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When Lu Chengyu woke up the next morning, he found a light rain outside the window, and the whole sky looked gloomy, which affected his mood.

After washing up, changing clothes and going downstairs to have breakfast with Yan Mu, he felt a little embarrassed emotionally.

Seeing that he was not energetic, Yan Mu walked to him and adjusted the pocket square on his suit, “Let’s go.”

“Where to?” Lu Chengyu was stunned. He didn’t react to Yan Mu’s intention. He looked down at his chest. The pocket square placed in the pocket that he had been playing with before, had been neatly arranged by Yan Mu, and it looked very beautiful.

“We decided yesterday that we would go to pay homage to uncle and aunt, did you forget?” Yan Mu straightened his bow tie and tried to make himself look more energetic.

“Huh?” Lu Chengyu remembered that Yan Mu had mentioned this to him yesterday, and he was stunned before saying, “Are we really going to go today?”

Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu suspiciously, as if he didn’t understand why Lu Chengyu asked like that.

“Then let’s go,” Lu Chengyu saw Yan Mu’s expression and smiled suddenly, “Since we are going to pay a homage, let’s go see your mother as well.”

“Yeah.” Yan Mu hooked his mouth and nodded.

It may be because of rain, so although it was Saturday, the traffic volume on the road was less than usual. Lu Chengyu learned that Yan Mu’s mother’s tomb was on the same mountain as his parents’ tomb after getting in the car.

The black car shuttled in the rain curtain, passing by one pedestrian after another. Lu Chengyu looked at the pedestrians holding umbrellas outside the window. Because of the influence of the rain, he suddenly felt worse because he remembered his parents going out. It was the same weather on the day of the car accident.

The two bought a few bouquets of flowers and a few sticks of incense in the flower shop under the mountain. The shopkeeper opened the shop here, mainly for customers who came to pay homage to their ancestors. After he saw Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu get out of the car, there were two people in black suits following them. He guessed that the identity of these two people was not simple, and he did not dare to introduce his products randomly. He would give them whatever they wanted.

“Thank you,” Lu Chengyu took those things and smiled at the shopkeeper. The bodyguard behind him immediately took out the money for him and handed it to the shopkeeper.

“It’s too much,” the shopkeeper saw the money in his hand, and hurriedly found the change from the cabinet and handed it to the bodyguard. Seeing that the bodyguard was not answering, he looked at Lu Chengyu with an anxious facial expression.

Upon seeing this, Lu Chengyu smiled and took the change, and then thanked the shopkeeper again before returning to the car with Yan Mu.

Seeing Yan Mu looking at him with puzzled eyes, Lu Chengyu had no choice but to laugh: “Behind us was the burly bodyguard. If we don’t accept his change, he may be uneasy all night.”

Yan Mu frowned: “Isn’t it okay to charge more money?”

“You said it, it’s just a little money,” Lu Chengyu said with a smile, “If there are five million, I believe many people are willing to take the risk. We only have fifty yuan here, and others would rather not take the risk. They would rather have peace of mind.” After Yan Mu listened, he fell silent immediately. He didn’t know enough about ordinary people’s thinking. He didn’t even understand this. It was obvious that they had already given the money and wanted to leave. Why didn’t the other party dare to charge more?

“This kind of error in understanding, in your capacity, may not be understood for a long time,” Lu Chengyu smiled, then gently shook his hand, “But it doesn’t matter, you know a lot that I don’t know, I know a lot that you don’t know, this is called complementarity, right?”

Yan Mu held Lu Chengyu’s hand, then nodded, “As long as we are together, it will be fine.”

Lu Chengyu smiled at him, and the two of them held each other’s hands tightly.

The car drove up the mountain along the winding road, and finally stopped in the middle of the mountain. Yan Mu opened the big black umbrella and put it on top of the two and walked towards the cemetery where Lu Chengyu’s parents were buried, step by step.

The graves of Lu Chengyu’s parents were very clean. It could be seen that Lu Chengyu often came to visit the graves of his parents. The husband and wife were buried together, with pictures of the two on the tombstone. Yan Mu found that Lu Chengyu’s appearance was more similar to that of his mother, but he was more masculine than his mother.

In the photo, Lu Chengyu’s mother’s appearance was very beautiful, with the corners of her mouth slightly bent upwards, she looked extra peaceful and gentle, like a morning flower, which made people feel close to her at first glance.

He looked at the name and raised his eyebrows in surprise. Lu Chengyu’s mother’s name was as gentle as her appearance, she was called Xia Yuxiu.

“Mom and dad, I came to see you.” Lu Chengyu lit the incense, bowed to the cemetery three times seriously, inserted the incense, and wiped the dust on the tombstone. “Although it is raining today, your son found someone who can hold the umbrella for me.” When he said that, he looked up at Yan Mu and smiled at him, “This guy next to me, he is rich and handsome, and he can cook, your son has picked up a great deal.”

Yan Mu handed the umbrella to the bodyguard behind him, and squatted next to Lu Chengyu, then he took out a white handkerchief and started cleaning the tombstone carefully with Lu Chengyu, his fingers tracing the name of Lu Chengyu’s mother. He said, “Uncle, auntie, I will treat Xiao Lu well and will not let him down. You are in heaven, and you must bless him, so that he is safe and sound.”

