YXBG Ch. 12: Business

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It was as if a picture with sound was unfolding before the eyes, and the crowd was full of shouts, and cheers. All kinds of ribbons, banners, some people even carried drums, and their shouts almost shook the ground. Qin Yuan placed Xiaomei in the girls’ section of the audience and asked them to look after her, and then rushed to re-determine the division of labor with his teammates.

Robust and savage Zhang Xiangyi was a sports student and the captain of the basketball team. Xiaomei gazed at them smashing back and forth on the basketball court, not understanding what was so good about such a brutal sport. However, the girls on the side were different. They all seemed to be reincarnations of sopranos[1]. The handsome guys on the basketball team could be said to be genuine, especially Yin Zhefei, who satisfied all the girls’ fantasies about being cool.

“Ah ah ah ah! Yin Zhefei! You are my Rukawa Feng[2]!” The girls screamed desperately when they saw him sweating and running on the court.

“Yin Zhefei, I love you! I want to marry you!” The statement showed the unparalleled charm of the teenagers on the court. In fact, other boys were also very handsome, but Zhang Xiangyi was too rude, Qin Yuan was too carefree, Hu Fei was too dull…In this way, only Yin Zhefei could be regarded as the most handsome among the handsome, the prince among the princes! What’s more, his mother was a great beauty, so the blessed and beautiful young man gene was there!

Yin Xiaomei looked at them with a black line on her face: shouting, flaring their teeth and dancing claws with hoarse voice, the whole crowd of girls looked like demons dancing on the table… Uh, sisters were so terrible, she won’t grow up like this too!

A girl had only been told that this little thing was Yin Zhefei’s younger sister, and now they were all holding snacks to offer to this little guy:

“Little sister, you are so good, you can tell us about your brother!”

“For example! What kind of underwear does he like?” Another girl showed a weird expression.

“Do you have a picture of your brother? Wow, I am willing to pay a high price!”

As if the coin fell into the piggy bank and made a “ding-ding” noise, Xiaomei’s eyes lit up and she remembered that there was a freshly clicked one in her schoolbag. She had been good in sending the past photos to Xianxian sister-in-law, but she pretended to hesitate and said: “There are, but there is only one.”

Unexpectedly, a joking question was exchanged for such explosive news, and the girls’ attention was instantly diverted: “Do you have a photo? Are you sure you have a photo?!” Although their mobile phones could take pictures, they could only take one from far away, because if Yin Zhefei found them secretly taking photos, the consequences would be very serious.

How serious was it? He would hate the person who photographed him secretly! Was this not serious enough? Now that Yin Zhefei’s sister had good photos, of course they were excited enough to scream!

“Oh my God! Give it to me. I asked for it first.”

“Fair competition is okay, see who pays the higher price!”

“The price starts at 5 yuan!” Xiaomei raised her hand high.

“I’ll pay 10 yuan!”



Finally, Xiaomei actually sold the photo of Yin Zhefei for a sky-high price of 200 yuan. It was taken when he was standing in the garden and talking with Xiao Min. The sun was shining, surrounded by flowers, Yin Zhefei was like a prince, where the aristocratic temperament was apparent, and it was without his usual ferocity and coldness. The girl who got the photo treated it as a treasure, and she had to agree that Yin Xiaomei caught Yin Zhefei’s most handsome and gentle moment.

The girls who didn’t get it were disappointed: “Little sister, will you come back in the future?”

“Come and give me one next time, here, give you a 10 yuan deposit.”

“I want to book too!”

Yin Xiaomei’s eyes were full of colorful banknotes, and she almost screamed happily. Why didn’t she know that Yin Zhefei was so easy to use and that there was such a big business opportunity on his body! Wow, wow, she was going to be rich, she was rich, one 200, ten was 2000! Even if it couldn’t sell so high in the future, it was worth the cost of developing the photos! After all, Lu Xianxian only arranged work for her, and the photo developing money and stamp envelope money had to be taken out of her pocket.

She was noting every order on her small notebook, when she heard the deafening cheers from the field, Yin Zhefei’s team had won! She looked at Yin Zhefei’s smiling face on the court and lowered her head with a lack of interest. It was still more enjoyable to make money, not to mention that his smile was so ugly.

When Yin Zhefei got off the court, Yin Xiaomei gave him a creepy look, and he almost doubted whether this guy was possessed by Lu Xianxian! Xiaomei has never felt that Yin Zhefei was so cute, so shining, he seemed to be covered with pink renminbi, waiting for her to collect them into her pocket!

“What are you doing?” Yin Zhefei frowned as he grabbed her stretched hand.

Only then did Xiaomei came to her senses, and quickly wiped the saliva that had flowed out, and smiled: “Brother, are you tired? I’ll buy you water.”

Yin Zhefei said vigilantly: “No, thank you.” He still didn’t want to die too early; the ghost knew if she would put something in his water.

