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As soon as he finished speaking, the red mist in the room dissipated at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the sky-shielding formation placed by the jade rabbit failed.

The fat man returned to his silly and simple look, as if he still didn’t understand the situation: “What did we talk about just now?”

“Speaking of our business.” Shen Yu said calmly, “I want to discuss it with you, what do you say, share with me the secret recipe for zongzi, and make me a batch of mooncakes.”

“Mooncakes?” The fat man exclaimed, holding his face in his hands, “But I don’t know how.”

Shen Yu: “I’ll teach you.”

Although he had never made mooncakes, he was good at cooking. The second generation rich man Shen Yu also roughly understood the key points of pie crust and pie filling. After giving the fat man a brief explanation of how to make pie crust, Chang Bao scratched his head and said puzzledly: “Boss, you know better than me, why don’t you make it yourself? Why do you want my help?”

This fat man was also saying something reasonable.

Shen Yu said expressionlessly: “Because the fillings you make for rice dumplings are more suitable for moon cakes.”

The fat man was stunned, and suddenly his body trembled: “No wonder I always kept feeling that something is wrong! It turns out that I should be making moon cakes instead of rice dumplings!”

Yueye Rabbit breathed a sigh of relief. You are sister Chang’e and not brother Qu Yuan[1], so of course you want to make mooncakes! As for why he had only made rice dumplings in the past few decades, it was probably because the Queen Mother deliberately misled or misguided her.

“Then let’s draft a cooperation letter.” Shen Yu took out a pen and paper on the spot and said while writing, “The current filling of your rice dumplings are very suitable for making five-nut fillings, but in order to have a variety of flavors, Mr. Chang can also study other types of mooncakes.”

Chang Bao rubbed his big fat hands excitedly. He was very happy to be recognized by the big boss, so he signed his name crookedly.

Shen Yu told him that a deposit would be transferred to him soon and asked him not to be careless and work out a new recipe as soon as possible. He should stop making rice dumplings and try to get the mooncakes on the market as soon as possible.

“One, one million deposit?” The fat man’s jaw almost dropped.

“You can still get dividends every year.”

The fat man was stunned for a minute, and his wife Hou Yi also woke up at this time and asked weakly: “Why did I faint again?”

“A Yi!” Chang Bao cried with joy. Holding the cooperation letter that Shen Yu had drafted temporarily, he said, “We have money!”

Hou Yi coughed and wondered: “Bao Bao, what did you say?”

Chang Bao quickly finished explaining the ins and outs of the matter at the speed of a machine gun. This team had huge ups and downs. The poor couple was so moved that they hugged each other and cried.

“We can finally do in vitro fertilization!”

Yueye Rabbit, Shen Yu, and Xu Maomao: “…”

God, you haven’t given up yet…

Chang Bao stroked Hou Yi’s face and said affectionately: “A Yi, the children you will give birth to will definitely be very beautiful.”

Hou Yi shyly buried herself in Chang Bao’s mountain-like arms: “Then I will give you many, many children.”

“…..” =口=such spicy eyes I don’t really want to eat this dog food!

And wake up! Brother Hou Yi and Sister Chang’e, it’s impossible for you to have children, okay?

Yueye Rabbit fell back with a thump, leaning on Shen Yu who was also petrified, and said angrily: “I can’t stand it anymore…”

The corner of Shen Yu’s mouth twitched: “I can’t either.”

Xu Maomao: “Meow.!” I’m dying too!

But this couple of gods were still talking to each other, and people couldn’t bear to tell them the truth.

But this visit made Yueye Rabbit finally feel relieved. Even if they changed their appearance and gender, and the Queen Mother maliciously used a hard life to make it more difficult for them to pass the level, Chang’e and Hou Yi still had a stronger love than gold. There was no need to worry that they would miss this life.

With Shen Yu’s help, their lives would be much better, and this was help from a mortal, so it did not change their heavenly luck.

