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The shooting of “Fashion Strategy” was almost over, and everyone seemed to be really relaxed, because the process went smoothly. In the days before work was finished, Director Yan took the initiative to pay for the meals of the whole crew and asked everyone to go to the restaurant several times, but Siyu still refused every time.

Her dinner time had been requisitioned by the crew these days. A certain boyfriend was always upset about this. If there was no time to go for a ride together, Siyu did not know how he would react. So for her own safety, Siyu had to decline Director Yan’s invitation.

In the past, everyone might still think that Siyu was in poor health and couldn’t stay up all night, but now, since they knew she was in love, they had been teasing her. Director Yan smiled and asked: “I know, you just want to go back to be with your boyfriend?”

“…” Siyu was a little embarrassed, it seemed that she was more serious than her friends, “Uh, it’s rare for him to come back to Jiangcheng. It’s been a long time since we saw each other, so…”

Of course, this was a lot of nonsense, Fifth Master Lu stayed in Jiangcheng every day, and the two of them hadn’t seen each other for a long time, obviously they hadn’t been separated for a long time!

Director Yan said: “You two live in different places?”

Siyu nodded vacantly, and Director Yan said with emotions: “My wife and I were in different places for a long time. At that time, I was young and inexperienced, and was busy at work. She also suspected that I was having an affair, so I had to coax her till my head turned bald.” After that, Director Yan touched his receding hairline, sighing.

Siyu thought, Fifth Master Lu would not suspect that she was maintaining a man outside. After all, because of his jealousy, the person would be killed before she got close. It was so strong that he might be able to fight Director Yan’s wife. Siyu glanced at the clear Mediterranean Sea and couldn’t help but start to worry about her own hair volume.

Wen Yuan sat beside Director Yan but didn’t speak, just drank in silence and listened to the conversation between them. Siyu glanced at him inadvertently. Speaking of this, since Siyu was revealed to be in love, the number of times Wen Yuan took the initiative to come to her had drastically reduced. Before, he sent her some self-made snacks, but now it has stopped. This had led Siyu to be greatly relieved.

But it was just that the atmosphere between the two people became very strange. Wen Yuan sat not far away staring at Siyu in a daze, but he didn’t step up to talk to her, which made it difficult for Siyu to sit on the side of the set during a break. So, she always escaped back to her lounge. But fortunately, although she didn’t know what Wen Yuan was thinking, her professionalism was still very high. No matter how embarrassing the two people were in private, they were still serious and dedicated to their work.

In this way, Siyu couldn’t make a request to Wen Yuan, thinking that the filming was almost finished anyway, so let’s do it.

After the large table of people finished eating, they asked to switch to barbecue. Director Yan muttered that they really could eat. After paying the bill, he turned around and said to Siyu: “Then you go back first, I guess you will have trouble today. It’s late, anyway, there is only a little part of the scene left, you don’t have to rush, come back to the set tomorrow afternoon.”

Siyu responded. After she left, Director Yan wanted to talk to Wen Yuan, but when he turned his head, he found that Wen Yuan was staring at Siyu leaving. He couldn’t help but laugh and said in a low voice, “Why, have you still not reconciled?”

Before Wen Yuan’s actions were already obvious. Many people on the set could see that he was interested in Siyu, but because he was a big star, they couldn’t gossip freely, and the crew was strictly controlled and not allowed to spread rumours. The crew knew about it. How could Director Yan, who stayed with Siyu every day, fail to find out?

It was just that he was watching the show before, and then he learned that Siyu had a boyfriend. Director Yan also occasionally said a few words to Wen Yuan to persuade him. It was interesting to him, but it was long ago, not to mention that nowadays the famous flower had an owner, and Wen Yuan had no chance.

Hearing what Director Yan said, Wen Yuan sullenly drank a glass of wine before saying, “Don’t worry, I don’t mean anything else.”

Director Yan said, “Of course I know that, but Xiao Wen, fate can’t be forced. It’s useless if you are not reconciled.”

Wen Yuan was indeed not reconciled. Of course, he liked Siyu, but the time the two had was relatively short. Even if he liked her, this degree would not be very deep, and it was not love, but how to say…Wen Yuan had been in love before entering the industry, but after he became an actor, he had no chance with such things such as love. For one thing, he was too busy. He was flying around for nine months a year. No relationship could be maintained. It was too hard to meet people. Secondly, the media was too annoying. Staring at him all day long, Wen Yuan didn’t like his privacy being exposed to the public eye, so the last bit of charming feelings was also extinguished.

It was rare for him to meet a girl who caught his eye. For this reason, even if he was photographed, it was nothing. It was a pity that he was not the first person to know the jewel.

For the first time in so many years, he was tempted, but he touched a soft nail, and Wen Yuan also felt very depressed.

Especially once he overheard Siyu’s assistant, Shen Yue, chatting with someone, saying that Siyu’s boyfriend had to give away a lot of medicinal materials every week. That cost was staggering. Wen Yuan compared the things he previously gave Siyu and he felt a little ashamed.

Although the medicinal materials he gave were definitely not bad, they were not so precious that they could not be bought in the market. Such a comparison made him feel terribly defeated.

