KHSW Ch. 309

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Just when Ling Xi was about to walk up to “Chi Jingyu”, she stepped on the ground without paying attention.


As if it was just a split second, “Chi Jingyu” flew over without even thinking about it, and threw himself under Ling Xi’s body.

“Plop—” The sound of a heavy object falling, as well as the muffled groans of the two, came from the trap more than three meters deep.



Ling Xi slowly got up from “Chi Jingyu”. She didn’t expect that he would be her own “meat pad” at the critical moment, and looked at him worriedly, “Jingyu, why did you jump off too? Are you okay?”

Fortunately, there was snow under here, and nothing else was placed, otherwise their lives could not be accounted for here.

“Chi Jingyu” sat up slowly, feeling like his bones were about to be broken, but comforted her softly, “I’m fine.”

Ling Xi suddenly felt that this scene was very familiar. Before she was reborn, Yizhi was like this under her body…

“Jingyu, can you still move?”

“Chi Jingyu” shook his head lightly, “I can’t move for now, just let me lie down for a while.”

“Then  how to do it?”

“It’s okay, I will be fine in a while.”

Ling Xi looked up, it was so high, and there was nothing, how could she go up?

“By the way, why did you come here to find me?” Ling Xi emphasized the word “here”.

“I saw you coming from the gym to the back mountain, so I followed all the way.”


Hearing what Chi Jingyu said, she finally understood, “This Shen Bingqian has really become the same as Ou Mengxue.”

“What happened?”

Xu Yizhi’s eyes tightened.

“It was she who told me that you came to the back of the mountain to look for me, that’s why I came to look for you. It seems that she has begun to lose her humanity just like Ou Mengxue.”

Hearing Ling Xi’s words, Xu Yizhi couldn’t help frowning.

He only heard Ling Xi continue to say: “But how do we get out now?”

There was no mobile phone, no rattan, no dagger, and the cameraman uncle was also not around. The trap was so wide, it seemed that they could only wait for others to rescue.

Ling Xi sat aside discouragedly, “Jingyu, it would have been great if you hadn’t jumped down with me just now, but now you are injured too, and we still can’t get out.”

“Chi Jingyu” said in his heart: How can I bear to watch you get hurt?

“If you get hurt, won’t my brother ask me for it?”

Hearing his words, Ling Xi’s heart was moved, “Jingyu, thank you.”

“Have you found Ling Xi and Chi Jingyu?”

“Report to the captain, they are not found.”

“Captain, they are not found.”

Hearing Li Ming and Yu Jiayin’s words, the captain’s eyes were full of doubts and worries. Where did these two people go?

Shen Bingqian was still sleeping in the dormitory at this time, Bing Yanyan rushed in, “Shen Bingqian, do you know where Ling Xi has gone?”

Shen Bingqian was dissatisfied with others disturbing her clear dream, “Don’t disturb me.”

Bing Yanyan felt Shen Bingqian’s selfishness, it was like this last time, and it was like this again now, fortunately Ling Xi didn’t care about her.

“Someone saw you talking to Ling Xi today.”

The sleepy bugs in Shen Bingqian’s head disappeared all of a sudden, and she poked her head out from under the quilt, “I talked to Ling Xi, but I don’t know where she went.”

Just when Bing Yanyan was about to say something, she heard the assembly horn downstairs.

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