TBLF Ch. 98.2

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Qi Ying packed up and said goodbye to her. After receiving the news from Ji Rang, she dragged her suitcase and went downstairs.

The boy was still standing in the same position as before. When the little girl approached, he pulled over and hugged him in his arms and kissed her several times: “Did you miss me?”

He didn’t shave his stubble clean, and Qi Ying giggled as he rubbed it against her. She used her little hand to block his chin. He took the opportunity to kiss her finger, and then held it in his palm.

He looked very excited and full of energy.

Qi Ying couldn’t help asking: “Why are you so happy?”

Ji Rang didn’t tell her, but smiled with his lips stretched to capacity, and dragged her all the way to the parking lot and walked to a black off-road vehicle. Qi Ying was still drinking the milk tea he bought for her and was startled by the sudden ringing of the car lock opening.

“You bought a car?” The boy raised his eyebrows and took out a small black notebook from his pocket: “I also took the driver’s license test.”

No wonder he was so happy.

Qi Ying didn’t understand cars, but the big black car in front of her looked domineering and sharp, and she knew it was a good car at a glance. Ji Rang actually made the modification himself, but she couldn’t tell.

He opened the door of the co-pilot seat and waited for her to sit down, then leaned over to fasten her seat belt, and then got into the car excitedly.

Qi Ying drank milk tea obediently, and while drinking it, she looked left and right. There was a sunflower ornament that she liked in front of the car, and there was a pink pillow on the co-pilot seat.

Although it didn’t match the momentum of this car at all, she really liked it.

She liked him being happy.

Ji Rang was an amateur racing driver when he was in high school, and he was born with a mechanical brain. Until the upper ring line appeared, Qi Ying did not realize that this did not seem to be the way back to the courtyard.

She was shocked: “We’re not going to drive this car back to Haicheng?”

Ji Rang almost laughed to death: “What are you thinking, we’re going to the store to buy something.”

The mall he said was actually a home furnishing store.

Until getting off the car, Qi Ying was still stunned, holding his hand and asking, “What shall we buy here?”

What could they buy in the home furnishing store, of course, furniture!

Ji Rang came to a high-end private room. He made an appointment in advance. As soon as the two arrived at the door, a professional consultant greeted them and took them to visit after confirming the appointment.

Until the consultant started to explain the style and material prices to them, Qi Ying didn’t react. She pulled Ji Rang aside, leaned on tiptoe in his ear and asked in a low voice, “Why are we buying furniture?”

Ji Rang was quickly caught by her. And he thought that his baby was so cute.

He wanted to wait for her to see it with her own eyes. Seeing that she was so curious, he finally couldn’t help but tell her: “I refurbished the small courtyard. Everything is done. Now we just lack the furniture. What style do you like, choose by yourself…”

Qi Ying’s eyes widened in surprise.

It turned out that he was busy with this during this time.

However, decorating the house and buying furniture, wasn’t it something that a prospective couple who was about to get married would do…

She blushed, a little happy and a little shy, pursed her lips and nodded obediently.

Qi Ying finally knew why a couple would choose furniture together before they got married. This feeling of planning for the future together made one so happy.

Although to her, this happiness seemed to be a little early…

They stayed in the store until the sky darkened, and all the furniture needed for the whole house was confirmed. Probably girls liked to decorate by nature, so Qi Ying was very happy during the whole process.

After the selected furniture was customized, it would be sent to the home directly for installation. After the furniture was selected, she was dragged downstairs, and they drove somewhere to eat something.

It was quite far from the courtyard there, and when they drove back after eating, it was already close to eleven o’clock.

Qi Ying was a little sleepy, leaning on her back cushion and asked him softly, “When shall we return to Haicheng?”

Ji Rang drove the car and reached out a hand to touch her head: “Tomorrow. Are you sleepy? Sleep for a while.”

She closed her eyes obediently and fell asleep in a daze until the car stopped. Ji Rang got out of the car and walked to the co-pilot seat and lifted her from the car.

