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However, the red envelope was not sent out in the end. The black cat took out the contents of the red envelope and continued to watch the screen quietly.

After the surprise, Xu Maomao carefully put away the transformation potion, and put it in the big backpack named “My Collection”, and then slowly opened the other two red envelopes, which were [Mrs. Lili’s Hairdressing Shampoo 20ml] and [Styling spray from Huahua 4ml], from the name, the two red envelopes should be biased towards beauty and body. As a human being, Xu Maomao was naturally not interested in hair styling. Besides, he was now a house cat, and Shen Yu would also comb, bathe and groom him well, so he also collected these two bottles and classified them in “temporarily unused”.

After deducting the 10 million in his current assets, there were still more than 700,000 yuan left; all the transformation potion 2.0 had a total of 20 hours, and the voice potion had nearly 20,000 words. These accumulations could make him have enough time to deal with any emergencies. In addition, there were other miscellaneous small red envelopes, in addition to the shampoo and spray just drawn, there were four or five cans of rice, cat toys produced by Michelle, and the scroll “Network” specially given to him by Alalai Red Cat’s Self-Cultivation Rules”……

His liquid assets and real estate were quite considerable in the red envelope group, which could reach the middle class.

Like a little hamster, Xu Maomao treasured all his belongings before closing the big backpack with satisfaction and returning to the red envelope group.

The group was noisy, and after a careful look at the chat records, Xu Maomao’s head was full of black lines. Could it be that after announcing that he was gay, was there still someone who still didn’t give up on him? Hey, my blue face is a disaster!

In addition to complaining about not getting the red envelopes from their beloved gods or goddesses, everyone was still sharing what they had drawn.

[Migu]: (*@ο@*) Wow~ Migu got the three-pronged cat stick! It’s fun, hee hee hee

[Mu Jiang]: Bow tie

[Xiaoxuetuan]: Nail nail art!

[Zhilan]: Brother Oscar’s 3 love points!

[Michelle]: (#‵′) Damn, who is so cheeky to send me fruit photos! Surprise night is almost turning into scare night!

Xu Maomao looked at the collapsed Michelle and laughed. All the way down, he saw a lot of interesting things. For example, a newcomer to the group a few days ago was a cat named [Void Meow Lord], who had sent a magic potion—invisibility spray, but Xu Maomao didn’t get it.

Maybe in a few days these weird things would be in the mall, just thinking about it made him look forward to it!

[Ginger]: Everyone has received gifts~~

All the cats: Raise their paws!

[Ginger]: Then it’s my turn to deliver, have you all raised your tails in anticipation!

All the cats: …

Don’t send photos of you old man, your heroic appearance has already been imprinted in our aunt’s mind.

Ginger probably made up his mind to whet their appetite and was still talking there.

[Ginger]: This thing has been with me for tens of thousands of years, and countless efforts and sweat have been condensed in every tiny bit! This seat can guarantee that it will definitely shock the entire demon world if it is taken out! If it weren’t for the fact that you and I are in the same group, I would still be reluctant to part with the first surprise night again. You kittens are so lucky…

[Heimang]: Hurry up and don’t post so much, I’m in a hurry

All the cats: Shocked, jpg this is a newcomer, right? Very courageous!

But there was no doubt that all the cats raised their tails in awe of him, he dared to publicly challenge the authority of the group leader, strong!

Ginger was struck dumb, when Xu Maomao thought he was going to stuff poor Heimang with a rag, Ginger gave in!

[Ginger]: Tsk, you are just impatient, well, stop talking nonsense, now—bless you!

In the next second, a lucky bag appeared on the chat group page.

This lucky bag may be specially customized, and its appearance was different from ordinary red envelopes. There were snow-white little angel wings hanging on both sides, and the center of the red envelope exuded a holy light!

Xu Maomao swallowed his saliva, covered his eyes—in case the group leader’s fruit photo was too hot, and opened it slowly.

Usually, when the red envelope was snatched, there would be a short jingle, but this red envelope was very magical, and there was a melodious Sanskrit singing in the ear, which made people calm down in those few seconds, and there was a warm current in the whole body.

When Xu Maomao opened his eyes, he saw a ray of light appearing on the page, a gentle, non-glare soft sphere of light.

He moved his paw up, and it was displayed as [Ginger’s Blessing], and there was a row of small notes underneath: five years.

Xu Maomao, who didn’t know what it was, didn’t dare to use it indiscriminately, but went back to the group to read the instructions.

As a result, the group had exploded!

[Rice]: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are too generous!

[Michelle]: My, my heart is almost trembling!!!

[Zhilan]: Kneel down! Ten years, ten years!

[Mu Jiang]: Three, three years!

[Migu]: She’s so scared that Mu Jiang sister can’t type Martian text

[Mu Jiang]: 厈嚸莣ㄋ, Lai! ③哖, meow! (Almost forgot, do it all over again! Three years, meow!)

[Little boy]: What are you learning? You are still inferior ㄋ嚸 (Learning Martian with me? You are a little inferior)

[Fat Mimi]: Ten months!


Various exclamation marked with the year continued to scroll down, Xu Maomao scrolled up the page in a daze, and almost knelt down when he saw the meaning of blessing.

[Ginger]: This is this seat’s cultivation, and I have allocated a hundred years to make you happy, hum!

Fix, fix, fix, do it!?

Xu Maomao was different from many of the so-called enlightenment of spiritual knowledge in the group, and he even had a cultivation base, but he was also a person who had written novels, and he knew how precious a cultivation base was. The twelfth floor would take decades, this blessing from Ginger was not only generous, it was simply too precious and heavy, it could be called immeasurable merit!

