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More and more relay videos were uploaded on various social platforms. In a very short period of time, the imitation makeup videos for gland scars had caused the wives and husbands of dignitaries from all walks of life to show up one after another. For a while, they were full of energy and ravaged the military, political, and social circles. Business, technology, academia…

In just one day, even the students of the School of Etiquette started recording gland scar videos.

Someone with good intentions analyzed the popularity of the video of gland scars and found that the popularity of this video could not be separated from three points. The first was that the participants in the video at the beginning were either rich or popular.

The newly promoted Internet celebrity Tang Bai made a good start as the starter, and Tang Bai was born in the Tang family. In order to support her son, Mother Tang mobilized almost half of the socialite circle to support her son.

The other half of the socialite circle didn’t have much communication with Mother Tang, but under Bai Zhi’s leadership, they relayed their support one after another.

These omegas themselves may not be well-known, but their husbands were big figures from all walks of life. A group of bigwigs joined the battle, and people who liked to eat melons would click on the video out of curiosity.

The second was the release on the star network and the theme itself. The threshold for online release was low and the spread was strong. Topics such as omega glands and gland scars could attract the attention of the audience in itself. Some netizens who wanted to follow suit didn’t even need to prepare so much, simply drawing scars on the neck with a red pen was considered a success in the relay.

The third was the meaning behind this video. The imitation makeup of gland scars was not a nutritious video. It called on people to pay attention to the protection of the rights and interests of omega at the bottom of society. Because of this video, there had been spontaneous fundraising activities on the Internet. Relay this video while entertaining and you can still do charity, was there anything better than this?

Turning off the gossip analysis post which was guiding public opinion, Bai Zhi sat in the parliament building and took a sip of the steaming black tea.

On his desk was a bill that had been completed at the beginning, and the topic was “Rectification of the Red Light District.”

His green eyes were a little dazed under the dense mist, and Bai Zhi remembered that when he had seen Tang Bai’s video, he had gone to the slums on a whim to communicate with that Mr. Ling.

“Mr. Bai, you are a good congressman who fights for the rights of omega, but you are too far away from our lives, and your proposal is too idealistic, and you may not understand what the red light district means to us.”

“I voluntarily entered the red light district to work, because my father was sick at the time, and my family needed the money. Many omegas also had to enter the red light district to make a living. But in your words, they were kidnapped and sold into the red light district. The red light district affects too many people’s interests, it is a gray industry, rather than getting rid of the red-light district, let the government give us other career options.”

“Actually, I hope the government can pay more attention to the resettlement of omega from the red-light district.”

“Those omegas are in their fifties and sixties, and because their glands were removed, their health is worse than that of their peers, they have no fertility, no ability to work, maybe even a sexually transmitted disease, then they could only live on the street after being abandoned by the red light district, and would die quietly in a short time, without even an intact corpse.”

“If the government can build a nursing home for these people, I think this will be the greatest improvement in our lives at this stage.”

Bai Zhi blew lightly into the teacup, looking into the cup. Tang Bai’s phrase “pretending to be an intellectual sister” during the live broadcast appeared in his mind for no reason.

In fact, before Tang Bai’s imitation makeup video, he didn’t expect the response to be so good. Maybe some people were born with the buff of being popular everywhere- full of vitality, kind and warm, lovely and sunny.

He was also a noble omega but possessed the warmth that he lacked.

Bai Zhi put down his teacup, discarded the proposal on the table, and under the light, he began to write a new proposal.

He wrote very seriously.


Tang Bai found out that his author account was @[email protected] by a reader, and what he was given was the result report of the preliminary round of the Mecha Manufacturing Competition!

For a moment, Tang Bai thought that his vest had fallen off, but when he clicked in, he found that the readers were happily sharing with him the joy of “fiction reflected in reality”: Look, sir! Your fan signed up with the name “Jun Tongchen” and entered the semi-finals! It’s really well organized!!!

Tang Bai, who organized it himself: “…”

The results of the preliminary competition of the Mecha Manufacturing Competition were announced directly on the official website, and it was also good that he was reminded by this reader since he was too busy recently and almost forgot about this competition.

He clicked on the official website and saw a list sorted by the results of the preliminary competition. The pink rabbit mecha stepped on the heads of all the mechas and won the first place in the preliminary competition.

