WMPLT Ch. 36

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Warning; s**ual references

While they were eating barbecue, Zhai Xingchen’s Lanling Dance had already spread to all major entertainment forums.

Have you watched the live broadcast of “Red and Blue Signal” tonight? It turned out that Zhai Xingchen, who was the least favoured at the time, was the biggest dark horse of this season!

Actually, I thought that he would look good dancing, otherwise the program group wouldn’t be doing a live broadcast, but I didn’t expect him to dance so beautifully! I don’t know if it’s because he dances well or because he’s handsome so I put on a filter!

It must be both, there are not many dancers who grow up to be like him, right? In fact, the dance he danced is not particularly difficult, but it looks too dull, this is God’s reward for eating!

I didn’t have time to watch the live broadcast, can someone post a picture to see?

I have, I have!

Then a bunch of animations were sent out.

The first moving picture was the moment when Zhai Xingchen turned around, the hem of his skirt was fluttering like a blooming flower, with a slender waist and evenly long arms, lingering and elegant.

F**k, he has a fairy figure.

Zhai Xingchen looks so good-looking!

There is a fairy spirit!

The second moving picture was a shot of him spinning with his legs in his arms, and the camera of the rocker revolved around him. His body was like a puppet on a hanging string, and his robe had become part of his dance. The super body control was simply amazing.

In the third animation, he supported his body with one hand, and turned upside down like a spiral. When he landed, his robes were spread like a fan, and every point was just right.

The fourth animation was even more amazing. He fell to the ground, and the next moment his waist was raised, as if an invisible hand caught him, his body was like a swaying willow, and then he bounced up suddenly, his body rushed forward, and hanging back, it was full of strength and beauty, rigidity and softness.

But what made people scream the most was the few seconds of the whole dance’s climax. He jumped up from the palms of the other dancers, fell down with his robe flying, and after landing, he spun three times in a row, that was, he bridged in front of the cloud three times in a row. In the end, his body seemed to be completely out of control and he almost fell down, but his long sleeves were thrown back, and he fell to the ground, as if his whole body was brought back by the sleeves, and he was stuck in mid-air.

All in one go, it was soul-stirring.

His face was hidden behind a mask, except for his eyes, which were bright and captivating.

The last animation!

So cool!

Gif killed me!

“Zhai Xingchen Immortal Dancing” quickly became a hot search, and the program team pushed a short live video on their social media accounts.

The bullet screens in the comment area were all displayed on the video. In the first few seconds, they were all:

Who is Zhai Xingchen?

In the middle, the screen was full of [I f**k, I f**k, I f**k].

Dancing was as cruel as any art. Sometimes ten years of hard work was not as good as a meal from God. The beauty of dance was related to the face somewhat, but more to the figure. The length of the legs, the length of the arms, and even the beauty of the hands and feet could all determine the height of a dance.

Of course, the most important thing was the feeling that some people had good movements and good physical conditions, but when they jumped out, they didn’t have the smooth flow of flowing water, and they didn’t look flexible enough or lively enough.

There was a degree of relaxation, smoothness and beauty, and you needed talent to jump out with your own style.

Zhai Xingchen danced too smoothly and comfortably.

He dances too sassily, it’s so beautiful.

Really, I was about to cry with the accent at the end.

Zhai Xingchen is the legendary beauty, right? He is both beautiful and aggressive. I apologize. When I first saw his face, I kept imagining that he was suffering, and I was still craving the CP between him and Mr. Huo!

Zhai Xingchen: From now on, the main attack is clear!

It was just that they didn’t know that Zhai Xingchen, the US attacker they were talking about, was now destroying his image.

He first looked at the photographer in the box: “This is not allowed to be broadcast.”

“That depends on how well you perform,” Hu Ying could no longer contain his excitement: “If you dance as flirtatiously as this song, they won’t be able to broadcast it if they want to. Hurry up, the song is already started!”

