TCYEC Ch. 98

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On the second night of the film festival, there was always a cocktail party organized by the main committee. The reason given was to “Integrate resources from all walks of life, exchange experiences, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly development of the film industry.” As a nominee for the Newcomer Award, Yu Siyang had to go to this reception, this was also a long-arranged part of his itinerary.

But today’s Yu Siyang was no longer the Yu Siyang of yesterday. For today’s Yu Siyang, most of the world was not important than his confession. Therefore, when Luo Peng and Tang Hang drove over to take him to the stylist’s studio, he and Aunt Wang were inflating the balloons in the yard. Lin Bo commanded the bodyguard Chen Li to climb up and down hanging the balloons and ribbons. The whole yard was full of a dreamlike atmosphere.

Yu Siyang didn’t have any plans to go out, so he wore a simple black jacket. He looked very rough. If you ignored his face, others would think that the man sitting on the bench was a homeless man.

Seeing his image, Luo Peng could only hit his forehead, and he could hardly look directly at him. Anyhow, he was also following the fashion ICON route. In private, he couldn’t be so shabby.

“Xiaoyu, what are you doing?”

Luo Peng picked up a balloon and tossed it. The appearance of Xue’s villa was a typical English style, with red bricks on the outside, sloping roof on top, and dark gray roof. It looked classic and solemn—

—It was just the exterior of the villa today. The exterior was full of pink balloons and ribbons, as well as flowers scattered around. On such a cold day, the flowers had not been frozen, and that was really not easy.

“Set up the scene.” Yu Siyang continued to inflate the balloon without raising his head.

Luo Peng wondered: “What is the setting?”

Yu Siyang said: “The confession scene.”

Luo Peng asked, “…Who is going to confess?”

Yu Siyang finally raised his head and said triumphantly: “Me.”

Luo Peng was shocked: “Who do you want to confess to?”

Yu Siyang said, “Mr. Xue.”

Luo Peng & Tang Hang: “…” Hadn’t these two been together long ago? What did he mean by confessing to abuse the single dogs at every turn? Did they want to abuse the single dogs even if they didn’t actually have a chance???

Aunt Wang shook her head gently at the two of them, telling them not to speak.

Living in a villa all the year round, Aunt Wang, who was like family, knew more about how these two young people got along.

She originally thought the other person was just playing hard to get, and she felt distressed for Xue Chengxiu for a while. This child had not received much sincere care since he was a child, and even sneered at Xue Li’s so-called true love theory. She had always worried that he would die alone, even if there was a baby, a son and a partner’s company was different.

Later, there was another teenager in this family. Aunt Wang watched the two get along and live together. Naturally, she would not fail to see Xue Chengxiu’s thoughts about Yu Siyang. What was strange was that he was ignorant. The old woman worried about it almost desperately.

You like people! Why be reserved at this time!

But Xue Chengxiu said that he had his own plan, and he could not be too hasty, so as not to scare Yu Siyang away.

Aunt Wang was in a hurry.

Now it was alright, Xiaoyu finally understood what he wanted and wanted to take the initiative to confess. Naturally, Aunt Wang would not allow others to dismantle the platform at this time, and how could she let them scare Xiaoyu so that he would go back into his shell.

Luo Peng and Tang Hang received Aunt Wang’s slightly warning gaze, and immediately changed the subject, “Xiaoyu, let’s go, we have to go do some styling, and you’re not allowed to be absent from the cocktail party tonight.”

Yu Siyang stayed for a while, reluctantly. He stood up, turned around one step at a time, and walked out, still muttering: “I haven’t finished the arrangement yet, why must the reception be today?”

Luo Peng rolled his eyes and said in his heart: The reception had been decided long ago. It should be said that why did you choose today to confess.

“Xiaoyu can go to work with peace of mind, and Aunt Wang will help you get everything done.” Aunt Wang waved the pump and balloon in her hand and said very intimately.

Yu Siyang got into the car reluctantly, first to do the styling, then the red carpet and the formal cocktail party.

