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Tang Bai looked at the list of preliminary results, and his eyes stayed on the ID of the second place “Cheng Yangbin”, and it didn’t leave for a long time.

The ID names of the contestants in the mecha manufacturing competition were filled in by the contestants themselves, some would fill in their real names, and some would fill in their code names or screen names.

If the name “Cheng Yangbin” was his real name, then what a coincidence, he had met the noble alpha who raped Lu An in the book.

What’s more, his score was one point higher than Cheng Yangbin’s. The IDs of the two were close to each other, making Tang Bai feel physically sick.

Cheng Yangbin in the book did not take up too much space. He had a sense of presence in the military academy chapter as the chief of the mechanical department. After graduation, he entered Parliament as a representative and an outstanding young mech maker. In the parliament, he and Bai Zhi were from two opposite factions.

Bai Zhi advocated improving the rights and interests of omega, while Cheng Yangbin advocated exploiting the interests of omega and common people.

It was also mentioned in the book that the Qin family was actually the puppet of the Cheng family. On the surface, the Qin family had mastered the energy crystal ore and divided up the human resources in the slums. In fact, most of the benefits of the Qin family had been provided to the Cheng family. The Cheng family’s appetite was getting bigger and bigger, and they finally even sold the energy spar to the Empire…

When Cheng Yangbin was killed by Xie Ruheng himself, Gu Tunan and Bai Zhi investigated many of Cheng Yangbin’s crimes in order to help Xie Ruheng get rid of the murder charge. One of his shady crimes was bribing the judges when participating in the mecha manufacturing competition, and the mecha design drawings were not made by Cheng Yangbin himself, but the Cheng family bought them from a mecha designer in the empire.

The book did not clearly mention which mecha manufacturing competition Cheng Yangbin participated in. Tang Bai had been paying attention to this competition before, so he knew that it was not the previous competition. He thought it might be the competition next year or the year after next. Unexpectedly, Cheng Yangbin was participating in this year’s competition.


The expressionless Tang Bai showed a cute smile, and he replied to the official staff: “I hope that during the evaluation, I can let my mecha compete with the second contestant’s mecha.”

Official staff: “!!!”

Official staff: “Are you sure you want to compete with Cheng Yangbin in the evaluation? Although his score is only one point lower than yours, Cheng Yangbin’s overall mecha strength is very strong. If you lose to Cheng Yangbin in the evaluation, the official ranking of your mecha may be adjusted.”

In this mecha manufacturing competition, Cheng Yangbin was very popular, and many people speculated that he would win the championship and was praised by netizens as a once-in-a-century mecha manufacturing genius.

Why was it a hundred years, because the last mecha manufacturing genius was Tang Bai’s grandfather.

This time Tang Bai narrowly beat Cheng Yangbin by one point. Not only did netizens say that there was some shady deal, but even the staff were secretly discussing this ranking. Many people thought that if it wasn’t for the malicious scoring of Bai Zhi, an omega who didn’t understand mechas and manufacturing of mechas, Cheng Yangbin would definitely be number one.

There were also many people who thought that Bai Zhi was the enemy of A, so he was deliberately suppressing potential newcomers, thus #omega roll out of the machine armor manufacturing circle# this topic had climbed to the top of the interstellar entertainment gossip list.

And the novel written by Tang Bai was also reprimanded by a group of sightseeing groups. The reason for the repudiation was the topic “Omega got out of the mecha manufacturing circle”. The website was forced to lock the article because of too many reports, which made Tang Bai suspect that someone was maliciously guiding the public opinion, attacking him and Bai Zhi, and it was mainly aimed at Bai Zhi, and his vests should have been shot by the way.

Tang Bai: “I’m sure. Since many people think that the judges have lowered Cheng Yangbin’s score, it is better to also evaluate Cheng Yangbin’s mech in this evaluation, so that everyone can see who is the real number one. [ Smile.jpg]”

The staff sent Tang Bai a sweaty emoticon pack, why not: “We need to consult Cheng Yangbin’s opinion.”

