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The condition of these people in the conference room was obviously abnormal. It was as if they were just the mouthpiece being controlled by an invisible power, and it was as if the dark malice in their heart was infinitely magnified, and they couldn’t control their own vicious words. And it seemed that the deeper the participation, the deeper the plunge.

It was like a vicious circle.

But from their bodies, Jiang Lan did not find any evil sensation or evil scents. At present, they did not seem to have any other adverse reactions except for coughing, but this did not mean that there was no danger, and it may be that more serious consequences had not yet been manifested.

After he came out of the conference room after the promotion, Jiang Lan looked and saw that there was still plenty of time. So, he planned to go to the yìn well where the accident had happened.

The manhole where the accident occurred was on the left side of the gate of the community, and that section of the road was the only way to enter the community. There were lush trees planted on both sides of the road, and there were flower beds and leisure benches at every other section. This area was originally a recreational venue for the community, but because the surrounding street lights were broken and the shadows of the trees became heavy when it was dark so it looked a little gloomy, and usually, no one wanted to stay here much.

Because of the loss of life, the manhole had been reinstalled with a manhole cover and surrounded by a conspicuous yellow warning tape. Jiang Lan noticed that occasionally people passing by would walk around to the other side, apparently thinking that there was some bad luck for life here.

He went through the warning zone, and taking advantage of no one being around, he lifted the manhole cover and removed it for observation.

The diameter of the manhole was about one meter, and the bottom was connected to the sewer. It was full of turbid and foul-smelling sewage. The depth of the sewage could not be seen, but the water surface was two or three meters away from the well head. He looked at the ladder, but it was covered with mottled rust because of being in the dark and damp well all year round.

The walls of the well were also covered with thick silt, moss and an unknown red mushroom.

There was a clean part as well, this well wall should have been smooth, because Chen Ruomei slipped and fell and was rescued from here. The silt and vegetation on this well wall were mottled, and the exposed dirty wall still faintly held traces of dark red blood.

According to the news, after Chen Ruomei slipped and fell into the well, she was unable to climb out of the ladder by herself because of a bruise on her head and had thus drowned. It was her cry for help that caught the attention of three aunts who were going home after square dancing. The three aunts found a rope and went down together and pulled her up, but she had been in the well for a long time and soon after being pulled up, she lost her breath.

When emergency services arrived at the scene, she had completely lost her vital signs, and her death could only be confirmed with regret.

Chen Ruomei was eventually classified as an accidental death, and it was the road management staff of Changhong Road who was held responsible for her death.

At present, this was a very common accident.

But if this matter was as simple as that, there should be no follow-up series of things. Although Jiang Lan had not found any traces of ghosts or monsters causing chaos, this matter was indeed very specific, and it was not just a few coincidences that could be explained clearly.

“Did you find anything?” Jiang Lan whispered to Suan Ni hidden in the bag.

Although Suan Ni could only maintain the cub state now, the cub’s five senses were also very keen.

He poked his head out of his bag, and before he could observe anything, he sneezed twice. He sniffed and said with a choked voice, “I can’t see it, but I feel there is something bad in the well.”

He couldn’t say what it was, but he just thought it was bad.

Unable to find a clue from the well, Jiang Lan could only return the manhole cover to his place first, and was about to get up and leave, when a sharp voice stopped his footsteps unexpectedly.

“He who dropped his head inside, didn’t you see that it was surrounded by yellow tape there? You still drilled inside, are you not afraid of the female ghost dragging you down and sucking you dry!”

The voice came from across the road. The speaker was a woman in her forties, wearing a floral dress and stepping on pointed high heels. When speaking, her eyebrows were raised high, and her kind face seemed a bit mean.

Before Jiang Lan could answer, the woman on the other side rushed over, her face full of anger, then with one hand in her waist, she almost poked Jiang Lan’s face with one hand as she asked: “Can’t you hear?! What are you looking at here?”

Her mouth that kept opening and closing was like a huge black hole, and malicious words continued to emerge from the black hole.

Jiang Lan’s attention fell on her mouth that opened and closed frequently. He just faintly heard the abnormal sound hidden under the sharp words, a sound of “rustling”, like the rubbing sound of the wind blowing over the leaves.

But when he listened attentively, it was gone again.

It seemed to be his illusion.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

The middle-aged woman was scolding vigorously, and Jiang Lan didn’t know where her nameless anger came from, so he did not respond to her. Instead, a young girl across the road ran over, pulled her arm hard, and stopped her unhappily: “Mom, it’s enough! What’s the matter with you these days?”

After speaking, she apologized to Jiang Lan apologetically. Jiang Lan shook his head and said that he didn’t mind. He only said euphemistically: “Does your mother need to see a doctor?”

The young girl smiled awkwardly: “She was not like this before, but she was ill for the last few days and might be in a bad mood…”

After speaking, she grabbed the middle-aged woman by the arm and tried to pull her away.

