TCYEC Ch. 96.1

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Yu Siyang ran through special channel and was so anxious that he wanted to fly because the male star he saw on the red carpet was from the drama he saw in the hotel in Xinshan City. The hero was the one who had lost his memory, and kept on asking “why” and “why”, making him also “why” in his dreams.

He had also posted a post in the 818 community for help, but then he forgot about the post.

“Xiaoyu, why are you running? Where are you going?” Luo Peng and Tang Hang were parked at the exit of the special passage, waiting for Yu Siyang to come out, they went to the pre-booked hotel together, as the costumer and stylist were waiting in the hotel.

Yu Siyang was anxious to find Luo Peng so as to get his mobile phone to read the posts he had made. As he ran, he ran past the car, gave an awkward smirk, and quickly got into the car.

“Brother Luo, where’s my cell phone?” Yu Siyang looked for his cell phone as soon as he got in the car.

Luo Peng took the phone out from his bag, “I didn’t expect you to be a teenager with internet addiction, so you wanted to play with your phone.”

Yu Siyang was attentively opening the phone browser to search the 818 community, and there was no time to talk about it with Luo Peng.

“Here.” Tang Hang parked the car at the north gate of the hotel.

Luo Peng quickly opened the car door, pulled Yu Siyang out of the car, and ran with him and said, “Brother, time is very tight, you don’t play with your mobile phone. You can play whatever you want when you go back.”

Yu Siyang was left only with his left hand. He ran, holding the phone tightly with his right hand, muttering in his heart: I’m very anxious, OK? Don’t want to go back to see it, just want to see it now.

When he arrived in the hotel room, the costumer immediately took over, and started to strip his clothes off.

“I’ll do it myself, I’ll do it myself…” Yu Siyang was scared enough to hide by the unrestrained costumer. Even if the costumer was a 40-year-old sister, but she was also a woman, if he were to be stripped by the sister, Yu Siyang’s whole person would not feel good.

The costumer said boldly and unpretentiously: “What, are you shy, I have seen so many naked men, I’m not interested in watching your young body.”

Yu Siyang, who suffered 10,000 points of injury: “…”

Luo Peng laughed so much that his stomach hurt.

The costumer glanced at him, and sharply commented: “Most of them are thick, heavy, and poorly built.”

Luo Peng whose laughter stopped abruptly: “…”

The stylist smiled hard to prevent himself from being noticed. He was stung just now. This sour feeling, he really did not want to experience the second time in just half an hour.

The costumer quickly helped Yu Siyang put on the second black velvet three-piece suit, and the bow tie on the neck which was embroidered. The silver threaded black suit was much more expensive than the white suit. The stylist then combed all the bangs covering his forehead. He did not know from where, but she put a watch on his wrist.

“Where did this watch come from?” Yu Siyang asked, raising his hand. This watch was not cheap at first glance. He could bet that the dial was definitely not glass or crystal.

Luo Peng said: “The boss had kindly sponsored this Earl watch. You must wear it more often, maybe we can take down Earl’s endorsement.”

Yu Siyang stood up, ready to set off to walk the red carpet again, and when he passed Luo Peng, he patted him on the shoulder, and poured cold water all over him: “Brother Luo, wake up.”

Luo Peng walked behind him and said, “Being a man, you must have a dream, otherwise, what is the difference between you and a salted fish.”

“Yes, salty fish can be eaten, but people can’t.”

“…What you said makes sense, I am speechless.”

The two men moved to the elevator, and the costumer and stylist packed their things and prepared to leave.

The car was still parked outside the north gate of the hotel. Tang Hang sat in the car and waited. Seeing them getting in the car, he slowly drove around to the red carpet waiting area of the venue.

Yu Siyang took out his mobile phone from his pocket and was about to continue to find the post he had posted before. Luo Peng patted his arm, “Why are you still playing with the mobile phone, it will be your turn soon.”

In desperation, Yu Siyang could only mute the phone and put it in his pants pocket and get off the car and go to the waiting area to prepare.

Luo Peng touched his chin and said puzzledly: “Why didn’t I find that Xiaoyu was actually an internet addicted boy before, and he even had to put his phone in his pocket when going to the red carpet? Would he just play games in the auditorium later? “

Tang Hang drove the car to the parking lot and declined to comment on Luo Peng’s words. He was himself an internet addicted youth and calling others an internet addicted teenager. Even if Yu Siyang had become an internet addicted teenager, it was because he was taught badly by him.

Yu Siyang once again set foot on the red carpet for the Newcomer Award. This time the media was more enthusiastic than before. The spotlight almost blinded him. Fans also screamed to attract his attention.

The reporter of “Fashion” kept pressing the camera shutter in his hand, gossiping with the people next to him, “I remember Yu Siyang is the spokesperson of P&H? His clothes were not on the P&H show. I’ve never seen it before.”

The reporter from Huafuzhi, who was up to date on the gossip, said: “According to internal sources, this suit was specially designed by Philip Hill for Yu Siyang on the red carpet. How could it be seen on the show.”

“Yu Siyang’s resources are so good that they are against the sky, do you think he was really nurtured by Xue Chengxiu?” The reporter of “Fashion” asked.

A veteran reporter next to him glanced at him and said, “If you want to continue in this business, you can eat anything, but you can’t talk nonsense.”

The reporter of “Fashion” paled for a moment, although he didn’t agree with it in his heart but due to his low qualifications, he didn’t dare to say anything, and took pictures with all his heart.

