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Yan Qing wondered if she was dreaming.

Her life had always been extremely ordinary. At age 6, she emigrated with her family to Canada. She attended school there and, except for the serious illness three years ago that led her to take a break from school, her life was normal.

Besides the fact that she didn’t like living in Canada, and that her relationship with her parents was just slightly better than estranged, there really wasn’t anything for her to be unsatisfied with. After her illness, she did individual study to prepare to retake the entrance exam. In her free time, she would write a few songs and take on some composing and arrangement jobs to make money.

And when her parents died in a car accident a year ago, she conducted funeral arrangements, and made plans to return back to China permanently. With the excuse of helping out An Lan with the recording, she wanted to create roots in Hai City and start a new life. But, it seemed like she was encountering surprises one after another.

She went from a behind the scenes singer to a girls’ group contestant. Now, in the middle of the night, she bumped into Huo Yunshen, while he was busy trying to jump into a river. Moreover, he was returning her kindness with ingratitude and bombarding her with a kiss! She couldn’t even believe if this was a dream. She had never had a dream with such a strange plot twist!

Yan Qing’s eyes were red with anger. When Huo Yunshen paused to speak, she took the chance to push with all her might and throw him off her. She firmly wiped her lips, rather than use her bag to smack him, she decided the best choice for her was to run away immediately. Huo Yunshen’s mental state was obviously not right. Who knows what else he would do?

Just as Yan Qing turned around, Huo Yunshen raced forward and hugged her from behind. His voice was more hoarse than before, filled with madness and choked back sobs, he demanded, “Where are you going! Do you want to throw me away again?!”

He suddenly remembered that they had been separated for too long. He’s changed too much, maybe Qingqing can’t recognize him.

“Qingqing, Qingqing! It’s me.” His voice sounded more like sobs, stubbornly repeating, “Don’t go, it’s me!”

For a second, Yan Qing froze. What was he saying? Qingqing? Was it a coincidence, a homonym?

She quickly came back to her senses. She was currently being overpowered! If she didn’t try to get away now, she might even lose her life! Based on the rumours about Huo Yunshen and his current state of mind, he might just throw her straight into the river.

Yan Qing struggled against his grip but Huo Yunshen only held on to her tighter. He was taller with a larger built and much more powerful than she was. Yan Qing was no match for his strength as he led her to his car. She couldn’t even reach for her phone to call the police.

Losing hope, Yan Qing felt tears roll down her cheeks. As she tried to push him back, her hand could feel the hot temperature emitting from his face. Was his fever the cause of his debilitated mental state? If he was sick, he should go to the hospital. And not be a street hoodlum there!

About two meters away from his car, Yan Qing was just about ready to end this with mutual destruction. From a distance, bright headlights suddenly shone at them. A line of black Maybach’s screeched to a halt in front of them.

A young man stepped out from the passenger side, and ran straight to Huo Yunshen. But, when he saw the person in President Huo’s arms, he stumbled. His lips moved, but no sounds were produced.

Finally he shouted out a name in disbelief, “Yun Qing?? You’re still alive?”

Yan Qing’s tears were stiff and frozen on her face. But, she felt like she finally saw the root of the problem. Huo Yunshen called her “Qingqing”, and this man was saying “Yun Qing” too. Did they mistake her for another person?

She hurriedly explained. “My name is Yan Qing! My surname isn’t Yun. He’s not in his right mind currently. Please help me!”

While she was speaking, Huo Yunshen had already pulled open the car door. He felt the surrounding lights were glaringly bright. Using the palm of his hand to protect Yan Qing’s eyes, his piercing gaze finally looked up. “Min Jing. Tell them to get lost.”

Min Jing gulped. He first confirmed that Yan Qing was looking at them with an unfamiliar gaze.

She was Yun Qing, but also wasn’t.

But more importantly, Shen Ge had lost control. In this circumstance, there was no such thing as reason. Besides giving him an injection, no one could subdue him.

Min Jing quickly reformatted the game plan in his head. Decisively, he lowered his voice. “No matter who you are, please first allow President Huo the chance to calm down. Don’t resist him. Please do as I say for now.”

Yan Qing was ready to collapse.

Don’t resist? !

Min Jing hinted. “Call him Yunshen.”

Yan Qing just wanted to escape from this demon’s arms. But, now they wanted her to coax him? But Min Jing at least seemed like he was more normal than Huo Yunshen. In this critical moment of life and death, she decided to listen to him.

She gritted her teeth, and murmured. “…Yunshen.”

