A Cat with a Red Envelope Group (CREG) [BL]


Died young! The second day after Xu Mao Mao rejected his blind date, he turned into that guy’s cat!

Lying in the arms of the male god, his heart is suffering!

Although the male god is beautiful and can earn money to support the family, however even in his dream he still wants to change back. How! ?

Later on, he was pulled into the [Cat Alliance Red Envelope Group]

You snatched one bite of a premium canned cat food, you snatched one comfortable kennel, You snatched a pair of sapphire blue eyes, you snatched… eh? ! A 10 minute transformation potion? ! Please give me a dozen, thanks! ! ![Sorry, your love value is insufficient] What is this love value thing!

[Love value is human affection, you need it to draw red envelopes. Youth, please relentlessly sell Meng]

Chen Yu: Want to make me happy? Transform out your cat ears and tail, cannot wear clothes.

Xu Mao Mao: Can … can I put on fur…

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Tags: Comedy, Romance, Supernatural, Yaoi

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1.1: Blind Date

Chapter 1.2: Blind Date

Chapter 2: Red Envelope Group

Chapter 3.1: Love Value

Chapter 3.2: Love Value

Chapter 4: Snail Cat

Chapter 5: “Scheme”

Chapter 6

Chapter 7: Spiritual Consciousness

Chapter 8.1: Cat Crisis

Chapter 8.2: Cat Crisis

Chapter 9: Top Searches

Chapter 10: Found

Chapter 11: Cat Buys Medicine

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24.1

Chapter 24.2

Chapter 24.3

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

Chapter 27.1

Chapter 27.2

Chapter 28.1

Chapter 28.2

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Chapter 32.1

Chapter 32.2

Chapter 33

Chapter 34.1

Chapter 34.2

Chapter 35

Chapter 36.1

Chapter 36.2

Chapter 37

Chapter 38.1

Chapter 38.2

Chapter 39.1

Chapter 39.2

Chapter 40.1

Chapter 40.2

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