Zhai Xingchen hesitated for a moment, picked up the wine on the table, and drank a few gulps from the bottle.

“Take it easy.” Huo Cheng shouted.

Pei Xu licked his thin lips, leaned back on the sofa, and stared intently at Zhai Xingchen.

“Qing Meihu”, Zhai Xingchen had heard this song before, and it was said that it was one of the three major monster songs on the Internet, and it was also one of the songs that TV stations must not broadcast.

This was a song he thought of on the spur of the moment. He could only say that it was the first time he heard this song in the middle of the night. He tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep after listening to it, which greatly shocked his three views.

In comparison, anything like “Itch” was weak.

This was a song that Duan Yihua absolutely could not like. Knowing that he actually liked this kind of song, Duan Yihua must be very disappointed!

He looked at Duan Yihua.

Sure enough, Duan Yihua was shocked.

He felt that he still knew Duan Yihua’s aesthetic orientation.

A dignified boss like him must like a clean and upright man, that’s why he did that after he danced the Lanling Dance.

“Jump!” Hu Ying shouted.

Zhai Xingchen said: “I just played a song to cheer everyone up.”

“Tch, I thought you were serious!” Hu Ying said.

Huo Cheng and the others felt so impetuous after hearing this song earlier, they were greatly shocked out of their three views.

There were such provocative songs in the world!

The atmosphere was suddenly mobilized.

Zhai Xingchen changed the music and said with a smile, “It’s officially here.”

What he wanted to dance was the most feminine dance he had ever learned, and he promised that it had nothing to do with the word Gong.

This was a dance choreographed by Mr. Zou, called Fox Dance.

Chicken Dance and Rabbit Dance was popular on the Internet at that time, but their dancers would definitely not dance such a nutritious dance. The fox dance designed by Mr. Zou was very difficult, and it is very flirtatious and lingering. It was about a spring night. The next story was the story of a male fox and a female fox who met and fell in love, and finally lived and died in love.

It was a tragic story, but it was very sexually tense. It was a pas de deux[1], very lingering, and it was told with animals in the shape of love. Their dancers were also very familiar with physical contact, but when they first started practicing this dance, they often blushed with shame.

But even so, they all competed to dance this dance.

Because the artistic expression of this dance was very strong and the impact was very strong, it had won many awards.

There was an evil charm in this dance.

Zhai Xingchen took off his shoes and warmed up in white socks.

He was wearing jeans and a white shirt at the moment. Without the cover of the large Hanfu, his figure was undoubtedly revealed. He looked thinner, longer, and sunken.

He was always serious when he danced.

He danced the part where they met and courted at the beginning, very soft and beautiful, he seemed to have turned into a fox, sly, sharp, and coquettish, with shiny fur and fiery red body, swaying its beautiful tail, approaching you under the moonlight, to test you, and then rub your cheeks, confusing your heart.

A completely different style from King Lanling. The only thing they had in common was that Zhai Xingchen had a very outstanding figure, so his movements were still smooth.

Zhai Xingchen felt that the program crew was not human, they might broadcast whatever he danced, so he left out the overly sexy moves, but even the remaining ones were enough, especially since “Qing Meihu” had set the atmosphere long ago.

But the problem was that everyone here had just seen his sassy demeanour, and he already had a radiant image in their hearts. Even if he really danced like a vixen at this moment, no one would completely change their impression because of this.

On the contrary, they were more focused on the beauty and desire of his body than they were on stage.

Hu Ying was clapping and laughing at first, but stopped laughing later.

This was Zhai Xingchen that none of them had seen before, and his flexibility was not restrained by jeans. Without stage lights, without gorgeous clothes, the focus of the dance was all on him.

As a dancer, his body was too soft, it had its own style, its opens and closes, and retracted freely.

