TCYEC Ch. 87.1

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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

“Which kind-hearted companion has two magazines ah ah ah ah, even one ah ah ah ah, I can’t buy one all over the city My heart is broken ah ah ah ah [crying] [crying] [crying]”

“You are not alone, I haven’t bought either…[crying] [crying] [crying]”

“Eh heh heh, I bought one [Ha Ha]”

“I’m not Yu Siyang’s Fan, but I also bought [Ha Ha]”

Yu Siyang’s Weibo was already boiling over, and those who couldn’t buy the magazines were posting all kinds of crying and begging messages, and there were all kinds of screaming and showing off, along with passers-by who had also ran to show off that they had bought it. Fans who didn’t buy the magazine immediately felt a double shot and their blood volume plummeted.

The topic #Yu Siyang’s First Cover# also appeared on the hot search list.

The food groups were happy and sad, and then a small group posted a Weibo, and everyone immediately felt enlightened-

I will see if I don’t eat V: “Does anyone think that the last month’s volume issue of “MODE Impression” was exceptionally small? Last month’s magazine is still in stock, but the leader’s was out of stock in the morning. Although my leader’s popularity is high, it’s impossible to be out of stock so fast .”

If you thought about it, it seemed that the goods were so scarce that they couldn’t buy them or were one step late. Some people even saw the last magazine being bought and almost cried.

What did it mean to stock up so little? Bullying our head, or bullying our food group?

It was unbearable!

As a result, the food groups called customer service and continued to urge for the goods on the online sales platform. The official account of “MODE Impression” also crashed. The food groups ridiculed the lack of money with “MODE Impression” in their comments.

“#Crowdfunding to help “MODE Impression” publish# Your magazines are short of money, tell us fans, we will crowdfund for you to publish publications for us [Ha Ha]”

“#Crowdfunding to help “MODE Impression” publish# One of the five major publications are also short of money, it seems the economic crisis is very serious [Ha Ha]”

“#Crowdfunding to help “MODE Impression” publish# Distressed for MODE’s staff, I don’t know if their salary will be paid [Ha Ha]”

Within an hour, #Crowdfunding to help “MODE Impression” publish#became a hot topic. The staff of “MODE Impression” saw all kinds of concerns about their salary, social insurance and housing fund on the Internet, and their mood was very complicated. Their heart also gave birth to desolate and dangerous ideas like “Is our company really short of money to reduce the number of monthly publications?” and “Will we really not be paid the wages and our social insurance and housing fund would be cut off?”.

Early in the morning, Luo Peng was paying attention to the trends on the Internet. The topic of the hot search #Yu Siyang’s First Cover# was bought by his team when he asked them to. He didn’t expect the foodies to be so cute. Under the circumstance of people with a rhythm, they brushed up such a hot topic, and helped Xiaoyu also receive a wave of heat.

It seemed that they should consider organizing a fan meeting.

“Xiaoyu, your fans are so loving.” Luo Peng called Yu Siyang and told him the main points of the situation after the publication.

Yu Siyang wore Bluetooth headsets on his ears, while putting spices in the pot very carefully, and making his own brine. Hearing Luo Peng’s words, he agreed with him and said: “They are very cute.”

“Oh, yes, Jin Ce said that the pilot trailer will be released in two days, you remember to forward it.” Luo Peng paused, and suddenly asked: “What are you doing now?”

Yu Siyang said, “Making wild duck with chives. Sister Rui sent two small wild ducks.”

“Gulp”, Luo Peng swallowed and asked: “Are you going to have it for dinner?”


“Wait for me, I’ll go to your house for dinner.” What? It sounded delicious.

“Okay, then you remember to arrive earlier and call Brother Xiaofeng too.”

Luo Peng nodded frantically, saying that he would definitely call Brother Xiaofeng. As for Zhan Heng… as a black fan, he had professional ethics, so he did not call him.

After Yu Siyang made the brine, he washed and drained the little wild duck, soaked it in the brine, checked the time, and asked Aunt Wang to remind him to take the duck out two hours later, and then went to the audio-visual room to watch a classic award-winning movie.

This was his new homework recently-watch more classic movies and observe the acting skills of actors.

Yu Siyang was watching a movie and making wild ducks, while all the employees of “MODE Impression” were very busy.

The phone calls from various channels for replenishment kept ringing, but the printing factory was screaming that they could not print so quickly. The phones were about to be blown up, and there were all kinds of ridicules on the Internet. And the rival magazine “Trends” also came out saying that they are in good business conditions and will never be out of stock due to lack of money.

Xu Yan coughed up some blood, and he couldn’t wait to let “Trends” disappear into outer space-you are short of money, your entire company is short of money.

The general manager had been quickly dismissed by the group, and he was held accountable for the economic losses caused to the company due to serious work mistakes. Finance had already begun to liquidate the economic losses that this accident would cause to the group.

The punishment for Xiong Shubiao within the group was not too severe. One of the reasons was that he took the initiative to take responsibility after the accident and tried his best to appease the customer and recover the loss. Even if they did not fire him, he still needed to bear part of the economic loss this time. After the finances were calculated, Brother Xiong lost the money and went back to the period where he did not have any control on the decisions of the magazine.

At this point, Xu Yan had fully controlled “MODE Impression”, which was probably why it was said that misfortune and blessing are sometimes intertwined, and bad things can also lead to good results.

Former general manager Li Yitian was “invited” out of the company like a bereaved dog and walked down the street dejectedly. He couldn’t understand how earlier he was about to kick Xu Yan out. How could it be that now he was fired in a blink of an eye and had to bear the burden of economic losses?

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