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Yiqu Huahua now dare not turn his head to see his own guild who only knew to follow him, because he was worried that if he turned his head, he would be unable to control all these people.!

Liu Jinjin, who fell to the ground, cried for a while, and had now slowly stopped. At this time, her thoughts had changed dramatically. Although she had no face at all and she did not have the courage to say anything to Su Yu, but she no longer had any unrealistic expectations towards Yiqu Huahua.

She still looked at Yiqu Huahua with disappointment and hate with tears in her voice, and her voice was also full of tiredness and irony: “Yiqu Huahua, do you really want to turn me around?”

Yiqu Huahua did not speak, just clenched the sword in his hand.

“Since you have made a choice, I have nothing to say, but there is a saying that I still have to say it. I am indeed a vicious woman. I really can’t help but drool, but you should know that I have never done anything against you,” Liu Jinjin said as she shed tears. “I have never taken anything from you since I first met you, all the equipment, clothes, skin on my body, even all kinds of props are all bought by Su Yu. Even if I followed you in your copy, I have never wanted anything. You should be very clear about these…”

Having said that, Liu Jinjin sobbed, and started crying, but she still insisted on it: “Yiqu Huahua, even if I did something wrong, I never owed you anything, but you owe me too much, but now, in order to fulfill your own interests, you have come to me. Do you know how much pain is there in my heart?”

“Shut up!” Yiqu Huahua couldn’t tolerate it, what was this woman going on about? Didn’t she say that she was true to him? Now that she had said this, it was simply deliberately trying to make him embarrassed!

“Yiqu Huahua, you know? I just really wanted to use my own death to fulfill yours, but now, I found out that you are not worthy of paying so much, and I have always been really stupid. Just like Su Yu had done so much for me, it is not worth it.” Liu Jinjin did not dare to go to see Su Yu, but her eyes could not help but go in that direction, then she saw that the person was using an implicit smile. But there was no irony of any temperature when he looked at her.

For a moment, Liu Jinjin’s gaze was like being burnt, but she immediately recovered her gaze, but her heart felt even more bitter. Yes, she had done so many excessive things, how could Liu Feng forgive her again?

She thought that she had found her Prince Charming. In fact, he was only a cool, self-sufficient guy. The person who had been unconditionally giving her things had been pushed away by her own hands and even completely hurt. Her previous performances were probably what was the interpretation of “self-made pit, can’t help but fall in”?

Liu Jinjin regained her gaze and hung her throat: “Yiqu Huahua, you come to kill me, but you have to remember that you have made your way back through a white woman who loves you deeply. This thing will never be able to be erased.”

After saying this, Liu Jinjin closed her eyes and slightly raised her head, and looked like she was taking a generous death.

Yiqu Huahua really wanted to try to seal Liu Jinjin’s mouth directly, and Liu Jinjin said that she wanted to go to the wheel now, but he couldn’t go any further!

Yiqu Huahua felt angry and annoyed, suddenly thinking of a person, it seemed that from the beginning, Falling into the water did not say anything, if he was willing to take this matter over, instead of doing it himself, it would be splendid…

Yiqu Huahua with hope and doubts turned around, but he saw the guy who had been following him all the time, and all sorts of screaming guys were now watching him with an extremely complicated and disappointing look.

This look directly blew Yiqu Huahua to the point, what did this look mean! Why did they look at him like this?!

Was this all caused by him?

In the final analysis, if it was not the beginning when Falling into the Water used the screen to sneak against Yishui Liushang, letting people open the world channel along with those people, how could things reach this point?

It was this person who deliberately provoked the incident, and then snarled here, he even dared to look at him with such a look, it almost hit him with a blast of madness!

The noise behind him had become bigger and bigger. If he didn’t make a decision, it would only make the situation worse and worse. Yiqu Huahua bit his lip and finally pointed the sword at Liu Jinjin.

At that moment, all the sounds came to an abrupt end, leaving only Yiqu Huahua’s sound of using a skill.

Su Yu, who was on the sidelines of joy, thought of a phrase, most afraid that the air suddenly became quiet, because it represented the breeding of cockroaches.

It was really too embarrassing. Even people who shouted slogans and asked for help before, felt that this scene was completely unsightly.

The teams of hundreds of people were all surrounded, quietly watching their own Lord manually turning a woman white who they thought would probably become the wife of the lord. Who could understand this unspeakable situation?

