelled, and looked at him with beautiful big eyes.

“With Gu Mingyu?”

Gu Nan’s voice was as cold as ever, but it seemed to be colder today, and he was a little unhappy. Although the expression was still the same as before, Nuan Nuan could feel it.

Nuan Nuan was doing it, and she was going to coax big brother again.

Nuan Nuan’s white hands supported her fleshy and soft cheeks, and her milky white face was wrinkled.

“Well, Nuan Nuan is here with third brother, big brother, Nuan Nuan misses you.”

Gu Nan: “Why didn’t you come back then?”

Nuan Nuan looked at him pitifully, and followed up with the voice of the little milk, pitifully limp.

“Then… When Nuan Nuan comes back, she will go to her elder brother, okay? She will deliver food to her elder brother. After her elder brother gets off work, she will stay with her elder brother for a long time. The third elder brother said that we will go back the day after tomorrow.”

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