She rubbed her eyes, yawned, and said softly, “I will go by myself.”

He closed the door of the car with his foot, bowed his head and kissed her: “I will hold you.”

The old street lights on both sides of the alley shone dimly, and he hugged her and walked in the light, walking steadily every step. When he reached the gate of the courtyard, Qi Ying smelled the faint fragrance of flowers in the night breeze.

Ji Rang said, “The key is in the left pocket. Take it out to open the door.”

She took her hand from his neck and touched his pocket. After getting the key, Ji Rang bent over so that she could reach the door lock.

With a light click which was especially clear at night, it opened.

Ji Rang walked in holding her and hooked the door closed with his feet.

There were gauze lanterns on the eaves of the small courtyard, illuminating this small square world.

The yard overgrown with weeds was full of flowers, and she saw roses crawling all over the yard wall, under which there was a swing, which was gently shaking due to the night breeze. There was a circle of stone table and chairs under the tree where they had played with the ant hill, and a few green leaves had fallen on the tabletop.

The doors and windows of the brick and blue tiled house had been refurbished. The rooms that were previously locked had been opened. Some had been converted into bedrooms and some had been converted into studies, as well as living rooms and tea rooms.

The whole small courtyard was completely renewed, elegant and quiet, very similar to the courtyard where she used to live in the General’s Mansion.

She found it so incredible.

Ji Rang lowered his head and rubbed her head, and asked in a low voice, “Do you like this place?”

She felt a little bit wanting to cry and gave a soft huh.

Ji Rang checked the time and said, “It’s twelve o’clock.” After the words fell, he held the little girl in his arms and walked to the only room with a locked door in the yard.

That was the room they had slept in before. A faint light flashed behind the curtains. Ji Rang stood still at the door and whispered, “Close your eyes.” She obediently closed her eyes.

She heard the sound of the door opening and closing, then Ji Rang put her down.

He seemed to be smiling: “Open your eyes. ” Qi Ying was a little nervous and opened her eyes a little bit.

She saw fireflies flying around the room.

Flickering light, like little stars in the sky falling all over the earth appeared in front of her.

She had never seen such a beautiful sight.

She was stunned and stared blankly at the scene.

Until Ji Rang hugged her from behind, and she heard him say: “Happy birthday, baby.”

She was stunned silly, and took a long time before asking: “Where did you catch so many fireflies?”

Ji Rang smiled: “Don’t ask.”

He let go of her, took her hand and turned around, then after a little bit, touched her ring finger. Qi Ying realized something, and her heart thumped.

He smiled and conjured a ring like magic, “Do you know what I am going to do?”

Her big eyes flickered slightly, but she didn’t speak.

He looked down, put the diamond ring onto her ring finger earnestly, then lowered his head and gave a gentle kiss. He said, “I’m here to fulfil your birthday wish.”

Her seventeenth birthday wish, that when she grew up, she wanted to marry Ji Rang.

She raised her head slightly and looked at the boy in front of her, tears falling silently.

He seemed to sigh, pulled her into his arms, bowed his head and kissed her eyes, “Little idiot, why are you crying? You should laugh when I propose to you.”

She was so well-behaved, she raised her hand to wipe her tears, and didn’t cry anymore.

Fireflies flicked past leaving a white light behind them.

The teenager held her face and said in a gentle and deep voice: “When you were eighteen, I confessed to you. When you were nineteen, I proposed to you. When you reach twenty, we will get married, OK??”

He had never told her before, that when he first saw her, his heart was moved.

This little girl who suddenly appeared to block the stick for him made his completely silent heart feel like beating for the first time.

But he resisted this for too long.

He was covered with thorns, and he dared not let her come close.

But she didn’t seem to be afraid of pain at all, little by little, she shattered all his barriers.

She didn’t know that while she had been chasing behind him, he had also been chasing her.

He once resented God for giving him such a life, but God treated him kindly after all.

He let him have the best girl in the world.

The little girl threw herself into his arms and gave him all the love and hope in this life.

She said: “Okay.”

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