TCYEC Ch. 97

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Courage had always been a thing associated with enthusiasm. On the way back, Yu Siyang’s brain made up various scenes which might happen after he confessed, and the more he thought about it, the more he became flustered.

“Tomorrow night there is a reception, which is organized by the main committee. You must attend and you cannot escape halfway. Also, the day after tomorrow is the premiere of “Faceless Agnes”, the director sent you an invitation letter, this you must also participate, and you can’t escape halfway…” Luo Peng took the tablet to inform Yu Siyang of the film festival activities one by one, and emphasized that “can’t escape”, although he condoned Yu Siyang’s early departure this time, but it did not mean that he agreed with his approach.

At this moment, Yu Siyang was thinking about his life-long event. He didn’t listen to Luo Peng’s words carefully at all. He just nodded and kept nodding.

“The last day is the awards ceremony and the closing ceremony. According to my gossip, your chances of winning are quite high.” Luo Peng smiled triumphantly.

Yu Siyang let out an absent-minded “Oh”.

Luo Peng: “…”

This dead boy looked like this, and he didn’t even dare to listen to him at all?!

No, such unhealthy trends could not be encouraged.

Luo Peng brewed for a while and was about to carry out the training of “love and respect for work and etiquette”, when Tang Hang said: “Here.” And slowly stopped the car.

“Oh -” Yu Siyang was startled like a cat with its tail trampled on. “Are we here?” He hadn’t organized his language or finished his mental preparation yet.

Both Tang Hang and Luo Peng looked at him strangely.

It was that there was something important, so he had to go back, but how come when they reached home now, it turned into “Why did we get here so soon”?

Yu Siyang grinned awkwardly, opened the door, accidentally tripped on the door when getting out of the car, and almost fell.

“Be careful, why are you out of your mind.” Luo Peng quickly got out of the car to see if he fell.

“It’s okay, you go back, good night.” Yu Siyang waved his hand and walked stiffly towards the villa’s door. It was a short distance, at most twenty steps, he walked nervously with trembling hands and feet.

Luo Peng and Tang Hang looked dumbfounded.

“What happened to him today? Did something happen in the exhibition hall?” Tang Hang asked.

Luo Peng shook his head, “He didn’t say, it shouldn’t be a serious matter. Ask him tomorrow.”

Yu Siyang walked back with trembling hands and feet. He thought about it countless times along the way, although he was worried that it would end up such that he and Mr. Xue could not even be friends, but how could a man shrink because of difficulties? If he was worried about things that hadn’t happened yet, he would go against his own will and would deserve to be single for his entire lifetime.

As we grow older, we must boldly pursue our own happiness.

Well, that’s it.

He cheered himself up at the door, then pressed his fingerprints to push the door in.

Xue Chengxiu was in the living room processing work while waiting for his child to come back. Seeing Yu Siyang entering the door, he smiled and said, “You’re back, are you tired? The makeup on your face hasn’t been removed yet.”

He mustered a lot of courage outside the door, and everything immediately turned into bullshit as soon as he entered the door and saw Mr. Xue, his heartbeat became abnormal, his legs were a little soft, and he felt that he was about to faint.

Ah, ah, ah, so nervous, what should I do?

“Why stand still at the door?” Xue Chengxiu asked suspiciously.

Hearing this, Yu Siyang hurriedly moved forward a few steps mechanically, thinking that it would be a stab to stretch his hand, and men must not fear.

“Mr. Xue, I have something to tell you.”

Yu Siyang’s expression was serious, Xue Chengxiu also changed into a serious look, and walked to him, “Let’s talk, I’m listening.”

“…Uh, that… …”

Yu Siyang’s expression was tangled, and he yelled in his heart: Yu Siyang, you just said such big words now but now you’re stammering.

Xue Chengxiu waited for a long time and didn’t hear the next part of “that”, so he couldn’t help asking: “What?”

“Mr. Xue, what do you want to have for supper? How about red bean paste balls[1]?” Yu Siyang said loudly, “I will make it with red bean paste, no sugar, very soft such that the hummus would melt open with water and squeezed the paste into glutinous rice and made them into small balls and cooked them. They are one of the best things to eat in winter.”

Yu Siyang’s heart split into two people, one was beating the other: let you say midnight snack, let you say small balls, you know how to eat, you are confessing, idiot, when can the red bean paste small balls be eaten, do you have to have them today!!!

Why was this kid weird tonight? Xue Chengxiu was puzzled but didn’t ask directly. If Yangyang wanted to tell him something about it, he will naturally say but if he doesn’t want to say it, there must be reasons why he doesn’t want to say it. In this regard, he would not force the child to confess to him.

“You must be very tired today, I’m not hungry, don’t cook late-night snacks, go remove your makeup, take a shower and go to bed early.” Xue Chengxiu rubbed Yu Siyang’s styled hair and ruined his hairdo.

Yu Siyang stood stiffly and let him rub it casually, wishing to rub his head even more against the opponent’s big hand.

In the past, Mr. Xue also rubbed his hair. At that time, he felt warm, but now his heart thumped more and more violently, as if he wanted to do something-like hug Mr. Xue.

Yu Siyang was immediately frightened by his “daring” thoughts, “Then I’ll go back to the room, and you should rest soon.” As he said, he fled upstairs.

Xue Chengxiu looked thoughtfully at the young man’s escape.

When Yu Siyang returned to the room, he locked the door behind him. He was able to calm down, and then he wanted to punch himself.

Say you want to be bold? Say you want to confess? Have you eaten your courage then?

