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It was already raining heavily outside.

All of them were drunk and had to ask someone from the show crew to come and drive.

“There will be four people in one car,” Guo Bing said.

Guo Bing was very happy today.

He certainly was not disappointed today!

Such a great harvest!

When he saw Zhai Xingchen, he felt like he was seeing a lucky star for their ratings. He excitedly said to Zhai Xingchen, “I haven’t congratulated you on your success in tonight’s performance.”

The embarrassment in Zhai Xingchen’s heart had not completely subsided, so he pulled the director aside and said, “Please cut off the part where I just danced.”

Guo Bing said: “You danced very well. But the song at the beginning cannot be played.”

Speaking of this, he was very grateful to Zhai Xingchen. He felt that Zhai Xingchen did not dance in the style of “Qing Meihu” because he was thinking about their program team, otherwise they would not be able to broadcast so many scenes!

“The audience will like you even more after watching it, your performance was amazing!”

But the atmosphere after the dance was very weird.

Zhai Xingchen originally wanted to say something, but when he thought that everyone on the program team had seen his embarrassing situation, his face turned red.

The car had already arrived at the door. Hu Ying turned around and shouted: “Brother Xing, let’s go!”

Guo Bing patted him on the shoulder: “Don’t worry, we are very protective of you and will never broadcast anything bad about you.”

Forget it, forget it, the dance was over, Zhai Xingchen was too lazy to think about it, and followed Hu Ying and the others into the car. Seeing that no one wanted to sit in the passenger seat, he sat on it himself.

At this time, everyone actually did not rush to ride in the car, and everyone was very Buddhist.

Finally Hu Ying, Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng got into their car.

Pei Xu and the others got into another car.

Hu Ying felt a little regretful at this moment.

He knew that he should have livened up the atmosphere at that time, but instead he made Zhai Xingchen feel embarrassed.

Raindrops were hitting the car window. Sitting next to him was Yan Zhi. The two of them were almost touching each other, but he had no idea that at this moment all he was thinking about was Zhai Xingchen.

He thought he could go to Zhai Xingchen.

At least this idea came to his mind when Zhai Xingchen was dancing the fox dance in the box.

To be honest, he always felt that he was on the 0 side.

Maybe he and Zhai Xingchen could still interact…

Ah, what was he imagining?

He must have drunk too much today.

What he wanted was a big fierce attack, a shaking S attack, someone like Yan Zhi, Huo Cheng or Pei Xu!

Hu Ying opened the car window a crack, and the wind rushed in, which was cool and messed up his hair.

Yan Zhi leaned back in his chair and pinched his neck with one hand.

His neck was red from pinching and his throat hurt a little.

But his heart was still racing.

Why were there people like Zhai Xingchen in the world?

He was so in line with his wishes, so appealing to his heart.

He felt that just rubbing his neck would not work tonight.

He grabbed the collar, and the tightly buttoned collar was tightened even tighter.

Huo Cheng put his hands in his pockets, stroking his cell phone.

He wondered if the program team would collect their mobile phones tonight.

He had recorded a video of Zhai Xingchen dancing on his mobile phone.

Huo Cheng seemed to have returned to his high school days.

When he was in high school, smartphones had not yet become popular on a large scale. Only a few children in his class from wealthy counties had mobile phones, and they were still slide-type phones. At that time, they lived in a dormitory, and the topics that a group of adolescent boys talked about at night always inevitably turned to s*x. A classmate who played well with him at that time suddenly told him mysteriously one day that he had something on his phone, something very exciting.

Of course he knew what the so-called good stuff was.

The classmate gave him the phone and asked him to go to the toilet to look at it.

His mood now was probably the same as that time.

He was very nervous and apprehensive.

In fact, when recording a show, you really need to learn self-control and restraint, cleanliness, and gentlemanly moderation were also very important. As a love variety show, the audience was destined not to like men who were too lustful, too oily, or overbearing, and these things would not be tolerated.