Huo Yunshen froze. He lowered his head, feverishly peering into her eyes.

Min Jing again instructed with a whisper, “Tell him that you’ll take him home.”

Yan Qing kept her eyes on Huo Yunshen. “….Yunshen, I’ll take you home.”

It was like an invisible button had been pressed for Huo Yunshen. His aura of stubborn madness dissipated. He held Yan Qing’s hands, resting his chin on top of her head. He softly nodded, hoarsely speaking. “Go home. I’ve kept our home clean. I’ve been waiting for you to come back.”

Three minutes later, Yan Qing found herself sitting in the Maybach in a daze. Her hair was a bit wet….

Huo Yunshen had been crying.

The private care doctor had already been in the car. With the right timing, he gave Huo Yunshen a dosage of sedatives and fever medicine. Yan Qing continued to be chained to his side by Huo Yunshen’s iron grip. She was waiting to sneak away when his medicine kicked in.

But ten minutes later, although Huo Yunshen had closed his eyes, his arms were still like shackles around her.

Yan Qing struggled and shimmied but his grip never loosened.

Min Jing was sitting in the passenger seat. He gestured for the chauffeur to start the car. Yan Qing’s complexion paled, “Let me out!”

“He won’t let go. Moreover, you promised President Huo to bring him home. If he wakes up to find you gone, we’ll all be in trouble. You won’t be able to escape then either.” Min Jing pushed up his glasses. He used the rear view mirror to observe her.

“You should know who he is. I’m sure you are aware that he has that ability to find you.”

Yan Qing finally realized, everyone associated with Huo Yunshen was also abnormal.

“He’s only made a mistake and confused me with someone else because of his fever. I’m not who he’s looking for.”

“Whether you are or not, no one can be surer than he is.” Min Jing said steadily. But the confusion and questions he had in his head was ready to explode. “In short, come with us. We can guarantee that we won’t hurt you. When President Huo has calmed down, you can explain the situation to him yourself. If he accepts it, then you are free to leave.”

The car was now driving on a highway at high speeds. Yan Qing knew she couldn’t just jump out now. With doubt, she asked, “He can accept it?”

Min Jing didn’t even blink as he lied. “He can.”

Can? If he could, then that would be the real shocker.

But Yun Qing was believed to be dead for three years, and now she suddenly appeared with a new identity, that was an even bigger shock. When President Huo opens his eyes and sees that his love had completely forgotten about him, who knows what new troubles there will be.

Yan Qing imagined Huo Yunshen’s house would be a luxurious mansion with its own courtyard and surrounding properties. She didn’t expect the car to drive into a residential area in the northern old city. Only one household was lit. The light from the residence shone through the windows warmly.

Min Jing said profoundly, “Since November 6th three years ago, this light has never gone out. President Huo was scared that Yun Qing wouldn’t be able to find her way home.”

Yan Qing’s stomach gutted. Yun Qing…that must be Huo Yunshen’s love that passed away in an accident. She was a bit touched, until she turned and glanced down at her reddened hand that was still clasped together with his. She no longer felt sympathy.

It was clear that this whole area was Huo Yunshen’s property. Her phone had been taken away too. She wondered if it was even possible to escape alive from here.

The staircase was narrow, obviously an old architectural design. Unexpectedly, it was still very clean. The metal handrails’ paint was clearly a new layer too.

Huo Yunshen lived on the third floor. His consciousness was a bit murky, so Min Jing and a few other assistants carefully assisted him in. But his hands never let go of Yan Qing.

In the bedroom, Huo Yunshen reclined onto the large bed. As the others silently watched, Yan Qing pressed her temples while anxiously squatting next to the bed, using a whisper to coax him. After saying a bunch of soft nothings, the big boss finally loosened his grip. Yan Qing hurriedly withdrew her hand.

“Yun…” Min Jing paused and modified his address, “Miss Yan, do you mind talking in the living room?”

Yan Qing was ready to get out of the room anyways. As she exited, her eyes swept over the room and wondered how someone as stiff as Huo Yunshen had interior design and furniture that matched completely with her aesthetics.

She had to admit. The public assessment of him was right. Huo Yunshen was good looking, which made his popularity understandable. It was like moth to a flame.

In the living room, Yan Qing and Min Jing sat down facing each other tensely.

Min Jing passed her a photo.

Yan Qing didn’t take the photo from him. She was on high alert, “What do you mean by this?”

Min Jing did not want to miss any expression on her face. “You’ll understand why he reacted this way to you when you see this.”