The image that was so incomparably tall in their minds collapsed in an instant and was slowly crushed into mud under their feet because of the scene that was still in front of them.

They couldn’t help but wonder why they used to think that this person was strong and powerful, and was also a gentleman?

At the same time, they couldn’t help but think that it seemed that they had their own role in this situation.

But at this time, no one wanted to think about this issue in a deeper level. Everyone was accustomed to shirking their responsibilities, and they could always find someone to carry the pot for them.

The rank of Liu Jinjin was trained by the original owner. Naturally, it would not be low. There were also various props, equipment and costumes given by the original owner. The blood volume and defense were very strong, and Yiqu Huahua was not as good as Cang Qiong. There was still a certain time interval between the use of various skills, so the road of rotation was still very long.

Su Yu looked around for a while and felt a little bored. It felt like a salted fish lying on the ground and being chopped and cut off. It was simply no fun.

“Dear, what do you want to do after killing these people?” Su Yu leaned in the arms of Cang Qiong and asked while yawning.

Cang Qiong did not know much about the outside world. So, there were not many ideas. Of course, the most important thing was that his current interests were all placed on Su Yu. Other people and things couldn’t enter his eyes: “All with you.”

Although this answer had no directionality, Su Yu still listened very happily: “Well, let me think about it.”

The few people who watched the drama and saw it almost at the same time, couldn’t help but get together.

[I have a little secret] first whispered: “God, asking weakly, we don’t know this man?”

Su Yu looked at Cang Qiong and smiled: “This is my man.”

Hearing the words, several people around him suddenly opened their eyes as if they had seen ghosts. Even one of the parties involved, Cang Qiong couldn’t help but feel a little stiff, and the hands on Su Yu’s shoulders subconsciously aggravated their strength.

Su Yu blinked indiscriminately at Cang Qiong: “Is it wrong?”

Cang Qiong with eyes as deep as the abyss stared at Su Yu for a moment, and finally nodded: “No.”

Su Yu immediately smiled and leaned back into the arms of Cang Qiong.

Looking at this scene, the expressions of several people around him started cracking quickly. Wasn’t the pot of dog food that suddenly fell down quickly, enough to dispel the strong atmosphere around them?

[Why to solve the problem] silently swallowed a bit, and asked dully: “Great God, your man is really amazing.”

Su Yu’s cheeky face nodded: “That is of course.”

[I have a little secret] opened his mouth and closed silently. He was shocked as if he had forgotten what he wanted to say.

Then [Everybody’s Lady] helped him to pick up the following words: “Great God, what guild do you want to join now?”

“No.” The original owner belonged to the kind of player who did not operate well, mainly relying on money. In addition, he always only took the initiative to contact Liu Jinjin, and Liu Jinjin obviously did not want the original owner to join [Flashy Dreams], so the original owner did not join any guilds.

As for Cang Qiong, it was even more impossible to join any guild.

[Xiaojia Biyu] immediately received: “Is there a big **** who thought about building a guild with your man?”

As soon as this was said, other people immediately followed it. The group of people were not in any guilds. It was because the group of [Flashy Dreams] was too odious. If anyone was not pleasing to their eye, they would be directly connected to the guild of the other party and bullied together, so that these few people had retired from guilds either actively or passively. Now they were all non-guild people.

Su Yu had never thought about this problem before, although he just took these people together to watch the big show, but he didn’t really care about these people, and he didn’t plan to do anything for them.

But at this time, listening to this proposal, Su Yu felt somewhat heart-warming. Anyway, he still had to stay in the game for a while. If he did nothing during this time, it seemed that it would be too boring.

However, Su Yu did not directly decide, but turned to look at Cang Qiong: “Do you know what a guild is?”

Cang Qiong nodded: “I just searched, if you like, you can play.”

Before [Xiaojia Biyu] used the word “playing”, but it was only afraid that the gods would refuse, so she used it to ease the tone, but the “playing” of Cang Qiong was obviously a real play.

“Then we will build a guild to play, but can you join the guild?” Su Yu asked, although Cang Qiong was different from other NPCs, he was named NPC after all.

Cang Qiong nodded again: “Yes.”

Others felt that this conversation was a bit strange, but as long as the results were good, they were already very happy.

[Yushu Linfeng] directly excitedly said: “Great God, we will follow you in the future!”

Su Yu took these words without any pressure, and smiled and said: “Well, my man and I will bring you together to get rich and embark to the peak of life.”

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