TMLVOS Ch. 84.2

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Mu Yan looked at the people who were drinking and chatting around her, subconsciously lowered her voice, and asked again: “No, Siyu, what has excited you?”

Siyu said, “Nothing, acting was originally my side job. I never planned to do it for a long time and recently, because of the side-line occupation, the energy allocated to my job is not enough. I think it’s better to be dedicated to the thing one loves.”

Mu Yan: “…Ha, side-line?”

No, when did Siyu have a side-line job? Could it be that she had worked as a model before? It was not right. Since Siyu started filming, she hadn’t filmed the cover again?

Mu Yan felt a little messy in her mind. Before she could sort it out, Siyu said to her: “You are the first to know. I did not even tell my assistant. She would probably have a hard time understanding… I just don’t know that my reason is convincing enough?”

Mu Yan: “…” Enough, too much, you just hit it so that others can’t even think!

Mu Yan’s prediction was indeed very accurate. When Siyu pretended to inadvertently propose to Shen Yue the idea of retreating, Shen Yue was confused. She was still holding the medicinal soup that had just been made for Siyu, and her hands shook when she heard that, the hot medicine almost spilled out and splashed on the back of her hand.

“Sister Siyu–!” Shen Yue put the bowl aside, and asked with a sad face, “Why do you say this all of a sudden!”

Not to mention Mu Yan not believing, even Shen Yue couldn’t figure it out. In her opinion, Siyu mixed well in the circle, was obviously on the rise, and after the “Fashion Strategy” started broadcasting, she would inevitably attract a wave of popularity. Why did she want to retreat? Didn’t she see those tainted artists still active on the screen? Why was Siyu retreating?

Siyu moved out the rhetoric view about Mu Yan and told her that Shen Yue still didn’t believe it.

She was different from Mu Yan. Shen Yue stayed with Siyu every day and took care of her daily life. She hadn’t seen Siyu having any other official duties besides filming and dating—oh, sometimes when she rested, Siyu would indeed lock herself in the room, holding a board to draw something on it, but Shen Yue never cared about it, and she never saw it. She felt that celebrities were also human, and it was normal to have a little hobby, but she never felt that Siyu was doing painting as a side job?

Siyu glanced at Shen Yue, with a little headache.

The others were okay. But if she kept this from Shen Yue, it seemed a bit unkind. After all, this was her personal assistant. After she retired, Shen Yue would have no work to do, so she still needed to give the other an explanation.

With a sigh, Siyu took out her mobile phone, logged into Weibo, and waved to Shen Yue, “Come here and see.”

Shen Yue was puzzled, walked over and saw that the screen of the mobile phone displayed the Weibo login interface of Koi!

In front of her, Siyu posted a goodnight Weibo on the Koi’s account, then logged out and logged in to her star account. Then she looked up at her and asked: “This is the situation… now do you understand?”

“??!!!” Shen Yue was stupefied as if she had been struck by thunder. It took her a long time to reluctantly digest the information, and say with difficulty, “Sister Siyu, you…are Koi and she… I…”

Seeing Shen Yue’s incoherent appearance, Siyu felt a little guilty, so she quickly pulled her down and explained: “You don’t have to doubt the authenticity, I am indeed Koi myself. I painted when you weren’t there before, that was actually because I was rushing the draft.”

Shen Yue: “…I still can’t accept it. …”

“I understand.” Siyu sighed again, “I used to come to film, but it was actually an accident. You see, before I filmed “Qin Guo”, I had already started serializing comics, that was my main job. But it was a coincidence… I don’t want to talk about it, it’s mainly because you know what, it feels too weird to play what I drew by myself! This time “Fashion Strategy” is okay, but the problem is, they still want to find me to act in the “Custard Yellow Buns and “Sesame Filling”!”

Shen Yue: “…” She knew that the comic was based on Siyu and Ji Lin. She used to tease her about this before. The author who dared to be the source of all evil was sitting in front of her. Ah?

Siyu continued: “The entertainment industry is too messy, I’ll go back and draw my comics…”

Shen Yue: “…” Although this reason was a bit illogical, why did it sound surprisingly reasonable? If it was her, she might also have the feeling of being ashamed to act again!

“But doesn’t it matter with the company? Sister Siyu, you signed the contract…” Shen Yue still wanted to fight for it, but Siyu laughed when she heard it.

“This is the last thing you need to worry about.” Siyu said, but she evoked a distrustful glimpse from Shen Yue, however she didn’t explain, she just let Shen Yue take the time to go back to the company to mention it, and plan to see how this matter would end after announcing to the outside world.

After this confession, Shen Yue was suddenly full of awe towards Siyu. Among other things, she was able to switch between the two identities freely, and both of them gathered a large number of fans in a short time, this was called strength and luck. Both were indispensable. Of course, the connection point between these two identities was a bit awkward. The two identities’ fans were still cooperating with each other, and they didn’t know that they could actually be a family…

After that, Shen Yue also went to the Huanyi headquarters nervously in accordance with Siyu’s request. Because the artists she led were very competitive, she even brought Shen Yue with her position in the company. When she heard that Shen Yue wanted to talk about Siyu’s future development, the first person to come out to receive her was the personnel supervisor.

After listening to Shen Yue’s statement, the supervisor went silent for a long time, euphemistically saying that this matter was no longer within his scope of authority, so Shen Yue was transferred to the vice president in charge of artist affairs, but whoexpected, the vice president after hearing the news of Siyu’s retreat, his face froze in place with a strange expression.

Shen Yue was feeling uneasy, thinking that she might be scolded, but the vice president asked her to wait a while, turned around and invited the biggest boss of Huanyi President Lu Xingzhou.

Shen Yue’s eyes widened, Siyu’s resignation and her quitting was so important, that it needed to alert the president!!!

Unexpectedly, Lu Xingzhou waved his hand and approved it without asking: “Retreat, retreat, let her be happy!” Were they kidding, Siyu was his sister-in-law! If he dared to say a word, Fifth Master Lu would have to come and talk to him in person!

He was not stupid. Fifth Master Lu had repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with Siyu always being busy filming. He had to hurry up and agree, lest the fish pond was hit!

Shen Yue: “…” Was she out of date? Now the bosses were so easy to talk to?

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