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Waiting for it, the great career of Liu Jinjin was finally completed, turning her from a high-profile player who was close to full level, with a luxurious dress, and equipped with high equipment into a 0-level trumpet. By the time it finished, it was already nearly an hour later.

At this time, Liu Jinjin’s side had scattered a lot of beautiful equipment that fell from her, but no one was interested in these equipments. They just wanted to leave this horrible place as soon as possible and forget this horrible memory.

As for the protagonist Yiqu Huahua, he was afraid that no one’s mood was worse than his mood. So many people were watching him kill a woman who he had almost entered into a relationship with. He was afraid that there was nothing more shameful in this world. It was even more irritating.

After doing this, he had to open his mouth first: “Can we go now?”

Su Yu quickly nodded, looking at Yiqu Huahua with a smile: “Yes, you can now take these brethren who were saved by you by killing a woman.”

In fact, Su Yu did not want to be so generous. What he said before was that if Yiqu Huahua turned Liu Jinjin white, he would consider letting go of these people, but never said that he would definitely let them go.

Therefore, it was very cheeky to say that Su Yu’s original intention was to look at Yiqu Huahua and illuminate Liu Jinjin’s turn, let the two of them show their love each other, and then let the squad turn the group of [Flashy Dreams] into ruins. Yiqu Huahua could then live or die.

But now Su Yu had changed his mind. It was not that he felt that if he did it, it would be too much, but he had just decided to establish a guild. Since the guild was to be established, it must be a wave, and if there was no “opponent”, how could they do it?

Although the group of [Flashy Dreams] was not really regarded as an opponent at all but the number of [Flashy Dreams] was still quite a lot, so he could always play with them.

Of course, there was another reason. After seeing the process of Yiqu Huahua killing Liu Jinjin, Su Yu deeply realized that the manual rotation was too much trouble, so why should he let his lover waste this strength.

Su Yu clearly said these humiliating and ironic words, so Yiqu Huahua was very embarrassed, but could only clench the sword in his hand, then walk out along the narrow passages that were automatically vacated in the crowd, step by step.

The other people present did not have the strength to express any feelings. Everything they had just witnessed had left a very deep impression on them. They were afraid that they would not forget this before they completely left the game.

This was the first time they had experienced the heavy shadows that they had brought to others in the game. This was the first time they had felt the real feelings of the gamers who had been bullied by them. The shadows that lie with them made staying in the game feel difficult for them to accept, and they even had the illusion of having breathing difficulties.

Therefore, after the end of this event, many people had chosen to quit the game directly, return to the real world to heal the recovery, before they also tried to quit the game, but they all failed.

As for Su Yu and others, it was natural to go happily to apply for a guild, but when he just left, he was stopped by a crying voice.

“Liu Feng…” Liu Jinjin was still lying on the ground and looked very pitiful.

Su Yu looked back at Liu Jinjin and his eyes were cold.

Liu Jinjin was frozen by this gaze and trembled: “Liu Feng, I know that I have done too many wrong things before, you can’t forgive me, but I really understand my wrong now.”

“If you want to talk to me about these words, then you still swallow them back.” Su Yu sneered.

Liu Jinjin bit her lip and looked at the equipment that had fallen around her. “I just want to make up for my mistakes. These equipments were bought for me, as well as the props and clothes in my backpack by you. They should be returned to you. Can you open a trade?”

After hearing this, Su Yu’s first reaction was how could this person be so shameless? At the same time, he thought Liu Jinjin’s words were very ridiculous.

“Liu Jinjin, I see that you are dead, don’t change it, okay?” Su Yu laughed, unceremoniously, “If you really know what you did was wrong, you shouldn’t take these things out to disgust me. After someone has used something, who would be willing to ask for them back?”

In a word, Liu Jinjin was rendered speechless and could only whimper again.

Su Yu did not feel pity or cherish the jade, seeing Liu Jinjin crying badly, he added another sentence: “Also reminding you again, if you really want to make up, you better let yourself suffer a bit, and also don’t appear in front of me, understand?”

After the talk, Su Yu didn’t even look at Liu Jinjin, he took Cang Qiong the others directly to build a guild. Then they encountered the first problem facing the establishment of the guild.

“I think the name of the guild should be called [Cang Qiong] directly. What do you think?” Although Su Yu asked everyone, his eyes fell on Cang Qiong

Cang Qiong was naturally without opinions, but others had great opinions.

I am a bug: “Boss, although I also feel that [Beep-] [Beep-] is very nice, but now, except for you, we can’t send out the sound of [Beep——][Beep——], this… …”

Yushu Linfeng: “Yes, [Beep——] [Beep-] These two words are now only two bosses, if you really call the name [Beep——][Beep——], later recruiting people would also be a little troublesome.”

Xiaojia Biyu: “[Beep——][Beep-]] Not just can’t say it, even typing will become two asterisks        o (╯ ╰ ╰) o.”

“…” Su Yu listened to the “[Beep——][Beep——]” in his ears, and felt that the whole person was not good, and he held his forehead. “What do you think the guild should be called?”