After a while, he said doubtfully again, “Well? Why do I feel that Yu Siyang is moving a little faster?”

Not only he found that Yu Siyang’s footsteps were a little fast, but most of the media at the scene found that he was in a hurry, and he was almost about to reach the position of the previous actress who had walked the carpet before him.

The actress was named Pan Mengling, and she was the brand ambassador of the film festival sponsor. Every year she would come to the film festival to walk a few laps, and then will send some “Pan Mengling pressure Wang XX”, “Red Carpet Actress” “Striving for beauty, Pan Mengling, Li Mo and Zhang, who is more beautiful” this type of draft to create hype.

She walked on the red carpet for several years. She naturally knew how to walk to show herself in front of the media from all directions. As a result, she walked very slowly. She was called the “red carpet magic needle”. When Yu Siyang entered, she hadn’t left yet. Halfway through, since Yu Siyang was “in a hurry”, he was about to catch up with her.

Pan Mengling was standing on the red carpet for the media to take photos. She glanced at Yu Siyang who was striding towards her, thinking that this person was the hottest newcomer recently. He was also on the top of the hot search several times. He had been nominated for the best newcomer award, and maybe they could create a little different topic when she went in with this person, otherwise every year it would be “pressure” and there was nothing new.

So, Pan Mengling nodded and smiled and greeted Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang approached Pan Mengling, bowed slightly, and politely turned his head.

Pan Mengling raised her hand to take the opportunity to take Yu Siyang’s arm.

Yu Siyang crossed her without looking and continued to walk quickly towards the signature wall.

Pan Mengling: “…”

On-site media: “…”

Peripheral fans: “…”

The sound of the shutter and the cheers of the fans seemed to be interrupted for a second, and the surroundings suddenly became silent. Pan Mengling was so embarrassed.

“Yu Siyang wait a minute, look here.” A media reporter called out to Yu Siyang, who had already walked up the steps, to stop and take pictures.

——It’s not time yet. Why are you walking so fast?

Yu Siyang was called by the media and stood on the steps to take pictures.

The embarrassed Pan Mengling stopped taking small steps and strode towards the host. For the first time in four years, she deliberately snorted when passing by Yu Siyang.

Yu Siyang thought that Pan Mengling was unhappy about him walking the red carpet for too long, so he stopped taking pictures and followed her.

The host He Shan’er and Pan Mengling had never had a good relationship, but she had never been able to deal with her. Seeing her making a fool of herself, she wanted to hug Yu Siyang and kiss him. This young man was really awesome. That’s what she wanted to do: ignore the old woman who always liked to walk on the red carpet.

Pan Mengling went to the signature wall first. He Shan’er’s partner Du Yan’an gave her a signature pen and wanted to have a meaningful interview. But his partner greeted Yu Siyang with a very enthusiastic welcome, and said, “Yu Siyang” while handing over the signature pen. “Yu Siyang, you are so handsome today.”

Du Yanan was helpless. In order not to lose the face of his partner, he could only harm the face of Pan Mengling.

“Sister Shan’er and Brother Du are a pair of handsome man and beautiful woman.” Yu Siyang said while signing.

He Shan’er chuckled a few times and saw that Pan Mengling was still standing there for the media to take pictures, so she deliberately said: “Yu Siyang, you were walking with the crew of “Pretending Overload” just now, and now you walked for your nomination for Best Newcomer award. Does it feel different?”

Yu Siyang was surprised that He Shan’er took the initiative to help him promote the movie, but he was not a foolish person, and he was also thankful that someone was willing to help him, “It’s so lively to walk with the crew of “Pretending Overload”, but walking alone, eh, it was like walking with the wind?”

He Shan’er was teased, and her mouth trembled with a smile, “It is true that you were walking like the wind, I have never seen anyone like this, walking on the red carpet so fast, everyone else wants to stand there for half an hour.”

“Half an hour?” Yu Siyang looked distressed, “Won’t they miss the opening ceremony later?”

He Shan’er was about to burst into tears. This child Yu was so cute, alas, alas, the old woman Pan Mengling was still left, she had no work at all, but she always ran to the film festival to make an appointment to walk on the red carpet, and she was ashamed on behalf of her.

Everyone had been angered, Du Yanan winked at He Shan’er, wanting her to accept Pan Mengling’s interview now. After all, she was the sponsor’s brand ambassador, so it was not good to offend her too badly.

He Shan’er could reach the position of the entrance host of the Yunzhong International Film Festival. She was not a fool. She naturally knew when to accept the circumstances. Together with Du Yanan, she wished Yu Siyang good luck at the film festival and let him leave.

Yu Siyang bypassed the signature wall and walked into the exhibition hall. Fortunately, before coming, Brother Luo popularized him with the grievances and hatreds of stars who liked to do things in the entertainment circle. Among them, Pan Mengling was in the first camp, mainly because she liked to bundle up with people for hype, creating gossip even when nothing ahd happened, and many male stars have been used by her.

It was not that he didn’t see Pan Mengling’s gesture of wanting to take his arm. Thinking of Luo Ge’s entertainment circle lecture, he was scared and quickened his pace immediately.

Of course, there was another reason-he was very anxious to read the reply to the help post!

He had a faint guess and thought in his heart, but he was not sure, and he was also frightened by his own thoughts, such that he was very restless and worried about gains and losses recently.

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