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When Ji Lin woke up the next morning, he still had a headache caused by hangover. He got up from the bed, looked around, and recognized that this was the guest room at Siyu’s house. After washing up, he walked out the door again and followed the fragrance from the room all the way to the kitchen.

Siyu had gotten up early and was making breakfast at this time. When she heard the noise coming from behind, she didn’t look back. She just said, “The hangover soup is ready, you drink it first. You were so drunk last night. I couldn’t open your mouth to pour it in. When you got up, your head must be hurting, right?”

In fact, Ji Lin only had the memory till the time he drank the wine, and then it was all fragmented. He didn’t remember anything. Listening to what Siyu said, he thought how much trouble he had caused his sister-although in a sense, this “trouble” was not small, so he didn’t dare to bargain and immediately picked up the bowl of hangover soup and drank it all. He took the bowl of porridge from Siyu and said, “It’s okay, I’m just a little dizzy. I washed my face with cold water just now, and I feel much better. By the way, sister, yesterday I didn’t…do anything troubling, right?” He was a little nervous.

Siyu glanced at him. For some reason, Ji Lin always felt that his sister’s gaze was indescribably strange. He suddenly gulped his throat, and wondered if he really went crazy after drinking.?

However, Siyu said: “Don’t worry, you did not go crazy, you only spoke a lot.” He did not go crazy, that’s good, Ji Lin first breathed a sigh of relief, and then became nervous again as Siyu said that he talked a lot. He didn’t know if he would talk nonsense when he was drunk, and no one had told him, so he was worried about saying the wrong thing, and asked quickly: “What did I say?”

The two sat at the dinner table, and Siyu scooped up a bowl of porridge for him and watched him drink it, then said: “Have you paid attention to Koi?

The word “Koi” simply registered in Ji Lin’s restricted area. His back became stiff, and cold sweat suddenly appeared on his face. He smiled very stiffly and said: “Sister, no…no, I just heard that you like her, I occasionally take a look without paying special attention…”

Why did Sister suddenly mention the Koi? Ji Lin instantly increased his vigilance, he blamed it on his conditioned reflexes. It was because the incident where Siyu had dropped her vest had caused him too much shock. At this time, Ji Lin hadn’t fully relieved himself, so when he heard Siyu speaking of Koi, he felt that Siyu was suggesting something to him.

Siyu seemingly asked inadvertently: “I remember that Koi drew a picture for your fan, did you see it?”

Ji Lin felt that the porridge in the bowl could not be swallowed, his eyes drifted slightly, and he said, “No…No, haha…, I don’t usually use Weibo, besides, there are so many people who paint me, I can’t see them all…”

He suddenly remembered the first time he came to know his sister’s secret. After calming his feelings, he had to say-it was really cool!

“Eat, I was just chatting, what are you so nervous about.” Siyu handed Ji Lin a plate of pickles and continued, “Do you like the style of Koi?”

Ji Lin did not hesitate: “I like it!” I have to like it! When he watched Siyu, he brought his own eight-fold fan filter.

Siyu asked: “Have you read her “Sesame Stuffing and Custard Buns”?”

Ji Lin nodded, “I have read it.”

Siyu said, “I heard it was based on you. Do you mind?”

Ji Lin shook his head again: “I don’t mind!”

Siyu smiled, “Even if I am the painter, you don’t mind?”

Before Ji Lin finished listening, he conditioned his head and continued shaking his head: “I don’t mind if…”

He jammed suddenly, slowly raised his head, and stared at his sister who was sitting across the table.

Siyu: “…”

Ji Lin: “…” The two looked at each other for more than ten seconds. Afterwards, Ji Lin showed an expression that she couldn’t bear to look at directly. God, what did he accidentally say just now?

Ji Lin felt his heart beat in his chest, regretting that he had fallen into Siyu’s trap. Such an obvious trap, he actually jumped in stupidly? Wait, it was not right, how did Siyu know that he already knew about her being Koi?

Ji Lin was very sure that he had not behaved abnormally before this. After all, to be honest, he didn’t want this matter to be exposed. In this way, the fact that he had been a black Koi fan would also be exposed. He didn’t want Siyu to look at him with strange eyes.

“Sister…” After being silent for a while, Ji Lin said with difficulty, “When did you know?”

“Just last night.” In comparison to him, Siyu was calm and relaxed. She lowered her head and drank the porridge. She said lightly, “After being drunk yesterday, you cried for a long time in my arms, saying that I left you in the cold, and didn’t draw you recently.”

In fact, Ji Lin’s original words were that other little fairies were too scheming, even for this kind of opportunity, they had to fight with him, shameless.

Ji Lin was dumbfounded: “I…I last night… it turned out that I said it myself…” Unfortunately, he tossed and turned for many nights, never knowing how to speak to Siyu about it, and finally decided to pretend to be unaware of the truth, but then he himself blew his cover!

After the meeting, Ji Lin suddenly felt that the scene was a bit familiar, and then he thought about it, wasn’t it the same when he had unintentionally exposed that Siyu was in love at the beginning!

“Sister, I didn’t intend to hide it from you. Actually, I only recently learned about it… When you were on the show last time, you were asked to post on Weibo. I just happened to be sitting next to you and I accidentally caught a glimpse of your trumpet account.” Ji Lin said aggrievedly, “I just got a glance, I didn’t expect Koi to be you, I can guarantee that I am definitely a loyal fan of Koi, and I am also the leader of your fan group!”

Ji Lin was extremely grateful. Fortunately, he discussed with the fans in the group in advance, so that these people would not talk about his dark history anymore, even if Siyu asked now, nobody should mention it… right?

Thinking about it, Ji Lin was fidgeting, wishing to buy a big loudspeaker to preach it eight hundred times a day in the group, so that those fans should remember the group rules and definitely not spread the group leader’s gossip. Fortunately, Siyu didn’t ask this group leader what was going on, but raised her eyebrows looking a little amused.

“Why are you more nervous than me?”

Ji Lin didn’t want Siyu to know his dark history, and Siyu didn’t want her brother to know her vest. How much fun would this reduce! Last night, Ji Lin said that she had not drawn him for so long. She had also mentally prepared for a long time before she accepted the painful fact that her vest had fallen.

Ji Lin said, “I was afraid that you would think I’m an idiot…”

Siyu also said at the same time, “What nonsense, I concealed it first, and I was afraid you would blame me!”

Both sister and brother almost spoke in unison. After speaking, the two of them stared at each other. After a while, they finally laughed out at the same time.

With a smile, Ji Lin felt something was wrong, and he asked, “Sister, then you also took over the filming of the “Fashion Strategy”. Wouldn’t it be a bit strange for you to act as the heroine in your own work..”

Siyu:” …” She was embarrassed, this was really not her narcissism, she was really forced by the situation!

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