KHSW Ch. 313

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She didn’t feel anything just now, but when the pain hit, Ling Xi couldn’t stand it anymore.

Xu Yizhi only felt his cheeks were slightly hot, but there was a trace of worry in his heart, “Okay, let me rub it for you.”

Ling Xi gently lifted up the military coat, under which she was still wearing a sweater, as Xu Yizhi’s hands covered her abdomen through the sweater, “Is it here?”

“Yeah.” Ling Xi was in so much pain that she wanted to cry. She had already warmed up her baby, but she was thinking of using it when her menstrual period came, but now…

Let her die.

She had never felt such pain before being scratched by a wolf on her arm.

Xu Yizhi was worried that the wind would rush in, so he covered her with his army coat more tightly.

After an unknown amount of time, he vaguely heard someone calling them.

Ling Xi felt that those hands were still rubbing her belly, and was moved again, “Xu Yizhi, if I had fallen in love with you earlier, it would be great to let you be my boyfriend.”

It was really a trick of fate, why wasn’t she reborn back to before she was 20 years old? Then she could fall in love with Yizhi at first sight.

“Ling Xi…Chi Jingyu…”


“Ling Xi…”

Those voices became more and more clear, “Yizhi, is someone coming to find us?”

“Well, someone has come to look for us.” Then he withdrew his hand.

“We’re here, does anyone hear?”


After hearing the movement here, the captain and the others rushed over immediately.

Shen Bingqian saw that Ling Xi was fine, so a trace of guilt flashed in her eyes, mixed with a trace of annoyance, she did not expect that Chi Jingyu and Ling Xi would meet, so that Ling Xi would know that she was cheated by her.

She hoped Chi Jingyu hadn’t given up yet.

When they rescued both Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi from the trap, Xu Yizhi hugged Ling Xi horizontally.

“Ling Xi, what’s wrong?”

“Is sister Xi injured?”

Ling Xi buried her face in Xu Yizhi’s arms in embarrassment, hoping they wouldn’t say it, don’t say it, it would be embarrassing to say it in front of a group of big men!

Xu Yizhi just nodded slightly, “Her ankle is sprained, I’ll carry her down the mountain.”

“Jingyu, send Ling Xi to the infirmary first!”

Hearing the captain’s words, Ling Xi subconsciously refused: “No need for the captain, my feet is not serious, I just need to rest for a while.”

The captain had no choice but to nod, “Then go back and rest first.”

Xu Yizhi carried Ling Xi all the way back to her dormitory, seeing Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan also walk in, Xu Yizhi glanced at them coldly, “Go out.”

Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan had no choice but to go out, Bing Yanyan also closed the door by the way.

“Ling Xi, lie down first, and I’ll pour you some water to warm you up.”

“No, Yizhi, bring Nuan Baobao here for me, it’s in the second drawer on the left.”

Xu Yizhi opened the drawer, tore open a piece of Nuan Baobao, and then walked to the bedside.

“Come on, I’ll stick it for you.”

Feeling Xu Yizhi’s gentleness, Ling Xi’s heart was filled with emotion, “By the way, I can handle Shen Bingqian’s affairs by myself.”


Bing Yanyan, who was standing outside the door, had a cold face, but Shen Bingqian didn’t seem to notice, “When did you say the vice president and Ling Xi got together?”

Bing Yanyan said coldly: “Don’t speak so harshly, if it wasn’t for you, Ling Xi and Chi Jingyu wouldn’t have fallen into the trap together, would they?”

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