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After the memorial ceremony, the two of them slowly walked down the mountain with their umbrellas, and occasionally met one or two passers-by who had also come to pay respect to their loved ones, but otherwise the whole road was quiet and peaceful.

When they got to the car , Lu Chengyu suddenly turned his head, looked at the first-class stone steps, and slowly exhaled, “Let’s go.” After Lu Chengyu got in the car, Yan Mu gave the umbrella to the bodyguard and bent over to sit down and got into the car. The car turned a corner and gradually left the cemetery where countless people were buried.

On the way back, Lu Chengyu’s mood obviously improved a lot. The two were about to discuss where to eat, but before they had reached a good deal, they received a call from Zhuang Yu, saying that they wanted to invite them to eat some special dishes.

Lu Chengyu was very confident about the place where Zhuang Yu was treating them. When Zhuang Yu mentioned it, he agreed, and then said to Yan Mu, “Brother Zhuang is an expert in the food industry. Compared with him, I’m far from good.”

Yan Mu’s face remained unchanged and he said, “He usually goes everywhere to find food to taste when he is free. Of course, he knows more than you.”

Lu Chengyu sighed when he heard the words, “The movie city under the name of Brother Zhuang will be enough for him to splurge for several lifetimes.” He had heard about Zhuang Yu’s father and stepmother, and he had no good impressions of Zhuang Yu’s family, but because of this, he admired Zhuang Yu even more.

To live so well under adversity and to run such a big movie city was what he could do.

Yan Mu nodded when he heard this, “It’s better than staying with the family and fighting with those brothers every day.” However, even so, there would be other brothers calculating him. After those few people were cleaned up by Zhuang Yu several times, they slowly began to unite.

“It’s really bad for the rich.” After Lu Chengyu finished saying this, he instantly felt that the relatives in his family seemed to be bad. Since his cousin got married, the relatives of the Lu family had never contacted him again. As for his mother’s natal family, they had ignored him, as if he did not exist.

Because his mother followed his grandmother’s surname Xia back then, the people from her mother’s family had never been very close to his mother, and they had moved around frequently these years. After his parents died unexpectedly, these relatives didn’t know why stared at Lu’s house, but he didn’t let them calculate the property left by his parents. But since then, they went missing, and even when he called them by himself, they were also cold and indifferent, so now he didn’t contact them anymore.

Feelings were mutual, and no one loved hot faces and cold buttocks[1]. Although, he still didn’t understand why his mother’s family suddenly came out to help him with the Lu family, and then after the matter was settled, they all alienated him.

“The richer people are, the more disputes there will be,” Yan Mu said with a calm expression after watching more of the rich man’s farce. “Money is people’s object of greed, and no one can give up such a good thing. So, open and secret fights occur. All of this is all about money.”

“Yes, but who doesn’t love money? Even ordinary people would quarrel with each other over a house and a car.” Lu Chengyu sighed, “If I was born in a wealthy family, I might also let it go. If it is more than that, I would use all my means for the money.”

“You won’t,” Yan Mu shook his head decisively, “If it were you, you would definitely figure out how to make more money instead of trying hard and plan things to take over from your parents.”

“In your eyes, am I that good?” Lu Chengyu smiled, and then exposed the topic, “I am a wealthy man with a nine-figure asset now. A handsome guy came over and laughed at me. He made me happy to e laugh.” Yan Mu looked at Lu Chengyu silently, and then poked the corner of his mouth with his right index finger.

Lu Chengyu: “…”

After a while, there was a burst of laughter in the car.

Yan Mu looked helplessly at the man lying on his lap laughing and stretched out his hand to stop his waist, lest he rolled to the ground, but the corners of his mouth slowly bent up.

Zhuang Yu sat in the dining room, looking out the window from time to time, and then Qi Jingfeng said, “What are they doing? It’s already past twelve o’clock, and I haven’t even seen them from afar.”

“They will be here, don’t be too anxious.” Zhang Zeyun saw a few black BMW cars approaching. Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu were getting off the first car, but the expression on his face soon froze.

“Fuck, he, they!” Qi Jingfeng jumped up from his chair in shock, he pointed out the window in shock, “What’s the matter?”

Zhuang Yu followed and almost scolded his mother with Qi Jingfeng, he knew the two were walking together, but they are holding hands outside, wasn’t that too high-profile! Didn’t they see how many people were watching them on the street?

“As you can see, the two of them are together,” Zhuang Yu tried to make his voice calm, “Don’t you know?”

“I know a shit, damn it, this is more than I earn tomorrow. One billion is incredible! Do you all know about this?” Qi Jingfeng felt that he was not good. The legendary Yan Mu, who did not play with women and did not engage in promiscuity, was with a man?!

“Be calm,” Zhuang Yu smiled and drank a sip of tea. “After they come in, you ask them.” Qi Jingfeng made a cut and saw that Yan Mu and Lu Chengyu had already walked in, and didn’t know what expressions to use while greeting them. Once the two men sat down, he hesitated and said, “Mu Ge, Xiao Lu, you two ……”

“Together,” Yan Mu’s calm expression stared back at him, “You are not mistaken,” looking at Yan Mu’s calm expression, Qi Jingfeng felt that he was acting a bit stupid. The masters of the family were so calm. He was so surprised by others, was he too unsteady? He drank a big sip of tea, and then smiled dryly, “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Yan Mu hooked his mouth, appearing even gentler.

Yan Mu like this once again jumped Qi Jingfeng off, and after the food was on the table, he didn’t slow down. After half of the meal, he hesitated and asked, “Xiao Lu, how long have you been with Mu Ge…?”

Lu Chengyu wiped the corners of his mouth and said with a smile : “It’s not a long time, just after my arm was injured. “

At this moment, Yan Mu looked at him in a swish manner and said, “If you didn’t come to the hospital that day, we could be together an hour earlier.” Qi Jingfeng twitched his mouth. He probably understood why Brother Mu was staring at him so coldly when he was at the hospital that day, maybe he was interrupting Mu Ge’s confession at that time.

Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun looked at Qi Jingfeng sympathetically. After the meal was over, several people clamoured to ask Qi Jingfeng to pay for the bill, and then they sat together and chatted for a while before leaving the restaurant. Because Lu Chengyu had injuries on his arm, and they were worried that someone had targeted Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu recently, they let them go back early, and no other entertainment was arranged.

Who knew that, that night news of Lu Chengyu and Yan Mu spread throughout the Internet, and by the next day, it spread even more vigorously, and even the news of the two was published on the paper media.

The pixels of these photos were very poor, and in some photos, one couldn’t even see the human face, but they had attracted a lot of attention from the public.

“The President of Huading and the God of National Studies worship their parents together!”

“Why did the President of Huading kneel in front of the tomb of Lu Chengyu’s parents?”

“Surprise! Two well-known figures appeared hand in hand in front of a special restaurant!”

“The mystery of the love partner of the president of Huading has finally been revealed!”

The headlines of these news were full of hot spots, and the secret photos of the two people on Weibo from various angles had been reposted by everyone.

The internet went crazy because of such shocking entertainment news!

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[1] Fake civility.

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