Xiaomei’s mouth slumped immediately, and she cried and said with a sad face: “Brother is so cruel!” Shit, there must be girls willing to buy the water bottle he had drunk from!

Yin Zhefei was a little surprised. Why didn’t he know that Yin Xiaomei’s affection for him was so deep? Not only did she ask him if he wanted to drink water, but she was so sad after being rejected. At this time, the teammates came back one after another. Seeing Xiaomei’s grievances while standing there, their emotions immediately tilted towards the weak.

“Oh, are you scaring a kid again?”

“Look at you, how many times have I told you, don’t make such a face all the time. Ah, little girl, don’t be afraid, he is not a bad person.”

“This is my sister!” Yin Zhefei yelled to warn these perfidious guys.

Everyone suddenly realized: “You beast, you are so cruel to your own sister!”

Fortunately, Qin Yuan walked in in time, with a bottles of soda in his hand: “The school master doesn’t sell any beer! Come, drink soda to celebrate! Congratulations! We are in the city league!”

“Wow!” The boys held up the soda, yelled, and poured it into their stomachs. Sweat fell with their movements as it rained, Xiaomei hugged her schoolbag and stepped back vigilantly, avoiding their sweat. At this moment, Zhang Xiangyi finished speaking with the coach and returned. The players immediately rushed over and threw him high.

Their youth, with sweat and recognition, was so sunny, just like the bright summer sun. The captain who was thrown high gave a thumbs up happily at a friend who was smiling from the periphery!


Just when Yin Xiaomei became complacent about her new money-making scheme, everyone unexpectedly welcomed the school’s teacher evaluation results. Teacher Li was undoubtedly among the most outstanding teachers of their grade, but what made Xiaomei puzzled was why Mao Ruiying was also there.

“How did this thing come out?” she asked Song Yuanyuan, who was a master of all knowledge.

“Of course, it’s the teachers! Owl and the teachers must have a very good relationship.” Song Yuanyuan’s father was from the Education Bureau, and she was almost clear about these things.

That would be really unfair. Xiaomei couldn’t help asking: “Then if we could comment, who would you choose?”

“Of course, it’s Mrs. Laura! She worked so hard and couldn’t get the slightest benefit. It’s not worth it, even though she only criticized me yesterday. But to be fair, I still like her very much.” Song Yuanyuan looked around, Lin Diyi was not there, and she immediately took out a packet of potato chips from the table.

“Yuanyuan!” The little girl scolded, “You are going to give food to the owl again.”

“No, I brought a bag today, and Lin Diyi isn’t there.” She chewed and looked alert. Lin Daiyi was selected by Mao Ruiying as the monitor in the second semester of the first grade, thus becoming her loyal dog. Whenever Song Yuanyuan ate snacks again, she would immediately rush to inform Mao Ruiying. Yin Xiaomei felt that revenge took up a large part of it. After all, Song Yuanyuan was always the first, and Lin Diyi was not good enough. But fortunately, Mao Ruiying knew that Song Yuanyuan’s father was in a very high position from the parent meeting. Later, she just confiscated her snacks and stopped punishing her to stand.

Seeing that Xiaomei couldn’t move her, she could only change the subject: “Then we should go home together after school today.” Now that they had grown up, their parents had begun to let them go back by themselves, and Uncle Zhang had been complaining to her that he was unemployed.

After school, the two children walked hand in hand to take the bus. Just after turning a corner, a few junior high school students with dyed yellow hair stopped them: “Hey, kid! Do you have any money? Give them to your brothers and sisters. “

Yin Xiaomei, who was very economic minded, had encountered a faster way than selling photos for money!

“No!” Song Yuanyuan screamed, hiding behind the petite Xiaomei.

Xiaomei suddenly had a black line on her face and thought that Yuanyuan was so tall, how could she be able to cover her!

“Hey, you, get the money out!” The boy saw Xiaomei dressed in expensive children’s clothes and immediately went over and grabbed her.

Xiaomei cried out: “Hero! I have an 80-year-old mother, and a younger brother who is waiting to be fed. The whole family is counting on me! The hero is holding my hands high and not letting me make a living. In the future, I won’t be able to grow up.!”

The boy was afraid of attracting adults. He hurriedly shouted: “Don’t yell!”

Xiaomei closed her mouth aggrievedly, annoying! When people acted so hard, there was no reason for the director to call “cut” casually. The boy threatened: “Take out all your money, otherwise, hum, although I don’t beat women, but I won’t let you run away.”

Xiaomei and Yuanyuan looked at each other and said in unison: “We have no money! “

“No money? Bring the schoolbag to us for inspection!” The boy said, he was about to reach out to grab the schoolbags of the two little guys.

Xiaomei was planning to bite him severely if he stretched out his hand and let the two die together. At this time, a female voice shouted: “Stop!” The two children turned their heads at the same time, and they were both stunned.

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[1] I think because of their loud and shrill voice.

[2] A basketball player character in the Japanese comic “Slam Dunk”.

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