TCYEC Ch. 86.2

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When it was time for dinner, Luo Peng went to the Xue’s villa to have a meal again, and talked to Yu Siyang about the final compensation result, but Yu Siyang only uttered “Oh”, showing a lack of interest.

“March and September issues, the two months that many big names want to be in,” Luo Peng stood at the door of the kitchen, attacking Yu Siyang’s indifference, “you just said ‘oh’ and it’s over? Not at all excited?”

Yu Siyang carefully boiled the soup, expressing with practical actions, “not at all excited”, regardless of the issue of several months, it couldn’t compare with the soup he is boiling now.

Luo Peng sniffed, “Are you making hot pot again?”

“Yeah.” Yu Siyang nodded and talked about topics he was interested in immediately, “This is my new recipe for the base of the hot pot. It has some fungus and medicinal materials, which are most suitable for winter.”

“I ate hot pot yesterday, why are we eating hot pot again today?” Although hot pot was delicious, he had never seen Xiao Yu cook the same dish for two days in a row before.

Yu Siyang poured out the boiled soup, “You ate the hot pot, Mr. Xue hasn’t eaten it yet.” Yesterday, Mr. Xue came back very late and didn’t eat the hot pot, so he remade it today.

Luo Peng touched his nose and thought: Okay, the boss is the biggest, I will eat whatever the boss eats, and resolutely follow the boss.

On December 8th, the December issue of “MODE Impression” was published, and it was available in all newsstands and bookstores.

Because of a car accident, Xiao Wang had a disability in his leg. He couldn’t get a job anywhere. The girlfriend who had been with him for years disliked him and ran away. Seeing that there was no way to make a living and life was difficult, with the help of the community, he ran a small newsstand, selling all kinds of newspapers and magazines, boiled corn to office workers in the morning, and drinks in winter. He had to rely on perseverance to get up, otherwise it was easy to get bedridden. Xiao Wang was a person who was not very persevering. He woke up late that day, missed the breakfast time, and opened the shop at 9:30. Yesterday, the newly arrived magazine was placed in the most conspicuous place, and a large poster sent by the publisher which was asked to be pasted was pasted on the wall next to it, and he sat in the store to open the newly arrived magazine.

The cover of the magazine was an unknown male celebrity, who looked pretty good. The cat on his shoulder was so cute, it made him want to have a cat. Thinking that he was always rejected on blind dates, and that he was still a bachelor at such an old age, he felt that he might be single for a lifetime, so Xiao Wang seriously pondered whether he should also buy a cat as a companion.

“Boss, boss, hurry, hurry up, give me three copies of this MODE.”

Suddenly, a hurried voice interrupted Xiao Wang’s thinking. After three years of selling magazines, Xiao Wang almost instinctively took the new “MODE Impression” and handed to the anxious girl outside the store.

The girl hugged the three magazines tightly, too excited to control herself, Nima, she ran for a whole morning, and finally found a newsstand that was still in stock.

Two of the three magazines were bought for friends in the group, as they were not available in the city where they were located. Many people felt that this time “MODE Impression” had very little stock. It used to be that whenever you wanted to buy, you could have it. But this time they had to rely on grabbing, and there was nowhere to go.

Xiao Wang asked the girl for money, and asked casually: “Do you like this male star on the cover? Who is he?”

“Yu Siyang, don’t you know?” The girl said, “You don’t even know his face, you’re too ignorant, right? He cooks deliciously.”

Xiao Wang looked dumbfounded, looked at the magazine in his hand, and confirmed that it was “MODE Impression” instead of “MOOD”, indicating that he didn’t understand the current fashion—— How could a chef be on the cover of a fashion magazine.

“Boss, boss, can you give me the poster on your wall?” The girl turned back after not taking a few steps. She saw that the big poster on the wall was bigger than the one that came with the magazine.

Xiao Wang was a little embarrassed. This was required by the publisher to paste on the wall and couldn’t be taken away by the sister. If the publisher found out that he had not pasted the poster, they would have opinions.

“Old~ban~” The girl was so cute, her voice was as sweet as sugar, and it was several degrees sweeter, “Or you can sell it to me, sell me, sell me…”

Xiao Wang, who was still a single dog at the age of thirty-eight, was completely unable to resist the cute girl’s sugar-coated cannonballs, and immediately nodded without principle, “Send or give away, don’t need money, you can pick it off.”

The girl immediately became enthused and sent a big smile on her face, “Boss, you are such a good person, I wish you a prosperous business, Mo Mo Da[1].”

Xiao Wang was so confused by “Mo Mo Da” that he sat in the shop stupidly, and then he found out, His business was really prosperous that day. In less than half an hour, the fashion magazine with the cover of the chef was sold out, and many people came to ask about the magazine. When they heard that it was out of stock, they all sighed with depression.

Xiao Wang quietly hid the magazine in his hand. When no one came to ask for a while, he wanted to study the chef on the cover. He always felt that this man brought him good luck. Not only did he bring new magazines to him today. The magazines sold out, he made a lot of money, and was given a “mo mo da” by a cute sister. The more he thought about it, the happier he was.

It was no wonder that a chef could actually be in a fashion magazine, he was really a very powerful young man.

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[1] A kiss in Chinese.

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