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All Weibo posts and communications are in bold…

Because he came with the crew of “Pretending Overload”, the main committee arranged Yu Siyang to sit with Jin Ce and Hong Zhehao. The seats and positions in the entertainment circle were all based on position. Their row was full of newcomer nominated actors and stars who had a certain amount of traffic but were not big names.

Although Jin Ce was a newcomer director, his family background was not simple. Sitting with Hong Zhehao, a top TV drama star, and Yu Siyang, a newcomer award finalist, they were very harmonious.

The other newcomer award finalists entered the arena earlier than Yu Siyang. Seeing Yu Siyang coming in, regardless of whether it was true or false, they all came over to greet and congratulate him.

To be an entertainer, you had to watch and listen to all directions. Just a few minutes ago, Yu Siyang made Pan Mengling embarrassed on the red carpet, which had spread all over the exhibition hall.

Many people laughed and said that he was a “new-born calf who was not afraid of tigers”, but they were secretly alarmed. A newcomer who dared to face a predecessor in front of all the media was obviously quite confident that his background was good enough.

Yue Taoshan was also a newcomer who has just debuted with a small-cost literary film, he was also shortlisted for the best newcomer in the Cloud Award. As a newcomer, his performance in the movie was still remarkable, but the theme of the literary film was so obscure, the audience who had seen it basically said that they couldn’t understand it, and there were not many audiences who watched the movie.

Literary and artistic films had always been like this. The audience spent money to enter the cinema to watch movies for fun. Cool special effects blockbusters, popular action films, and hilarious comedies were all types that audiences were willing to pay for. No one would like to watch a literary and artistic film, that after a hundred minutes of watching it, they still don’t know what the theme of it was.

Therefore, the film that Yue Taoshan starred in at the box office was so miserable that it was impossible to look directly at it. It was already a low-cost film, but it could not even recover that cost.

The Cloud Awards jury voted for the newcomer award. The performance of the shortlisted actors was certainly an important factor in the award, but the box office of the movie would also affect the jury’s voting tendency.

An actor with a box office of more than 100 million was more likely to win the award than an actor with a 2 million box office.

In addition, the appearance styles of Yue Taoshan and Yu Siyang were somewhat similar, except that Yu Siyang’s starting point was higher than him. Yue Taoshan was envious of Yu Siyang and these feelings were mixed with jealousy. Some time ago, Yu Siyang exploded with black material, and Yue Taoshan also took the opportunity to stir up trouble.

If he could take advantage of the situation to make the matter of Yu Siyang being nurtured popular, he could have killed a strong competitor. Anyway, it was not he who said it at the beginning. Yu Siyang could only blame the original culprit.

But he didn’t expect Yu Siyang’s counterattack to be fast and fierce. In less than a day, the public opinion of the entire network was overturned, and he and Xue Chengxiu of the Hengsheng Group were also fired up on the way.

Yue Taoshan spent a lot of money, but he didn’t achieve the effect he wanted. He was simply killing chicken and losing money, and he was warned by his agent not to make small moves.

Now seeing so many people taking the initiative to say hello to Yu Siyang, Yue Taoshan felt that he was holding back blood, and it hurt.

——I don’t want to talk to Yu Siyang very much.

Yue Taoshan didn’t want to talk to Yu Siyang, but Yu Siyang also didn’t want to talk to anyone.

Ah ah ah ah ah …… these people could not sit in their place, do not talk to me ah ah ah ah ah ……

Yu Siyang had grinning face, but his heart was almost worried to death.

He had found the post he posted before, and had seen a lot of replies, couldn’t they let him browse the forum quietly?

The later the time, the bigger the celebrities who entered the venue. When today’s finale Yi Jiaojiao entered the venue, the host appeared, and the opening ceremony which entailed screening of the films after introducing the films, officially began.

The light on the viewing booth dimmed, and Yu Siyang took out his mobile phone, dimmed the screen light, and secretly swiped the forum.

The help-seeking post he had sent had more than 100 replies, but the content was messy.

1L: [The host first say whether he is a male or female.]

2L: [The Upper floor’s IQ is touching, original poster said that the friend is “him”, it must be a girl]

3L: [How can you be sure that the host is a girl, maybe he is a boy who likes his good buddy.]

4L: [3L you rotten girl walk away and see it clearly, this section is about “emotions”]

15L: [Maybe Original poster is a monster, as his information says that his gender is unknown.]

16L: [The poster is obviously using an alt account, maybe it’s a kid just entering puberty]

17L: [Ah…it’s a really beautiful and full of hormones youth]

Yu Siyang turned six or seven pages of replies, but the post had gone crooked. These people first discussed his gender, then his age, and finally came up with the grand proposition of “should junior high school students fall in love early”, which made his head full of black lines.

Thinking of asking for help from netizens was a new level of stupidity.

He turned off the screen of the phone and went to watch the movie that he missed at the beginning, but he felt like a cat’s paw was scratching and his heart was itchy, so he turned on the phone.