Yan Qing sceptically reached out her hand. As soon as she looked down at the photo, her heart trembled.

The photograph was a picture of Huo Yunshen and a girl. He looked much younger in the photo. He wore a white button-up. His eyes were full of arrogance tied with a youthful rebellious aura. Without much expression, he looked straight at the camera, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Yet his arms still possessively embraced the girl next to him.

The girl carried a bright youthful smile. She sweetly leaned her head on his chest. Her face looked 90% similar to hers.

Yan Qing finally found her voice. “This is Yun Qing?!”

Min Jing frowned at her reaction. She really didn’t know. She wasn’t pretending.

Slowly, he explained. “This is Yun Qing. She met President Huo when she was 13. They confirmed their relationship when she was 16. At 18, they promised to be together forever. At 19, she was taken by people from the Yun family right outside of this house. The private plane she was placed on was in an accident. There was no corpse, nor any sign of her survival. She’s been missing ever since.”

“Don’t look at me like that.” Yan Qing’s hand was shaking a little. She tried to steady her voice, “It’s not like she and I look exactly alike. But even if we were identical, I’m still not her.”

Min Jing asked, “What do you mean not exactly alike. This picture was taken when Yun Qing was 16. If she is still alive now, she should look just like you now.”

No matter how good her temper was, Yan Qing couldn’t stand this sudden mistaken identity case anymore. She straightened her back, and pulled out her ID. With righteousness, she argued, “We don’t need to speak of hypotheticals. I can definitely tell you that my last name is Yan. I emigrated to Canada with my parents when I was 6. I remember my life clearly. I know what I was doing, where I was, and who I was with for every year of my life. I don’t know Huo Yunshen!”

Min Jing choked back his words and pursed his lips. His usually glib tongue suddenly felt useless.

To Huo Yunshen, Yun Qing was his entire life. For the past three years, he had been living as if he was already dead. To enact revenge, to gain power so that he could turn the world upside down searching for her, Huo Yunshen mercilessly took control of Huo Corporation and took his place in the highest seat. Every day, he was becoming more and more numb.

As an onlooker, Min Jing could only fear for him. He even wished that Yun Qing’s death could be confirmed, so, that Shen Ge wouldn’t have to live in this purgatory. Finally, three years passed, and the death status was officially declared. But, he never expected for Shen Ge to make plans to end his own life.

In the end, Min Jing realized Huo Yunshen would never be able to move on. His blood, flesh, and soul died the day that Yun Qing disappeared. Being able to sustain until today was his limit. But now…things were different.

Min Jing pushed his glasses up. “Then Miss Yan, did you know that if you didn’t stop him today, he would have jumped off that bridge where he and Yun Qing had promised to meet. He wouldn’t have the chance to meet you. You wouldn’t be sitting here now. So, no matter whether you are or are not Yun Qing, it is true that you saved his life.”

Yan Qing felt uneasy. “So, it’s my fault for saving his life?”

“Yes. The fault is that you look like Yun Qing, and you saved the man that is crazily in love with her.”

Just as Min Jing finished speaking, a sudden bang sounded from the bedroom. Something shattered to the floor, followed by the sound of someone falling from the bed.

Min Jing stood up. Just as he was about to head for the bedroom, he turned to Yan Qing. “If you want to leave, you can go in and clear things up with him.”

Yan Qing bit her lip. She summoned her courage and headed towards the bedroom. As she turned away, Min Jing quickly reached out his hand and slightly pressed down on her hair.

Before she could question him, he explained. “It’s too messy. You should at least make yourself presentable.”

Yan Qing’s focus was all on Huo Yunshen right now. She didn’t have the spare energy to think too much on his words. She quickly fixed her hair, feeling a bit wronged. What kind of disaster did she inflict on herself? She was just trying to do the right thing but it seemed like things had gotten out of control.

But she knew that there were numerous people guarding the stairways. The only way out was to meet with the demon himself. To be honest, for the demon to love one person so deeply, his inherent nature shouldn’t be too bad. Maybe, he’ll actually be able to listen to reason now.

Yan Qing optimistically knocked on the door before going in. But before she could even make out the big boss’ expression, she was pulled into the room by a strong pair of arms. She cried out in alarm and kicked out instinctively.

The next second, they fell together onto the soft bed.

Yan Qing felt the man’s scorching breath just centimetres away from her. But more strikingly, all she could think of in her head was…what was this? Wasn’t Huo Yunshen supposed to be a dominant boss of the highest degree? Why did he have the habit of spraying his bedsheets with perfume?

And why was it the same brand that she used?

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