Even if it was only a small part of the tens of thousands of years of cultivation, it was amazing! And for someone as powerful as Ginger, I am afraid that every drop of his cultivation base must be extremely pure, far superior to ordinary demons! It was no less than giving a big helping hand directly!

[Ginger]: I know that most of you kittens are still unable to change form. As a senior, I would like to mention a little bit. Although the cultivation level is not much, it can have various wonderful benefits when integrated into the body

[Migu]: Migu doesn’t understand, I haven’t practiced it before, will this practice help Migu?

[Void Meow Lord]: Cultivators can improve their cultivation base. Those of you who have just opened up your spiritual intelligence can also strengthen your bodies. For those who have not yet developed your spiritual intelligence, you can speed up your enlightenment, or you can directly awaken and become cats with spiritual knowledge.

All the cats immediately wowed and meowed collectively, and almost couldn’t wait to incorporate the cultivation into their body!

[Michelle]: The body feels warm

[Migu]: (*@ο@*) It feels more magical than catnip!

[Alalei]: Thank you, group leader

[Ginger]: Humph, don’t be obsessed with this seat, this seat is just a legend

He had started to take credit while being narcissistic again, but this time everyone was very supportive, some of those who were not active on weekdays even plucked up the courage to send it an exclusive red envelope to express their gratitude. After all, this gift was too expensive.

Xu Maomao naturally understood its value, but after thinking about it, the ultimate goal of these cats’ cultivation was to transform into human form, and since he was already in human form, it seemed meaningless to eat that ball of light. Besides, Ginger was a cat, and he was a human being, so he didn’t know if he would be rejected if he ate it…

So he put [Blessing of Ginger] into “My Favorites”.

After worshiping the great group leader for a while in the group, they started to get bored again. Many cats were not satisfied with just receiving gifts from three cats, nor were they satisfied with just giving gifts to three gifts, so they all expressed that they would give exclusive red envelopes to other cats.

Many of the female cats shyly expressed that they would give Xu Maomao a red envelope for the surprise night.

Meow, my blue face is a disaster! Let’s keep a low profile as a cat.

[Oscar]: I really don’t want it anymore, I have already received a very good gift today, thank you everyone!

But even though Xu Maomao repeatedly emphasized that he would not accept it, they still sent him a surprise red envelope specially prepared by him.

There were seven or eight in total, each of which was a pink red envelope, but Xu Maomao didn’t dare to order any of them, and he was too embarrassed to log off or refuse directly, so he simply changed his status to “busy” and pretended not to be there, so that when the time was up, their red envelopes would be returned automatically, and there was no need for him to reject them one by one.

Alalei and Dr. Mi sent a private chat to ask about the red envelope, Xu Maomao explained to them his good intentions and congratulated each other.

Xu Maomao was in the red envelope group, and Shen Yu was going crazy.

There were a lot of customers coming to the store during Christmas, especially during the daytime. Many people were rushing to groom their pets before Christmas Eve and planned to take them out together. City B held pet parties every year, and many pet masters looked forward to it.

Before Shen Yu pierced Xu Maomao’s vest, he had also thought about going to a carnival with Oscar on this day, but after knowing that Oscar was actually a living person, he had to cancel this plan.

But how could Christmas Eve live up to the short spring night? What’s more, that big living person was the object of his heart, Shen Yu didn’t intend to waste this opportunity.

So he worked hard all day long, until after seven o’clock in the evening, when the work in the pet shop was finally finished.

“Thank you for your hard work, let’s go back to celebrate the festival today!” Shen Yu said to all the shop assistants who worked overtime, “Tomorrow you are allowed to be two hours late.”

“The manager is awesome!” Xiao Guan blew a kiss, and seeing the unconcealable joy and anticipation in Shen Yu’s brows that he was about to meet his sweetheart, she asked meanly, “Does the manager also have a date? It’s Christmas Eve!”

Shen Yu secretly glanced at the direction where Xu Maomao was squatting and found that he was laughing secretly while grabbing the air again, so he was in a good mood, but trying to cover it up, he scolded her in a low voice: “You are the only one who talks too much.”

With an expression of “seeing through everything” Xiao Guan who didn’t understand bull**it, said: “Is the manager afraid that you will go on a date and no one will be there to accompany Oscar? It’s okay, I will sacrifice my precious Christmas Eve to accompany him. You can go and play with peace of mind.”

Shen Yu said coolly: “Then you will be bald when you send the hair back tomorrow.” It was a good idea, that was Shen Yu’s future partner, how could he spend the holiday with you?

After coaxing the clerk away, Shen Yu went to hug Xu Maomao.

“Meow?” Finally got off work, are we going home?

“Go home and change clothes.” Shen Yu put it in front of his eyes and looked at him at the same level, “Then accompany me to dinner.”

Xu Maomao didn’t understand what he meant, so he meowed softly. Don’t I always have dinner with you?

Shen Yu smiled meaningfully: “The live broadcast and meeting with fans today has earned a lot of popularity.”

Speaking of this, Xu Maomao was very happy and nodded hurriedly.

“That’s good, tonight…” Shen Yu paused, “Turn into a human form and have dinner with me.”

!!! Meow!?

Xu Maomao’s eyes widened in shock.

“I know you can do it.” Shen Yu’s tone carried an undeniable determination.

Subconsciously, Xu Maomao thought of the potion he had just drawn…

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