“The film festival always has this red carpet, it’s boring.” Yu Siyang complained.

Tang Hang concentrated on driving, Luo Peng concentrated on using his mobile phone to make fun of others, ignoring his complaints, knowing that his mind was still on confessing.


Xue Yunmu woke up from a nap, got up from the bed and happily went to look for brother Yangyang, and found that the house was completely different, he cheered up: “Brother——” He called brother, but saw only Aunt Wang coming.

“Your brother Yangyang has work, so he went out.” Aunt Wang took the little guy to the dining room. “He made almond crepes[1] for you. Go and eat.”

The little guy woke up and didn’t see brother Yangyang. He was unhappy, but when he saw the almond crepes on the table, he immediately became happy again. He climbed up the high chair with his hands and feet. When he was holding a spoon to eat, he didn’t forget to worry about his brother’s affairs. “Grandma Wang brother told me that he wanted to speak with my father, how come he went out before the matter?”

Aunt Wang sat down beside the little guy and said with a smile: “Brother will come back for it “

“En.” The little guy nodded heavily, and ate his almond crepes pleased.


Huaxia people had always attached great importance to the Spring Festival and the New Year’s Eve was approaching. Although the company closed before the holiday, there was no major issue. Many people felt lazy during this period, even Xue Chengxiu, the chairman of the board, was no exception.

Xue Chengxiu was full of spring breeze all day today. From confirming his own mind to Yu Siyang also understanding his mind, more than half a year had passed. The warm water boiled frog plan he implemented was about to be harvested. He wanted to jump to eating.

He once considered not to use such a troublesome but perhaps ineffective method, but after initially testing his child’s attitude towards feelings and same-sex feelings, he found that the child was ignorant and had no concepts or ideas about love. He was even blanker than he expected, and his approach might have scared the other person away, so he used this time-consuming, long-term and low-efficiency method.

Even in many cases, he felt that his plan went off track. He was obviously pursuing a lover, but it always became a child, which was also very confusing.

In fact, a long time ago, Xue Chengxiu felt that Yu Siyang’s attitude towards him was a little different. It was not purely treating him as friends, of course, not treating him as an elder as well. Xue Chengxiu was very happy with the kind of more dependent and closer relationship.

Until yesterday, the child’s stupid performance confirmed things for Mr. Xue, and finally made him keep his eyes open for an opportunity.

It was just that Yu Siyang did not confess in a hurry, which made Mr. Xue still a little bit disappointed.

The atmosphere was so good yesterday, the right time and the right place, why didn’t the silly boy say it, he said it, he agreed with the situation, and they would live happily ever after.

Forget it, he would not say it himself, so he was waiting for the stupid kid to say it, and God knows how long he would have to wait.

Thinking about this, Xue Chengxiu called a well-known wedding company and asked the other party to go home to make arrangements. When his stupid child came back from the film festival reception, he would immediately express his heart. If he dragged things on, something might go wrong.

The wedding company also took many confession scene contracts. After receiving the deposit, they immediately prepared what they needed and drove a truck to the “Upper East Side”.

Bodyguard Chen Li received a call from the boss which asked him to go to the gate of the community to pick up people from the wedding company. When he hung up the phone, he went to the garage and drove a car out, and while driving towards the gate of the community, he thought: Mr. Xue and Mr. Xiaoyu are really good-hearted. If they don’t agree, they will confess, and they will all be arranged on the same day.

The wedding company didn’t arrive quickly. Chen Li waited for nearly half an hour when he saw them, explained the situation with the security of the community, and asked the people of the wedding company to register, and then drove the people from the wedding company to the villa.

When they arrived at the villa, the people from the wedding company were dumbfounded when they saw the villa decorated in the style of a fantasy princess.

Didn’t they call them to decorate it? Wasn’t it all decorated?!

“This is arranged by another owner of the villa, Mr. Xue doesn’t know yet,” Chen Li said, “Please decorate on this basis, don’t take this out completely.”