Before leaving, Yueye Rabbit waved to Chang Bao: “See you in twenty years.”

Of course Chang Bao didn’t understand what it meant, but he said enthusiastically: “You can see me every day, as the advertisement said, Dabao, I will see you every day.”

“…” What a cold joke.

Back in the car, Yueye Rabbit solemnly thanked Shen Yu again: “Thank you for helping Sister E.”

He casually gave out one million and promised dividends in the future, which was really kind.

As a result, Shen Yu said calmly: “Don’t worry about it. I have been short of pocket money recently, and investing in Chang’e’s mooncake brand is a guaranteed profit.”

Yueye Rabbit’s expression became a little cracked, and he turned around with a hum, and muttered: “Humph, profiteering mortals…”

The reincarnation of Chang’e had been found, and the moon cakes – the rice dumplings had also been eaten by the Yueye Rabbit. He was too embarrassed to continue to stay at Shen Yu’s house now. Besides, it was rare to come to the human world, and there were still many places he had not experienced yet!

“Thank you for your hospitality. I won’t disturb your love nest tonight.” Yueye Rabbit winked at Xu Maomao and lowered his voice so that only he could hear, “Your brother Shen has been busy looking for mooncakes these days. I think he wishes that he could smash me the light bulb right away so that he can have sex with you!”

Xu Maomao blushed and wanted to cover his mouth. This shameless rabbit spoke amazing words all day long!

When Shen Yu heard that Rabbit was so self-aware, he was naturally very happy. He still held back the secret joy on his face and said calmly: “Do you have a place to go?”

“It’s not a big deal to sleep in the open air.” Yueye Rabbit curled his lips, “I don’t need to eat either, I’m just greedy.”

“How could I neglect Maomao’s guests?” Shen Yu said sternly, “Since you don’t want to stay at my house, I’ll book a hotel for you.”

Yueye Rabbit’s eyes lit up: “Hotel? Is it prettier than your home?”

“There is a starry sky-themed hotel in the third ring road of the city. The presidential suite is decorated like a palace on earth. The bed is round, the lighting is cloud-shaped, and the ceiling is connected to the artificial starry sky.” Shen Yu thought of something and said seductively, “Their roasted carrots have more than five flavors, among which the cheese flavor is famous throughout B City.”

Roasted carrots!

Yueye Rabbit was so excited that he could no longer maintain his human form, and his tail twitched. He kept shaking his tail and said, “Then I want to stay in a hotel!”

Shen Yu raised the corner of his mouth and sent him to the Starry Sky Hotel. At the door, he still checked in for him thoughtfully.

The original intention of Yueye Rabbit coming down to earth was to find Chang’e and have some fun. The hotel Shen Yu brought him to was very high-end and had a lot of entertainment facilities. He walked around and his eyes almost turned red from excitement. Fortunately, he still remembered to stay calm and maintain his human form at all times.

“Human, you are so awesome!” Jade Rabbit did not hesitate to praise.

Shen Yu pursed his lips, patiently and thoughtfully introduced him to some things to note when staying in a hotel and gave him a credit card to use.

When they entered the Starry Sky Presidential Suite they had booked, Xu Maomao jumped down excitedly in his arms, turned to Shen Yu and said: “(*@ο@*) Wow~ This is my first time seeing the Presidential Room. I want to take a good tour. Let’s walk slowly!”

He would just treat it as collecting material for writing stories. In the past, when he was writing the plot of a domineering president attacking Cinderella and staying in a high-end hotel, he would have to spend a long time to avoid the joke of “the emperor uses a golden hoe”. Now he could visit, of course, experiencing such a truly high-end hotel could not be missed.

Shen Yu watched him run away, and suddenly pulled Yueye Rabbit into a corner, and whispered: “Mr. Yueye Rabbit, I want to ask you to do a favor.”

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[1]Zongzi has since the days of yore been a food-offering to commemorate the death of Qu Yuan, a famous poet from the kingdom of Chu who lived during the Warring States period.

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