The middle-aged woman was still cursing. She turned her head and stared at Jiang Lan sullenly, then she said gloomily, “There is a dead person in this well, so be careful.”

Rustle, rustle…

Jiang Lan heard the “rustle” that accompanied her voice again, and he was sure it was not his own illusion.

There must be something hidden in her body.

The middle-aged woman was taken away by her daughter without waiting for him to study it. They turned around and entered Hong Jingyuan, so they were indeed residents of Hong Jingyuan.

Jiang Lan thought for a while and took a picture of the back of this mother and daughter with his mobile phone.

Before returning to his unit, Jiang Lan called his eldest brother. He hadn’t seen a monster like this, but his eldest brother might know.

The phone was connected, but it came out with another somewhat jumpy voice: “Little Five? Why did you call the eldest brother again? I didn’t see you call me.”

The tone sounded sour.

“Fourth brother?”

When Jiang Lan heard this voice, he smiled in surprise: “Are you not busy?”

His fourth brother Bian’s main business was a lawyer, and when he got busy, he often had to fly around the country, making it harder to see him than his eldest brother.

“Busy, there happens to be a case in Haicheng where I need to collect evidence, so I dropped by to see Big Brother.”

Dragon Palace was in the South China Sea, and most of its business was related to the ocean, so Bixi set up the company’s headquarters in Haicheng.

While his fourth brother had opened his law firm in Shencheng. He had heard that the firm was well-known in human society, so it had undertaken more business. Even the big boss had to be busy every day.

But he himself enjoyed this kind of business.

Jiang Lan murmured, “Then when will you be free to come to Jiangcheng?”

“I’m busy now, but I will come to Jiangcheng to see you when I have time.”

Bian put his long legs on the coffee table at will, switched on the hands-free mode on the phone, and continued to talk to his brother, “Where is Xiao Ni? Ask Xiao Ni to give me a meow, my eldest brother told me that he is very good at pretending to be a kitten now.”

Hearing that, Suan Ni from the bag let out a sigh of displeasure.

Bian grinned and said, “It doesn’t like being called?”

Suan Ni violently complained: “Big brother, fourth brother bullied me again!”

Bixi, who had been silent for a long time, glanced at Bian lightly. Bian immediately raised his hand and motioned that he would shut up: “I’m not talking anymore.”

Only then did Bixi speak, “Little Five called at this time, is there something wrong?”

Jiang Lan said “Ah”, and then he remembered his business.

Sure enough, only the eldest brother was reliable.

He hurriedly recounted Hong Jingyuan’s affairs in a succinct manner: “Is there any demon clan that can control people’s speech or magnify the darkness of people’s hearts?”

Bian thought for a while, and said, “There are many demons who can control people’s speech or amplify the gloom of people’s hearts, but like you said, there are not many demons who can control people just by participating in topic discussions, or even just contacting people. And there are none alive now.”

There were strengths and weaknesses in demon’s cultivation base, so naturally there were strengths and weaknesses in controlling ability as well.

A monster clan that controlled so many people in secret, its cultivation base must not be weak. But now the big monsters who were active in human society and had a high level of cultivation were basically aware of each other, no one of these people he knew had such an ability.

It sounded like a deadlock, but Jiang Lan was not discouraged, and said: “Then I will look for other clues. If it is really a monster, it is impossible not to leave a trace.”

“If you want to influence so many people, this monster race must either be hiding among the affected humans, or there must be other media being used to spread the influence, but you have ignored it.”

After listening to these words, Bian said unhurriedly: “These people can’t be influenced and manipulated out of thin air. If you think about it carefully, have you overlooked any details?”

Jiang Lan remembered it seriously, and there were really many things that had been overlooked.

He thought he could look back at the manhole again!

“Thank you, Fourth brother!”

Bian’s voice had a smile as he said: “Thank me when I come to Jiangcheng. Now let Xiao Ni give me a meow. Doesn’t he listen to you the most?”

Suan Ni hiding in the bag overhearing: !!!

Why was the fourth brother so bad!

Jiang Lan felt the little kitchen arching around angrily in the bag, so he patted him comfortingly, and said helplessly: “You are bullying Xiao Ni again, be careful that he will ignore you when you come to Jiangcheng.”

“What am I afraid of? He can be coaxed by two big meals for sure.”

After speaking, he smiled and said, “Xiao Ni give me a meow and I will give you money.”

Suddenly, the squirming Suan Ni was quiet, and his little head came out: “How much?”

The rich and powerful Bian: “A million per call, will you call or not?”

Suan Ni: “Meow meow meow meow…”

He yelled a lot, then changed his breath, and said aggressively: “I yelled twelve times, transfer the money!”

After finishing talking, he said to Jiang Lan happily, “Fifth brother, we have money!”

This differential treatment was too obvious.


Why am I not happy at all?

The author has something to say:

Longlong: ??? A million for a meow, will the little monster meow me?

Bian: Are you thinking about fart?


Longlong who did not appear must also have a name.

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