Chen Li thought to himself: If Mr. Xiaoyu knew that the things that he worked hard to make are withdrawn then he would definitely be disappointed. Maybe he would not be in the mood to confess.

Although as a bodyguard, Chen Li didn’t gossip about the employer’s affairs too much, but it seemed that Mr. Xue had been unable to confess, and it was also very pitiful. Now Mr. Xiaoyu had finally learned his mind, so it should not be ruined because of decoration. Everybody would be unhappy and regret it.

The bodyguard who cares about the feelings of his employer was really a good employee who loved his job and was dedicated to his work. Chen Li felt that he needed a lot of praise.

The wedding company charged expensive fees, but the service was naturally affordable to them. After listening to Chen Li’s request, they immediately started construction and made modifications on the original basis, turning the dreamy princess style into a dreamy and gorgeous style.

The decorations Yu Siyang prepared by himself were modified by the wedding company and immediately became high-end and western style.

Xue Chengxiu came back as soon as the wedding company was completed.

Originally, he didn’t have a feeling for the gorgeous fantasy style, but he heard that Yu Siyang had arranged it first, and the wedding company modified it on the original basis. He immediately accepted the style unconditionally, paid the balance, and sent the people from the wedding company away. After dinner, he held Fat Mumu and waited for Yu Siyang to return.


Yu Siyang was absent-minded at the reception. Luo Peng knew that he had something on his mind, so he thoughtfully let him sit in a corner of the venue and wait for the end, while he communicated on his behalf.

Finally, when the reception was over, Yu Siyang urged Luo Peng to return in a hurry.

It was already 10:30 in the night, and it was half an hour’s drive from the reception venue to the villa. Tang Hang ignored the speed limit, soaring back all the way, and sent him back in 20 minutes.

The villa was completely dark at the moment, and the decorations made during the day were completely invisible without light.

Usually, the landscape lights in the yard would be on. Today, somehow, the house was dark, and the outside was also dark.

“Did we forget to pay the electricity bill?” Yu Siyang got out of the car and opened the yard door in doubt.

Just as he stepped into the courtyard gate, the courtyard immediately lit up with countless little warm yellow gleams, like stars, flashing.

Yu Siyang froze in place, and Luo Peng and Tang Hang who were about to go back also left, planning to watch the excitement first.

The light in the room and the light in the yard were lit up together. The door opened from the inside. Xue Chengxiu, dressed in a handsome suit looking out of the world, walked slowly over with bunch of red roses that almost covered him completely.

“Yang Yang.”

Xue Chengxiu stood still in front of Yu Siyang, both of them wearing very formal suits, with a large bouquet of roses in between, behind which was a little bit of light, the picture looked extraordinarily beautiful.

“Yangyang, stay with me, me, you, and Mumu, be a family, okay?”

Yu Siyang suddenly thought of the sentence Mumu said yesterday, “Dad, brother and Mumu will always be together”.

“Mr. Xue, did you like me from early on?” Yu Siyang asked.

Xue Chengxiu nodded: “Yes, very early, very early.” Love at first sight.

Yu Siyang couldn’t control the smile on his face. The person he liked also liked him. It was a beautiful day. “Sorry, I didn’t like you earlier.”

Xue Chengxiu asked, “So, you like me now?”

Yu Siyang nodded vigorously.

Perhaps he liked him a long time ago, but he was dull and unaware. But he would unconsciously want to get close to Mr. Xue, collect the other’s hobbies, and try to attract the other’s attention.

Xue Chengxiu couldn’t control the smile on his face, as silly as Yu Siyang.

Since the two loved each other, it was natural to have a hug or even a kiss at this time. Mr. Xue thought this way and took two steps forward.

Then… the huge bouquet of roses that lay between the two of them became nothing short of a stumbling block, a light bulb, making the two of them unable to get close.

Yu Siyang looked down at the roses against his chest and was startled: “These flowers seem to be bought by me.”

Xue Chengxiu: “…”

The crowd peeking around: “…”

Yu Siyang, a young expert in destroying the atmosphere.

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