There were a total of ten judges in the preliminary competition, from the military department, parliament, financial institution, federal military academy, weapons research institute, and five well-known mecha makers. The configuration was three military and political fathers and seven professionals.

The results of the preliminary round were scored by ten judges, and the mech simulator would intelligently estimate the scores of each contestant’s work, as a reference for netizens.

Tang Bai’s design drawing got the highest score in the audience, among which the seven professional mecha makers judges gave the score of eight or nine points. The comments paid more attention to the innovation and comprehensive strength of this mecha, and they said a lot from a professional point of view, but netizens couldn’t understand either, and what everyone liked to read were the comments of the other three judges.

Look, the concerns of the three military and political fathers were different.

Because the materials Tang Bai chose were expensive, the Minister of Finance commented that he used a lot of fancy but not practical materials. So the judge thought that the mecha was not cost-effective and gave Tang Bai seven points.

And a judge from the military department thought that Tang Bai’s design did not have much practical value in war and gave Tang Bai seven points.

However, there were historical records in the score records. Netizens found that in the first version of the score, the judge only gave Tang Bai six points, remarking that the pink and rabbit shape made it easy to attract the attention of the enemy, which made it a useless design.

Then the military judge received a comment from the council judge Bai Zhi: “The contestant used the latest memory metal, which can change the appearance of the mech. The contestant also prepared the appearance of cats, dogs and other mechas and the appearance of normal mechas for the mecha.”

So the judges of the military department changed the score silently.

Netizens who were eating melons: “!!!”

Netizens who ate melons found that Bai Zhi gave “Jun Tongchen” a perfect score of 10, and the comments also emphasized the high level of thinking of “Jun Tongchen”, thinking that this omega could also be operated by Omegas, so the Mecha broke the traditional AO stereotype.

The 10 points Bai Zhi gave to “Jun Tongchen” were the only 10 points in the competition, which could be said to be an undisguised preference.

With Bai Zhi’s ten points, “Jun Tongchen” topped the list by one point more than the second place “Cheng Yangbin”.

For a while, many people on the Internet raised doubts. Apart from the remarks attacking the appearance of the mecha, the biggest voices of doubt were marketing and backdoor accounts.

A netizen said this:

Recently, imitation makeup for gland scars has become popular. In Tang Bai’s first video, Tang Bai mentioned “Jun Tongchen”. The novel “This Omega is a Master Mecha Builder” has gained amazing popularity.

Councilor Bai Zhi has always been an O rights activist. He not only participated in the relay activity of the imitation makeup video, but also reposted and liked the star network message of the original author of “This Omega is a Mecha Maker”.

Can we think that the 10 given by the judge Bai Zhi is not because of the mech itself, but because of the contestant’s “Jun Tongchen” ID name?

An official, well-known, authoritative and fair mech manufacturing competition had such a playful score, which was unfair to other serious players participating in the competition, and an insult to the IQ of us audiences!

This star network message had received countless likes, and many replies were still complaining bitterly:

“I couldn’t watch the video of gland imitation makeup for a long time. Don’t sell it, okay. I surf the Internet for pleasure, not for understanding the sufferings of the world.”

“”This Omega is a Master of Mecha Manufacturing” is promoting AO opposition, it should be a banned/book, can the website be blocked?”

“I am speechless, how miserable are the omega in the slums. It’s hard, but we Alphas are also having a hard time, why doesn’t anyone sympathize with us and donate money to us?”


Soon there was a trending search for #Mecha Manufacturing Competition Black List# on the gossip list of airborne interstellar entertainment, yes here, the official jury clarified that the judges conducted a formal evaluation of the mechs of the “Jun Tongchen” contestant, and the evaluation results were fair and just, and there was no shady matters behind the scenes. However, most of the replies under this message were showing disbelief.

In desperation, the officials had no choice but to find Tang Bai’s trumpet and ask Tang Bai if he would like to make the evaluation process public.

The attitude of the official staff was very humble, because if the detailed evaluation of the players’ mechs was disclosed in advance, it would not be good for the finals. If “Jun Tongchen” was not willing to cooperate with them, they couldn’t force it.

After a while, they received a reply from “Jun Tongchen”: “Yes, but I want to appoint a tester.”

The official staff: “Who is the tester you want to recommend?”

“Xie Ruheng.”

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