Tang Bai: “Okay. [Smile.jpg]”

Soybean’s smiling face perfectly reflected Tang Bai at this moment, he was in the mood for a prank, and he waited for a while, but he did not wait for a reply from the staff, but received a private message from Bai Zhi:

“Contestant Jun Tongchen, I heard the news that you asked to conduct a public test with Cheng Yangbin’s mecha, and Cheng Yangbin said he would accept, but I have to be excluded when the evaluation is required, and only the other nine judges will score. When I can’t help you with the evaluation, are you sure you want to continue the public evaluation with Cheng Yangbin?”

After Bai Zhi sent this passage, he quietly waited for the contestant’s reply. At first, he admired this “Jun Tongchen” contestant and his design concept.

Because “Jun Tongchen” had designed a mecha that could also be manipulated by omegas, which had never been done before. He thought this was a great innovation, and it was a step forward in the history of mechas, so Bai Zhi gave it a very high score.

But “Jun Tongchen”‘s performance this time was a bit too reckless, and there was nothing to blame him for wanting to cooperate with the official staff to clarify himself, but at the same time as clarifying, he also wanted to challenge Cheng Yangbin, this behavior was really too impulsive.

If Cheng Yangbin was the first in this preliminary competition, it would have a certain impact on his next series of plans.

If “Jun Tongchen” couldn’t win the championship, then he had to choose his backup plan, but for now Bai Zhi decided to see Tang Bai’s performance first.

Tang Bai, who knew nothing about the boss’s complex psychological activities: “Thank you for caring about me!”

“Please rest assured! I didn’t make this decision on impulse. I’m sure that I want to continue to challenge Cheng Yangbin!”

After reading this silly and sweet reply, Bai Zhi actually thought of the little omega of the Tang family who was stupid and rich in money.

It must be his illusion.

Bai Zhi: “Okay.”

Bai Zhi: “[Horse to Success.jpg]”

A steed galloped on the blue sky and green grass, and four bright and flashing fonts blinded Tang Bai’s eyes.

Tang Bai: “[Horse to Success.jpg]”

Once you accept the setting of this retro trendy emoticon package, your mood would suddenly rise!

Two steeds galloped recklessly on the grassy prairie, creating an extremely harmonious atmosphere.

The conversation that happened next was indeed similar to what Bai Zhi said. Tang Bai accepted the evaluation conditions of the other nine judges and made an appointment with the staff for the evaluation the day after tomorrow.

He needed to prepare the participating mecha before the day after tomorrow.

Other contestants may have been preparing for this competition for several years. Thus, they made the mecha before signing up. But Tang Bai had signed up suddenly. Although he had already prepared the basic parts, operating system and general framework, the fastest assembly required would take more than 20 hours, so Tang Bai was going to have to ask his grandfather for help.

“Grandpa, didn’t I sign up for the mech manufacturing competition? I encountered a problem during the competition…” Tang Bai didn’t mention Cheng Yangbin, he simply said that he needed his grandfather’s help to catch up with the progress, because he didn’t have any evidence that could prove that Cheng Yangbin bribed the judges and spent money to buy design drawings yet.

Grandpa Tang stroked his beard and watched Tang Bai chant in front of him. When Tang Bai mentioned the name Cheng Yangbin, Grandpa Tang could see the flash of disgust in his eyes.

When Tang Bai finished speaking and looked over eagerly, Grandpa Tang sighed and said slowly: “I have been paying attention to this mecha manufacturing competition. Several of the judges are my disciples. Although I am old and don’t care much about the younger generation, it’s a matter of time, but I did take part in the founding of this competition, so I have the responsibility to ensure that the competition is fair and just.”

“Tang Tang, grandpa knows that you participated in the competition anonymously because you don’t want to expose your identity and hope to win with your strength. And Grandpa is very pleased to let you solve the problem in your own way.” Grandpa Tang said softly: “But Tang Tang, if you encounter something that you can’t solve by yourself, don’t act brave, come back and tell grandpa, grandpa will help you out.”

Because if you are a pheasant, I would like to be your shelter.

And while you are a young eagle, I would like to be your nest.

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