He should learn to be strict, look at him, how sanctimonious he was, making himself look like an ascetic monk.

No wonder people were so strict that they got angry.

The rain was still falling, getting heavier and heavier. Zhai Xingchen leaned on his seat, his mood never completely calming down.

Because on the way back, they were also very silent in the car.

They were obviously chatting so enthusiastically when they arrived.


Did he dance awkwardly? He felt that he still had a grasp of that measure.

Now he didn’t even have the courage to take the initiative to find a topic.

The car stopped outside the Red and Blue Cottage, and Zhai Xingchen was the first to get out of the car.

Huo Cheng followed closely behind, and the two of them ran to the gate together. Perhaps because their hands were a little damp, they failed to open the fingerprint lock several times.

Huo Cheng leaned behind him and said, “Press again and it will be locked. Enter the password.”

“What’s the password?”

Huo Cheng went to insert by himself. His face touched Zhai Xingchen’s hair. He suddenly became innocent and his face turned red. He pursed his lips and pressed the password. His hand shook and he pressed the wrong password.

The password lock suddenly sounded a few times and then locked.

Huo Cheng and Zhai Xingchen: “…”

“What’s wrong?” Hu Ying asked.

“It’s locked. It can’t be opened again for fifteen minutes.” Zhai Xingchen said.

A red light blinked on the combination lock.

They were all standing at the door. Yan Zhi noticed that Huo Cheng and the others had touched his arm, so he took the initiative to stand outside.

After a while, the program team and Pei Xu also came back. They went next door first.

This was the first time for this group of people to come to the program team’s place together. Compared to the red and blue cottage, the conditions here were much simpler. The living room was very messy, and the table was full of leftover lunch boxes.

Yan Zhi had a severe mysophobia and kept frowning. He felt that the smell in the room was also very dirty, so he came out first. When he came out, he saw Pei Xu outside, so he stood beside him and looked at the night rain outside.

The flowers and plants under the street lights all looked melancholy, and the light in the yard was quite dim.

The two of them did not communicate. Yan Zhi was feeling passionate and thoughtful. While Pei Xu came out because he wanted to be quiet and think alone.

After a few minutes on the program team’s side, the silence finally dissipated. Wen Nuo and the others visited the program team’s room. Hu Ying shouted, “Come and take a look at all these monitors!”

They all ran over to take a look. They had a panoramic view of all the rooms in the red and blue cottage. Except for the bathroom, there were almost no blind spots.

Although they knew that their every move would be photographed, they were still shocked when they saw it with their own eyes, and felt like they were being monitored at all times.

“It’s been fifteen minutes. Your door can be opened.” Guo Bing urged.

“Are you kicking us out?” Hu Ying said.

Zhai Xingchen smiled and pushed him out. Hu Ying grabbed his arm and suddenly lost his momentum.

Everyone opened the door, returned to the red and blue cottage, and gathered in the dining room to drink hot water.

“When will you leave tomorrow?” Hu Ying asked.

“I have to leave tomorrow morning.” Lin Qingning said.

This was all their pre-arranged schedule.

“I’m leaving in the morning too. I have a business trip.” Huo Cheng said.

Their APP was making an overseas version, and he had to go check it out. Because of the recording of the program, the work of many of them had been affected to some extent, and everything had piled up.

“I’m going to take a flight at six or seven tomorrow morning.” Yan Zhi said.

He had an e-sports variety show to participate in.

Pei Xu said, “I’ll leave at noon.”

“I’ll leave at noon, too,” Hu Ying said.

When they heard that Pei Xu would be leaving at noon, neither Yan Zhi nor Huo Cheng had any reaction, but when they heard that Hu Ying would be leaving at noon, alarm bells rang in their hearts.

Because Zhai Xingchen was on vacation, he would definitely be the last to leave.

Didn’t this mean leaving the lamb to be fed to the wolf?

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