Since the screen was directly turned off before, after turning on the screen, the interface was still on the forum reply. After turning a few pages, someone finally got back to the topic.

55L: [The landlord also asked what mentality this is, of course it is the mentality of that very good friend who likes you]

56L: [It’s another story about “I treat you as a friend, but you want to be with me”, huh, I wish the landlord a successful crush]

57L: [The one upstairs is a single dog]

58L: [Single dog+1]

59L: [Single dog+2]

60L: [The landlord, if you like someone, confess it boldly]

61L: [Confession failed now, even my friend won’t have anything to do with me, haha]

When Yu Siyang saw this, he suddenly felt that a nine-times profound thunder struck him, and the clouds had become clear in an instant.

There was a reason why he had been suffering from gains and losses with him for so long, and he always wanted to show him his best side.

——I like Mr. Xue.

After Yu Siyang understood, his heart went up and down.

He never thought he was gay. He always thought he was a straight man, and he didn’t want to like Mr. Xue, who was also a man.

But… Mr. Xue was so good, and he was also incredibly good to him. It made him feel physically and mentally happy to like Mr. Xue.

In this way, it did not matter whether he was homosexual or not. He liked Mr. Xue, and this idea made him happy.

But Yu Siyang was happy for less than a minute, and then fell into deep anxiety because of the netizen’s words “Confession failed now, even my friend won’t have anything to do with me”.

He liked Mr. Xue, but did Mr. Xue like him?

It was true that Xue Chengxiu was very good to him. With this kind of goodness, was he treating him well as a lover? Or just as a friend or junior?

Besides, he was a man, and he was liked by a man. Would Mr. Xue feel unhappy and uncomfortable? After he confessed rashly, would he really not even want to be his friend?

The more Yu Siyang thought about it, the more frustrated he became. The whole person seemed to be shrouded in a cloud of haze.

Sitting on the left, Hong Zhehao turned his elbow and whispered, “Do you also think this movie is not good?”

“Ah? Huh!” Yu Siyang who had not watched the movie, screamed.

Hong Zhehao resisted the urge to yawn, and asked, “You say, can we leave early?”

Yu Siyang’s eyes lit up, “It’s okay anyway. It should be okay to leave early.” He couldn’t wait to see Mr. Xue.

Hong Zhehao: “Then what excuse do we use to leave?”

Yu Siyang: “Toilet?”

Hong Zhehao: “…good idea.”

The two agreed to leave and said a few words to Jin Ce before walking out of the exhibition hall. They went to the side security door.

As soon as they walked out of the security door, the two actually went to the bathroom, and then called their assistants to pick them up.

When Lian Jing and Luo Peng each received their artists, they didn’t know what they were thinking about. For the first time, they saw someone using the excuse of peeing to run from the opening ceremony of the film festival. They were going against the sky.

“Brother Jing, that movie is really boring, I want to sleep.” Hong Zhehao smiled happily, “If I fall asleep in it, wouldn’t it be a bad influence? In case I snore very loudly, I will appear on the headlines tomorrow.”

Lian Jing declined to comment. Anyway, Hong Zhehao was here to rub the red carpet. The task had been completed. If he wanted to leave early, he should leave early, and the main committee would not care.

However, Yu Siyang, who was shortlisted for the best newcomer, ran away with him. It was simply heartbreaking.

“I have very important things.” Yu Siyang said to Luo Peng with a serious face.

“What is more important than the Best Newcomer Award.” Luo Peng asked.

“Lifetime event.”

Luo Peng was speechless, well, this was indeed very important.

He called Tang Hang to drive the car over. After Yu Siyang and Hong Zhehao bid farewell, he quickly got in the car.

After the car drove a certain distance, his excitement gradually cooled down. Yu Siyang practiced a confession in his mind, fantasizing about various confession scenes and Mr. Xue’s reaction, and immediately became nervous.

“That… Brother Luo…” he said in anticipation: “Have you ever confessed to someone?”

Luo Peng proudly said, “It’s all someone else confessing to me.”

Yu Siyang looked at him suspiciously. The credibility of this statement was infinitely close to zero.

While waiting for the red light, Tang Hang, who was driving, gave Luo Peng a sideways look, with an expression of disbelief on his face.

“Cough—” Luo Peng coughed embarrassingly, and told the truth: “So what, I confessed to our department flower when I was in college.”

“And then?” Yu Siyang and Tang Hang were very interested in asking.

Luo Peng’s expression became even more embarrassed, “…rejected by the flower.”

“Why did she reject you?”

Luo Peng looked at Yu Siyang angrily. This was to sprinkle salt on his wound, Xiaoyu really had changed. He must have been broken by the boss.

“She sent me a good person card.” The jar was broken.

After Yu Siyang expressed his sympathy, his uncontrollable brain made up a scenario where Mr. Xue sent him a good person card, and his whole person did not feel good.

T/N: You will not get a good person card, but you might eaten by the way.. jiayou on your confession, Xiaoyu…

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