Although it had not been verified, Su Yu probably knew that the reason why only Cang Qiong and himself could say these two words, it should be related to Cang Qiong.

Perhaps Cang Qiong could directly lift this taboo-like existence, but Su Yu did not want to do this. Although this was a taboo for others, it was a privilege for him to prove that he was special to Cang Qiong. In his mind, he was different from other people, so how could he personally give up this privilege?

I have a little secret: “I feel that it is very domineering to call [The domineering alliance].”

Why do you solve the problem: “Pull it down, the name of the soil you are losing, you want to come out, I think it is better to call [In the past year], isn’t there a sensation of art?”

Xiaojia Biyu: “Let’s pull it down, our boss is so domineering, what style of literature is it?”

Everyone’s Lady: “Yes, right, it’s better to call Bixiu Pavilion. Is it good to listen?”

Yushu Linfeng: “You two are pulling down. Do you think this name can be linked to domineering? And if you really call this name, it is estimated that everyone will think that this guild has only both of you?”


After some controversy, they still didn’t get any results. It was Su Yu’s last hammering and he determined the name of the guild: “It’s called Qitiange.”

No one else had any opinions, but Cang Qiong asked: “Why is Qitiange?”

Su Yu thought for a moment and smiled slightly: “This is a secret, but do you think this name is not good?”

Cang Qiong was silent, then nodded: “Good.”

Su Yu turned to other people: “So our guild will be called this name?”

Others naturally had no objections. When Su Yu used the construct a guild option to successfully build a guild, everyone immediately applied for it, and then they all said the same sentence: “It feels good to have a guild.”

However, compared to [Flashy Dreams], their guild numbers were still too small. There were only ten people in total, but Su Yu’s emphasis was never on quantity, but on strength. Even if there were only two people in this guild, he and Cang Qiong. It was enough in this game.

After the establishment of the guild, in addition to attracting new members, the most important thing was to carry out the hardware construction of the guild first, which directly determined whether your guild would have small huts without any force, or a magnificent palace.

However, in this matter, Su Yu only cared about the results, and did not want to go through the process, so he threw the matter to everyone to show them, and he himself went to do things with Cang Qiong.

Su Yu took Cang Qiong and walked toward an old man, and asked: “Can Cang Qiong marry someone else?”

Hearing the words, Cang Qiong frowned slightly, glaring at Su Yu’s hand: “Why should I be married to other people? I will only be married with you.”

“Don’t be angry, I just want to ask if you can get married,” Su Yu smiled and patted the back of the hand of Cang Qiong, smiled and said, “Since you are so active, then I will not say something, let’s go together.”

“Okay.” The wrinkled brow fell, but the corner of his mouth was slightly hooked up.

He hadn’t seen less of those who had gotten married in the game, but at the time he only thought that those people were very bored. It was just that when the matter fell on himself, it didn’t seem so boring like in the imagination, but it made him feel a little…?

In this game, getting married was a very simple matter. As long as you bought a marriage sachet and exchanged it, you could successfully become a couple, but it was only if you have two players, one male and one female.

In other words, for ordinary players, only the opposite **** could be a partner, the same **** did not have this right, if two men wanted to be a couple, there must be a demon.

However, this rule was in front of Cang Qiong, obviously it had to be abolished, how could men and men not get married? Su Yu said that this was simply a paradox.

Su Yu was a little unhappy and jumped in the arms of Cang Qiong: “Dear, I think that marriage should not be divided between men and women. What do you think?”

Cang Qiong that had been blown by the wind did not have any discretion and nodded: “You are right.”

“Is this rule changed?” Su Yu continued to blow the wind.

Cang Qiong nodded again.

“Then you change this rule quickly, and you must let every player know.” Su Yu smiled with satisfaction and made a request by the way.

Cang Qiong nodded again, and then, the whole game world was seen. Every game player floated a pink, floating petal screen.

[Instantly, players in the game will no longer distinguish between genders, and same-sex can also be a partner!!!]

[Instantly, players in the game will no longer distinguish between genders, and same-sex can also be a partner!!!]

[Instantly, players in the game will no longer distinguish between genders, and same-sex can also be a partner!!!]


Su Yu was stunned and looked at this unshielded bomb screen brush over and over again, and his heart felt sweet to death, and he decisively took his lover to hurry.

After exchanging the sachets, the two men successfully became husbands, but they had not had time to kiss each other, when the whole world was instantly blown up, and the bulletin was bounced out.

[Congratulations to the players, Suzha Cangqiong and Cang Qiong are married as husbands, I wish the two a hundred years of good, and never give up!!!

[Congratulations to the players, Suzha Cangqiong and Cang Qiong are married as husbands, and they have won half of the East Magic continent!!!]

[Congratulations to the player, Suzha Beep Beep, the gods, and the gods!!!]

[Congratulations to the players, on the marriage of Cang Qiong, the melting of the phantom snow mountain, the smooth unlocking of the western fantasy continent, opening up a new map!!!]

[The game is about to be updated, please the players go offline as soon as possible within 10 minutes, otherwise we would be forced to kick you out!!!]

Su Yu: “…” Wait, he was just getting married, was there need for such a big move?!

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