RCFS Ch. 245

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Yan Mubai felt like he was riding a tiger and was unable to dismount.

The Longtuan Shengxue may not come back, but he couldn’t get off the stage!!!

He dropped all the words and said he was going to dance, how could he leave?

“Forget it, no, just let me and my brother-in-law have a drink later, how about it?”

At least let the brother-in-law take a sip, and he would have an explanation when he went back to meet his sister, right?

“You are such a troublesome person. You dance for a cup of tea.”

Listening to Ye Yunxi’s impatient tone, Yan Mubai wanted to cry.

Sister, you are my sister, do you know who I am?

My appearance fee is no less than six figures, so if I do this dance just for a sip of tea, you will not lose money, okay? Why do you look like you’re at a loss!

Hey, the baby is feeling bitter, and the baby can’t even tell anymore. In short, he would never play guessing games with Ye Yunxi again in his life. This person was definitely the kind of person who was possessed by a cheat!

If he couldn’t get the tea back, he would have to pay for a dance, so Yan Mubai could only accept his fate and dance.

The light and music sounded again, and the two cool figures twisted to the rhythm together. They were so handsome!

The whole dance was so exciting that it exploded because of the cooperation between Yan Mubai and Ye Yunxi!

The frenzied screams grew louder and louder than before. Not to mention the students, many teachers were also going crazy!

This version of “SEXY GIRL” was more exciting and more beautiful than the MV. Everyone was going crazy!!!

Ye Yunxi, you are too awesome!!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+10…

Seeing Yan Mubai, Di Junxie frowned and looked towards the door. Sure enough, Bai Yan was there too.

The man in regular clothes was unusually tall. Bai Yan seemed to see Di Junxie’s gaze and raised his head to smile at him.

Emperor Xie looked away indifferently.

When he wasn’t paying attention, his wife provoked quite a few people.

However, he would always be ready to nip these rotten peach blossoms before they had time to pop up.

On the stage, the performance had ended, but cheers and screams were still coming one after another!

“Yan Mubai! Ye Yunxi! Encore! Encore! Encore!”

“One more time, one more time!!”

“Yan Mubai! Ye Yunxi!”

“Yan Mubai! Ye Yunxi!!!”

“Yan Mubai! Ye Yunxi!”

This dance was more handsome than the MV, so they strongly requested them to do it again!!!

The auditorium was filled with cheers!

The excited students couldn’t even be held back by their teachers!

Even Jiang Baichuan couldn’t help holding his head and screaming: “Crazy! Everyone is crazy!”

Not everyone was crazy!

The combination of Yan Mubai and Ye Yunxi made everyone in the auditorium go crazy!!!

This dance had become the highlight of the campus festival, and it had also become the most exciting, hottest and most wonderful campus festival in Junyao’s history!

Even this video was added to Yan Mubai’s single and became the second version of the MV for “SEXY GIRL”!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

When everyone had almost quietened, the principal came up with a microphone.

“Students, as the principal, I am very happy to see you thrive! Although drama can make people noble, modern dance can better reflect the vitality of youth! Yehuang danced really well!”

The principal paused and said with a smile: “So who is the club that won first place this year? We have invited Huangjue’s instructor to present them with the first-place trophy!”

Huangjue’s instructor!!!

The students’ eyes widened and they turned around to look at the second floor.

In the last row, a man in military uniform stood up slowly. Under the shadow of a big-brimmed hat, his eyes shone brightly and were as sharp as a knife.

The military boots clicked on the wooden floor, and the unhurried sound seemed to hit everyone’s heart. The noisy crowd fell silent instantly, staring quietly at this cold-blooded, powerful and iron-blooded man!

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