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Advising herself to be generous, Xiao Menghan raised her eyebrows and smiled angrily: “Okay, any talk about recognizing Tan Mo being as a grandniece was a pretence. It turns out that you were waiting for me here. It’s just a quota, it’s not a big deal, why are you still playing tricks on me?”

Her son was only 15, but she couldn’t play with Wei Zhiqian in terms of tricks.

Wei Mingwen kicked Wei Zhiqian’s leg warmly to avenge his wife: “How dare you use the same tactics as others on your mother.”

Wei Zhiqian remained motionless even after being kicked, and looked around expressionlessly.

He had to make sure no one noticed his side so that his image could be maintained.

He just listened to Wei Mingwen say: “This is not something we can decide unilaterally. We have to ask Tan Mo’s parents what they want. Let me take part in this matter.”

Wei Zhiqian was the next head of the Wei family, but he was not the head yet.

And it was not appropriate for him to go and talk to someone Tan Mo’s parents on the same level when he was not even an adult yet.

Tan Mo and Qin Muye didn’t know that Xiao Menghan had heard their conversation.

Not long after Xiao Menghan left, Yuan Keqing came over.

Just now she saw Tan Mo chatting happily with the little girl from the Qin family.

Moreover, Tan Mo and Qin Muye just went to play hand in hand. Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen were paying attention the whole time.

It was from the conversation between Tan Wenci and Xu Mingzhen that she learned that Qin Muye was actually the daughter of the head of the Qin family, and her brother would become the next head of the family.

Qin Muye’s status was much more noble than that of the Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao.

Moreover, the Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao had just lost face with Wei Zhiqian. Obviously, they did not play important roles in the eight major families.

It was not like Qin Muxiao boasted.

For such useless people, Yuan Keqing was too lazy to waste time on them.

“Cousin.” Yuan Keqing came over and called, her pitiful eyes locked on Qin Muye, “This sister is…”

Qin Muye was usually tricked by Qin Murong a lot, and when she saw Yuan Keqing, she felt the familiar scent, so she immediately didn’t want to talk to her.

Qin Muye turned her head to the side in front of Yuan Keqing very uprightly.

Who was talking?

She did not hear it.

Was there anyone standing in front of her?


When Yuan Keqing saw it, she immediately felt aggrieved: “Cousin…”

“Keqing, are you here to apologize to me?” Tan Mo interrupted her.

“Apologise? Why should I…” apologize to you?

Was Tan Mo stupid?

“Just now, Qin Murong and her sister forced me to give them the doll. Weren’t you there to help them and forcing me to give the doll away?” Tan Mo tilted her head, “They were not being reasonable. But you still helped them rather than me, your cousin. This is what you did wrong.”

Seeing that Yuan Keqing was too angry to pretend to be pitiful, Tan Mo opened her mouth in surprise: “Aren’t you here to apologize to me? Do you think you did nothing wrong?”

“Bah! You are so shameless!” When Qin Muye heard this, she immediately thought of her daily experiences and reprimanded Yuan Keqing empathetically, “You actually helped outsiders to bully your cousin, and you still have the nerve to cry here!”

“I didn’t…” Yuan Keqing couldn’t help but shake her head, “I just thought it’s just a trivial matter. Cousin doesn’t need to be so serious. Just be more generous. It won’t be so ugly. Besides, it’s better to make friends than to become enemies. Not to mention bringing any benefits to the Tan family, at least we can’t offend the Qin family.”

“Cousin, although we are just expressing love. I am telling you this because I regard you as my sister.” Yuan Keqing said sincerely, “You can’t be so stingy in the future, you have to be more generous.”

Tan Mo smiled so sweetly that she looked like there was no lethality at all, and her expression was particularly kind: “Keqing, have you ever heard such a sentence?”

“What words?” Yuan Keqing asked confused.

Tan Mo said with a smile: “To persuade people to be generous, the sky will strike like thunder!”

She heard this from an interview with a famous cross talk actor, and felt that it was absolutely right.

“Cousin… you… how can you say that to me?” Yuan Keqing’s lips trembled and tears came down again, “Are you cursing me to let me be struck by lightning? You… why are you so cruel? You…do you hate me so much?”

What happened to Tan Mo today?

Every time she said something so unexpected, she was caught off guard.

“Please stop crying.” Qin Muye was annoyed, “Crying and crying every day, how can I not be aggrieved?”

Originally, Tan Mo sympathized with Qin Muye.

But now Qin Muye sympathized with Tan Mo.

How depressing would it be to have a green tea cousin shed tears in front of her?

And when people saw it, they would think it was Tan Mo who bullied her.

How disgusting!

“Yes.” Tan Mo shook her head with disapproval, “You can’t just cry like this regardless of the occasion. Today is the birthday of the old lady of the Wei family. It’s so bad and shameful for you to cry at her birthday party.”

“Bad luck!” Qin Muye said more bluntly, “I heard that you came uninvited and there was no invitation at all. Forget it if you came in shamelessly, the Wei family doesn’t lack a bite for you anyway. But the Wei family is kind-hearted and doesn’t care about you, but you are here crying and seeking bad luck for the old lady. Why are you so mean-spirited!”

“I didn’t…” Yuan Keqing, who was used to using tears to win over people, didn’t want to cry now. No, it was embarrassing.

“Momo.” Wei Keli came over hesitantly, coming to apologize to Tan Mo.

When he came, Yuan Keqing’s back was turned to him. So, he hadn’t seen Yuan Keqing crying yet.

As soon as Yuan Keqing heard his voice, she immediately hugged Wei Keli’s arm as if grasping the only life-saving straw: “Brother Keli.”

“Keqing?” Wei Keqing was surprised, and there was an obvious look on Yuan Keqing’s face.

Wei Keli later realized that the atmosphere here was very stiff and tense.

“How did you…” Wei Keli subconsciously looked at Tan Mo and Qin Muye.

Seeing the bored look on Qin Muye’s face, he felt that it was Tan Mo and Qin Muye who bullied Yuan Keqing.

Tan Mo and Yuan Keqing were obviously sisters. Even if she made new friends, she couldn’t bully her sister together with them.

Could it be that at such a young age, Tan Mo already knew how to curry favour with the daughter of the head of the Qin family?

In order to curry favour with others, she would bully her cousin with others at such a young age. It was too much.

“My cousin cried when she said she was going to cry, which shocked me.” Tan Mo patted her heart, her face still a little pale, “My cousin came to me just now. I thought she was coming to apologize to me as just now she was helping Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao to snatch my doll together.”

Speaking of this, Wei Keli’s face also felt burning pain, and he felt uncomfortable all over.

He was also among the people who helped Qin Murong and Qin Muxiao just now.

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