What this dance brought to Pei Xu and the others was even more shocking than the sassy King Lanling on the stage. When dancing this dance, Zhai Xingchen almost revealed the flexibility and artistic expression of his body, and his body burst out with the ultimate beauty of s*x, but it was not vulgar at all. He had the evil spirit of animals, the aggressive charm of foxes, and the beauty of humans.

Zhai Xingchen finally stood on one leg, with the other leg almost 180 degrees apart. He leaned forward and took the wine from the table. The wine bottle in his hand also became his prop, and he finally performed a drunk fox by the way. He felt that it was not enough for him to be soft and beautiful, he could also be funny.

Feminine and funny, both had nothing to do with the word Gong!

So he imitated the fox’s appearance, fell drunk suddenly, bounced back, and returned to the mid-air with his limbs stretched out, his slender neck stretched, and his body trembling.

The drunk fox was very cute, the kind that made people want to catch him, grab him by the tail and bully him fiercely.

Pei Xu suddenly thought of rabbits.

Zhai Xingchen’s favourite rabbit.

The rabbit ears were long and the rabbit tail was short.

The program team next door said with emotion: “Is it possible to go to the competition?”

It was more artistic than King Lanling, which focused on stage performance, and the dance was more difficult, more like what a professional dance should look like.

“F**k… is this better than King Lanling?”

“You can tell by the look in Huo Cheng’s eyes!”

“We don’t know how many surprises Zhai Xingchen has. This is a style that we can’t imagine. How aggressive King Lanling was, how soft the fox dance is. He is actually HOLD!!”

“Hit the Xianyi Stone Hammer!!”

After Zhai Xingchen finished dancing, the audience fell silent.

Zhai Xingchen panted, feeling a little shy.

He really went all out today.

He looked at the crowd.

Even Hu Ying, who had been booing just now, stopped talking, with a very weird look on his face.

Zhai Xingchen really didn’t expect him to react like this after the dance.

He originally danced this dance in a joking atmosphere. At this time, if Hu Ying made a coax, or called out nice or sexy, everyone would just laugh and it would be over.

However, the atmosphere was very strange, and no one said a word.

Duan Yihua moved down the coat covering his body, lay down on the sofa, and was in a daze.

Zhai Xingchen flushed with embarrassment, and he sent a distress signal to Hu Ying: “How was it, Brother Hu.”

Hu Ying coughed lightly, raised heis legs and said, “It’s pretty good.”

F**k, that wasn’t the answer he wanted.

It’s too serious!

Huo Cheng felt that he was an as****e.

In fact, he had always been afraid that he would act too lewd, so that when the show was broadcast, netizens would scold him for being too much.

Although he thought it was normal for a man to be more s**ual.

But at this moment… this really didn’t want him.

He really couldn’t hold it anymore.

The whole room was full of men in their twenties. After drinking, their hearts overflowed with love. After watching such a dance, for about half an hour, no one dared to stand up.

Even Lin Qingning, who had no idea about Zhai Xingchen, was infected at this moment.

Zhai Xingchen spent the most embarrassing half hour since he participated in this program, eating in silence.

Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng were peeling shrimps for him to eat.

“Then what…it’s getting late, let’s go back.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Yan Zhi, Hu Ying and others got up one after another.

Everyone started to take their mobile phones and clothes, and prepared to leave.

Only Pei Xu was still sitting there.

Zhai Xingchen looked back at Pei Xu.

Pei Xu was embarrassed.

It took a very long time for him to calm down every time he stood up.

So he picked up a bottle of wine next to him and drank a few swigs.

The baijiu was spicy, and with this spiciness, all the attention went to the throat.

He stood up and wiped his mouth.

Zhai Xingchen said: “What are you doing, you don’t want to drive.”

He didn’t drink all night, why did he take so many gulps now!

Pei Xu didn’t speak, but the smell of alcohol was all over his body, making his eyes red.

He stretched out his hand, grabbed Zhai Xingchen’s neck from behind, pressed it hard, then released it, and patted Zhai Xingchen’s back.

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[1] a dance or figure for two performers.

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