Wait, no, confession of such an important matter, of course, could not be hasty, he must first prepare something to create a good and romantic atmosphere.

Well, that’s it. He didn’t make a successful confession tonight, not because he was too scared, but because the atmosphere was not romantic enough.

Yu Siyang comforted himself, took out his mobile phone and searched the Internet for “How to confess with the highest success rate to the person you like”, and then found a very detailed guide post in the 818 community. After reading the post from beginning to end, he felt that it was written very well, so he took out his notebook and pen and copied down all the points listed in the post.

With the strategy, Yu Siyang turned his hand on the device, picked up the cleansing oil, prepared to remove the makeup, wash his hair, take a bath and sleep, and greet the major event in life with a full spirit.

Therefore, he did not see the replies below the post——

3L: [Original Poster say the truth, did the confession succeed?]

4L: [Successful P, wasted Lao Tzu’s roses]

The next day, Xue Chengxiu got up early and went to work. There was a table full of hearty breakfast in the dining room. What was even more exaggerated was that everything that could be made into heart shape was basically heart-shaped.

“Yang Yang.” Mr. Xue shouted towards the direction of the kitchen.

When Yu Siyang heard it, he ran out in his apron with bright eyes, “You’re up, eat breakfast.”

Xue Chengxiu looked at Yu Siyang, then at the table full of heart shapes, and calmly pulled the chair and sat down.

Yu Siyang immediately graciously went over and gave him a bowl of red bean paste small balls, the small balls inside did not know how he made them, they were all heart-shaped.

After a sip, the heart-shaped balls were also very chewy. The red bean paste was very delicate, and the sweetness was just right. It was paired with heart-shaped soft raisin bread[2]. It was a very enjoyable thing to eat in the winter morning.

After Xue Chengxiu finished breakfast and went to work, Yu Siyang quickly drank a bowl of almond porridge[3] and called the florist to order roses. However, it was too early, and the florist was not open at all.

Really, why did the flower shop open so late? He was anxious to death.

Yu Siyang paced anxiously in the living room.


Xue Yunmu’s soft voice came from the stairs, and Yu Siyang immediately rushed upstairs, “Mumu, what’s the matter?”

The little guy’s kindergarten was having its holidays, and the two adults in the family were very busy, always going out early and coming home late, he heard from Aunt Wang that the little guy would look for his father and his elder brother all over the room when he slept, and Yu Siyang was heartbroken listening to this.

“I smell a delicious fragrance.” Xue Yunmu rubbed his eyes with his hands, moved his little nose, and threw himself into Yu Siyang’s arms and hugged his neck. The little appearance was particularly aggrieved and said: “It has been a long time since I ate the meal that my brother cooked.”

Yu Siyang felt even more distressed, he vigorously picked up the little fat man, but he had no energy by the time he reached the dining room.

Xue Yunmu hugged his Yangyang brother. Originally, his vision was equal to that of Yangyang brother. Then gradually, he found that he was sliding down, from looking at his brother’s face to looking at his neck… The little fat man was very sad.

No wonder Meimei didn’t play with him, he must be too fat, and his brother found it difficult to hold him.

Yu Siyang tried his best to hold Xue Yunmu high and said with emotion: “Mumu you have to lose weight, or brother won’t be able to hold your anymore.”

The little fat man was hit by lightning and suffered 10,000 points of damage.

“Then…then I’ll eat less.” Xue Yunmu pouted, the expression on her little face could be described as desperate.

Yu Siyang put him on his high chair, squeezed his fat face, and said, “Brother is joking, Mumu is growing up, and he won’t remain fat when he grows tall. Mumu is the cutest. You don’t need to lose weight at all.”

The little guy lowered his head and pinched his short and fat fingers, and asked, “Will Meimei like me?”

Yu Siyang said, “Why won’t Meimei like Mumu? Mumu is so lovely.”

The little guy was immediately happy, and kissed Yangyang’s brother “Mwa.

Yu Siyang accompanied the child for breakfast. After eating a whole heart-shaped raisin bread, he was suddenly blessed to his soul-

Yes, why would Mr. Xue dislike him? He was so handsome and could cook well. If he were Mr. Xue, he would also fall in love with himself.

After he finished his narcissism, he thought-it seems that besides being handsome and good at cooking, he had no other advantages. Would Mr. Xue really like him?

No matter what, let’s confess first, if Mr. Xue didn’t like him, he would pursue him until he liked him.

After making up his mind, Yu Siyang kept calling the flower shop again and again, knowing that the flower shop hadn’t opened yet, but he just couldn’t stop, he became nervous as soon as he stopped.

At nine o’clock in the morning, the flower shop finally answered the phone, and he quickly asked the other party to send 999 roses.

While waiting for the roses to be delivered, he plunged into the kitchen again, preparing to make some cute and romantic desserts to enhance the atmosphere.

Xue Yunmu walked in and out after him like a little tail, and asked curiously: “Brother, what are you going to do?”

Yu Siyang squatted down and looked at the child seriously, “Brother likes your father and wants to follow him so I’m going to confess.”

Xue Yunmu tilted his head and cheered: “Great, Dad also likes brother.”

Yu Siyang: My dear, mine is not that kind of like, but another kind of like.

The little fat man was very happy, jumping around in the kitchen, thinking of what Dad had said to him before, so he raised his short arms and said loudly: “Dad, brother and Mumu will always be together.”

Yu Siyang smiled and said: “Yes, always together.”

T/N: Why was narcissistic Yangyang so cute?

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