The worst thing was that after he was forced to recognize the facts, he had to film with Siyu every day. This was work, and he couldn’t get rid of it. He couldn’t even avoid her and stay quiet… In the face of Director Yan’s comfort, Wen Yuan sighed and said: “I understand, after the finale, I will give myself a vacation to sort out my mood.”

Director Yan patted his shoulder: “Young man, just go for a drive.” Who hadn’t been in love one-sidedly?

A week later, the filming was officially finished.

Director Yan graciously booked a restaurant to celebrate, and also invited all the staff, including non-staff personnel, such as screenwriter consultants as well as Mu Yan to come over.

The script did not need to be stared at all times. After the preliminary discussion, if there was no need, there would be basically no major changes. Therefore, Mu Yan had followed the crew for the first one or two weeks, then she had no need to anymore.

However, Director Yan did not miss her, so Siyu once again met her comic editor at the dinner.

Mu Yan was obviously a frequent Weibo user. She came over to Siyu with a wine glass and congratulated Siyu: “Congratulations!”

Siyu laughed, and picked up her own juice to clink with her: “Thank you…thank you.”

After a glass of wine, Mu Yan took out another small notebook and asked, “Siyu, would you mind signing a few autographs for me? Our new Koi comic is about to go on sale, and we plan to cooperate with the publishing house to organize a lucky draw for the new book to give readers an incentive. There are several designs around, including postcards, posters and pendants. We are going to send out the posters signed by you and Koi as gifts…”

Mu Yan told Siyu in detail about her plan, for fear that she might not agree to it because of trouble. Because “Fashion Strategy” was filmed in a TV series, after the series was officially aired, it would definitely bring a wave of publicity for the physical books. Mu Yan was looking at this as an opportunity to promote a marketing plan. After thinking about it, the poster with the protagonist’s signature was considered to be the most affordable and valuable gift, so she went to Siyu while eating.

After hearing Mu Yan’s intention, Siyu’s expression went blank for a moment, and then she said: “Okay, let’s go…”

Mu Yan still wanted her and Koi’s autographs? But the two of them were clearly the same!

Originally because her own brother saw through her vest, Siyu still wondered a little bit hesitantly, whether she should announce her identity after leaving the circle, now that Mu Yan looked like this, let’s forget it, in retrospect, wouldn’t it be a shame…

Siyu helped Mu Yan sign several sets of autographs. She couldn’t hold back for a while. She also designed a sign and wrote a thank you to fans. Mu Yan was very happy after seeing it. She had the mentality to try it out. When she found her, she didn’t expect Siyu to be so cooperative. As for the words of gratitude that followed, of course the more the better, and they would also be printed on the books together.

After signing the name, Mu Yan asked cheekily: “Siyu, if you don’t mind, can you please mention our physical comic book when the new series starts? No need to post Weibo, just promote it. When it comes to TV dramas, it’s okay to mention it like that!”

Mu Yan deserved to be the editor-in-chief, her abacus was smashing, she had finally seized the opportunity and naturally wanted to make the best use of it. Besides, Siyu was a fan of Koi, so maybe she would be willing to advertise for Koi too.

Si Yu: “…Let’s take a look at the situation…”

She wiped her cold sweat, thinking that her editor was worthy of her experience, and she was willing to be scorned, which was admirable-if Koi was not her.

Seeing that Siyu did not immediately agree, Mu Yan was a little disappointed, but quickly adjusted. If she didn’t refuse, it meant there was still a hope. If the leading star was willing to publicize it, their comics sales would not go down!

Mu Yan got a more satisfactory communication result and became more enthusiastic towards Siyu. She said: “By the way, the film and television copyright of another comic of our family’s Koi has also been sold, which is the “Custard Yellow Buns and Sesame Filling”, I heard that it was based on you and Brother Ji. The readers seem to want you two to be a part of it…”

Mu Yan was still light, and readers were “more hopeful”. That was definitely a strong appeal, okay! Even fans who were new to the pit knew the origin of this comic. Many people found the two protagonists on Weibo, not to mention turning fans, but at least they thought that the comic protagonist were not deceiving, because the way of getting along with Siyu and Ji Lin was exactly the same as the protagonist sister and brother in the comics!

Under this circumstance, the boundary between the second dimension and the third dimension became very delicate. When waiting for the news of the film and television series, the readers had no other people in their minds. They wanted to see these two people play the particular roles.!

Mu Yan paid a lot of attention to readers’ feedback, and seeing the voices on the Internet had fallen, she ran to test Siyu’s intention. Anyway, they had a backstage and cooperated with film and television companies well. If Siyu also had intentions, it would be better and successful. The chance of starring was not small.

Siyu: “…” When Mu Yan mentioned it, she thought of the embarrassing scene of the sister and brother talking to each other speechlessly after falling off the horse. This kind of shame that she painted herself and was hit by someone on the spot… was too strong.

Mu Yan still wanted her to play? No, no, absolutely no!

So, Siyu politely said: “I may not take any TV series in the future…”

Mu Yan was stunned, and hurriedly said: “That’s okay, we still have a movie version!” She thought Siyu was just thinking about going back to the movie circle.

Who expected Siyu to shake her head and correct her: “No…no, I mean, I won’t act anymore.”

“No…no more acting?!” Mu Yan was really stunned for a while. Only after she got over it, her eyes widened and her expression was incredible, “You can’t be joking, right?”

An actor said that she would not act anymore after becoming popular. What was the situation?

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