KHSW Ch. 308

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“Let go.” The captain said hoarsely as his throat was pressed against Ling Xi’s elbow.

Only then did Ling Xi loosen her arms…

Shen Bingqian looked at Ling Xi with some jealousy. When she was in college, she was obviously the school beauty, she was the one who was admired by everybody, but now no matter what she did, she became Ling Xi’s foil.

The captain looked at Ling Xi with satisfaction and asked, “Have you practiced before?”

“Reporting to Captain, yes.”

The captain nodded thoughtfully. Although Ling Xi was an entertainer, her resilience and ability were exactly what their soldiers needed. He could even follow suit by saying that Ling Xi was a girl who was delayed by acting. Otherwise she could have been the “King of Soldiers”.


Hearing the captain’s evaluation, the other male soldiers’ hearts exploded. It was so difficult for them to get the captain’s affirmation of “good”. They didn’t expect the captain to give it to Ling Xi so easily.

Hearing the captain say “Good”, Ling Xi’s eyes brightened, “Thank you, captain.”

When she walked out of the gym, Shen Bingqian called her from behind, “Ling Xi, why are you here? We were looking for you everywhere.”

Ling Xi heard Shen Bingqian’s voice, turned her face slowly, and said indifferently, “What’s wrong?”

“We heard that you were disqualified from flying? We were worried that you would be sad, so we were all looking for you.” A calculating light flashed in Shen Bingqian’s eyes, and she continued, “By the way, I just saw Chi Jingyu, he also went around asking others if they saw you, and then someone told him that you might have gone to the back mountain.”

Ling Xi frowned. Although she felt that Shen Bingqian was a little unreliable, she felt that Shen Bingqian would not lie about this matter.

“How long has he been gone?”

“It’s been about fifteen minutes.”

If it was fifteen minutes, he should be able to find him by herself.

Looking at Ling Xi’s back, Shen Bingqian pursed her lips proudly. There were many hunting traps on the back mountain, even if she stepped on one…

Not long after, she saw “Chi Jingyu” again, and immediately dodged to avoid it.

When Xu Yizhi entered the gym, he saw that there was still no Ling Xi. He took a casual glance and saw the squad leader limping out, and then stepped forward, “Squad leader, did you see Ling Xi?”

The squad leader’s dark face instantly changed, “She just walked out from here.”

Xu Yizhi asked casually, “Squad leader, what’s wrong with you?”

Of course, the squad leader would not say that he was thrown by Ling Xi, “It’s nothing, you are looking for her, right? Then go quickly!”

Xu Yizhi saw a familiar figure from a distance, and followed her.

He followed her all the way out of the training ground, and walked to the back hill where they ran cross-country last time.

When they ran cross-country before, they all circled around the perimeter, but Ling Xi went into the mountain, and Xu Yizhi followed.

“This damned Shen Bingqian, was she lying to me?”

Ling Xi was suspicious. If Chi Jingyu really entered this mountain, it would be very dangerous. One had to always pay attention to the possible traps under your feet on this mountain.

After searching for a long time, she couldn’t even find anyone, so she started to shout, “Chi Jingyu, Chi Jingyu.”

Xu Yizhi, who was following behind, thought that Ling Xi had discovered him, so he stood up and responded, “Ling Xi.”

Hearing Chi Jingyu’s voice, Ling Xi was relieved and walked towards him, “I didn’t expect you to come here.”

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