He also lit a stick of incense and stood up respectfully. He bowed respectfully to the tombstones of the two of them, and when the cold rain fell on his face, he suddenly realized that winter was approaching.

Putting the incense in, Yan Mu stretched out his hand and patted Lu Chengyu on the back. Although, Lu Chengyu was smiling at this time, he could see the loss and sadness in the other’s eyes, “Don’t be sad, I will always be with you. “

The tombstone was wiped clean by the two of them. Lu Chengyu took a breath, looked at his smiling parents in the photo, and put a fresh bouquet on their graves, “My parents had a very good relationship. In my memory, they were on time every day. Even when they went to work, they never missed any activities related to me. If I did well, they would praise me. If I did not do well, they would not blame me, rather they would make suggestions and encourage me. I have never been beaten by them. They were always smiling, always kind and tolerant.” After this, Lu Chengyu felt that he couldn’t say anything. He stood up and looked at the faint mist at the foot of the mountain, “When I was informed by the police about the car accident, I almost thought someone was playing a prank with me.”

Yan Mu stepped forward and held his hand, taking the umbrella from the bodyguard’s hand with the other hand, and personally propped it over Lu Chengyu’s head, not even letting a drop of rain fall on him, “When my mother died of illness, I was only ten years old. At that time, my grandfather told me that my mother was gone, and no one in Yan’s family would stand up for me. He told me that from now on, the only thing I could rely on is myself.”

Lu Chengyu felt that Yan Mu was pulling on his own wounds to comfort him, his heart warmed, and he couldn’t help but look at him. “In the future, I will also be your support.”

“So, you are not alone,” Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu with scorching eyes, “You still have me, and I still have you.” In his heart, he felt like a handful of cany had been sprinkled and he felt really sweet. It was so sweet, that he couldn’t feel any bitterness anymore. Lu Chengyu smiled at his parents’ tombstone and said, “Mom Dad, you heard what he said. If he dares to break his promise, you must not be polite to him.”

“I won’t go against it,” Yan Mu suddenly solemnly knelt in front of the tombstone, “Mom Dad, I will take good care of Xiao Lu and will not let you down.”

Lu Chengyu froze, Yan Mu was not such a person, who would actually make such a move. He watched the other person kneeling on the dirt without hesitation. Somehow, he also knelt down after him, tightly holding Yan Mu’s hand and said to his parents’ gravestone, “Mom Dad, I will definitely be fine, and you have to take care of yourself.”

Maybe people really had souls, and his parents were really looking at him. Lu Chengyu looked at the photos of his parents smiling, then turned his head to look at Yan Mu’s profile, and pulled him up, “Let’s go, let’s go. Look for Mother Mu.”

Although both of them were tall men, they were holding hands with incomparable warmth. Even the bodyguards behind them felt that although they were of the same gender, they seemed to be the best match in the world. By just looking at them, once could feel that they were full of love.

Yan Mu’s mother’s tomb was still higher up on the mountain, and the two climbed the stone steps for a while before they found Mother Mu’s tomb. Then Lu Chengyu discovered that Mother Mu was a very beautiful and temperamental woman. Although, she did not smile in the photo on the tombstone, her eyes were full of a unique womanly charm.

Perhaps only such an excellent woman could influence Yan Mu a lot in just ten years. He should thank this great woman, because if it were not for her, there would not be such an excellent Yan Mu in his life. In general, he let him understand what love was and what was temptation in his second chance at life.

At the moment when Yan Mu was kneeling before his parents’ tombstone, Lu Chengyu finally understood the feelings of his heart. It turned out that love was so sudden and so beautiful that he felt that if he gave it up, it would be the greatest regret in life. He squatted next to Yan Mu and carefully wiped every corner of the tombstone, “Mother Mu, excuse me. My name is Lu Chengyu. I want to live with Brother Mu for the rest of my life. I hope you won’t despise my gender.”

After listening to what Lu Chengyu said, Yan Mu’s body trembled slightly. He looked at Lu Chengyu in surprise. He didn’t expect that Lu Chengyu would say at his mother’s grave that he would live with him for a lifetime. The happiness came so suddenly that he became a little overwhelmed.

As if he had not seen Yan Mu’s stupid expression, Lu Chengyu looked at the tombstone with a smile, as if it was not a cold tombstone in front of him, but a vivid person, “This man, Yan Mu, although his expression is a little bit unchanging, he has more money, he is a little handsome, and he is a very good partner. Mother Mu, please bless me, I will always hold this good man tightly in my hands, so that no one can take him away.”

“There will be no one else,” Yan Mu took Lu Chengyu into his arms, “There will be no one else in this life.”

Yan Mu’s sudden movement stopped Lu Chengyu’s words. He patted Yan Mu’s back with his hand, again and again, but his gaze still fell on the tombstone photo, and the corners of his mouth gradually bent.

A few steps away, He Long watched this scene quietly, somehow, he suddenly felt a little moved. Obviously, the two people in front of the tomb were just hugging simply, without making life or death vows, and no affectionate confession, but he just felt that his nerves were irritated, and his nose was a little sour and itchy.

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